Daily Express: Brexiteer economist EXPOSES why EU is a DOOMED attempt to abolish the nation state

PRO-BREXIT economist Andrea Hossó has condemned the European Union as a “serious effort to abolish the nation state” that is set to crumble economically

A leading Brexiteer economist has warned that the EU is a serious effort to “abolish the nation state”.

In a stark prediction, Andrea Hossó said the European project is an effort that is doomed to fail economically and politically.

Ms Hossó is an economist and investment specialist who champions Brexit as a a key member of Economists for Free Trade.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Ms Hossó praised Brexit as a British victory in securing sovereignty from the European Union.

She said: “Sovereignty is very, very important. It is important for any nation at any time.

“There are very serious efforts, actually the EU is an effort to abolish the nation state.

“But there are still nation states and I have a feeling they will be around a long time.

“To put it in context, sovereignty from the EU is very important in particular because the EU is not a project going particularly well.

Hossó said the European project is an effort that is doomed to fail economically and politically “I do not predict a particularly prosperous and calm future for it either.

“I base that on very serious political and economic realities that we can all see if we pay enough attention.”

The Hungarian economist who works in the City of London has become a frequent critic of the EU as a flawed attempt to create a United States of Europe.

She has said that defeating Brexit is as important to the EU as sustaining the euro.

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