Briefings for Brexit: Remainers have given the EU the status of a religious cult

Every aspect of the European Union is failing, yet Remainers are in denial. Like supporters of a bad religion, they use fear and coercion to pressurise Leavers into changing their mind.

There is no positive case for staying in the EU

Not once since the Referendum was announced has a positive case been made for staying in the EU or indeed a positive case for the EU itself. With possibly one exception – it is necessary to prevent another European war. I guess you can call this a positive case, although it happens to be wrong: it is NATO not the EU that has prevented a European war for the last 70 years.

Fear and coercion are the only tools open to Remainers

The case for staying has been always been based on fear.  The most prominent examples of this were the Project Fear campaigns led by the Treasury under George Osborne (Mark 1) and Philip Hammond (Mark 2).  You will remember Osborne introducing IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, in May 2016, a month before the Referendum, who said that leaving the EU would have ‘pretty bad to very, very bad consequences’ for the UK – that could result in a ‘sudden stop’ in money flowing into the finance sector which would drive down the value of the pound and lead to a sharp rise in interest rates, falling house and commercial property prices and the erosion of London’s status as a global financial centre, all of which would lead to a technical recession.  None of this materialised, except for the fall in sterling which was good for both exports and tourism.

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