BrexitCentral: Central Europe and Spain show the EU’s double standards in enforcing ‘democratic values’

On 20th December, the European Commission, for the first time ever, activated Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union citing “a clear risk of a serious breach of the rule of law in Poland”. The charge is that the Polish Government’s recent measures to reform the judiciary system could jeopardise judicial independence, and thus violate the EU’s common values as defined in Article 2.

Talking to the Telegraph, Guy Verhofstadt, head of the European Parliament’s Brexit working group, invited Prime Minister May to raise the issue on her visit to Poland as this is “an important first test of the UK’s pledge to defend European liberal democratic values”.

I do not support any particular Central European government. I am not particularly familiar with the Polish judicial system. I believe, however, that it is important to examine the meaning of “democratic values” in the context of the often tense relationship between Central Europe and Brussels.

To read Andrea Hossó’s piece for BrexitCentral in full, click here.

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