Daily Express: BRITAIN IS NOT ALONE: Economist hails UK’s European allies in attack on ‘FALSE’ EU unity

A LEADING Hungarian economist has said that “Britain is not alone” and has strong allies in the EUmember states as it implements Brexit.

Writing for Daily Express online, Andrea Hossó, who is a member of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade, said that the EU 27’s image of unity on Brexit is “false” and that her native Hungary and other central European states sympathise with the desire to break away from a super state.

This means that the EU edifice is “brittle” and will be torn apart as national self interest comes to the fore.

She said that Michel Barnier’s latest document trying to force Britain to give up control of trade in a customs union or break up the UK by letting Northern Ireland remain under EU rule, “seems to be a clear attempt to make Brexit difficult enough to be thwarted or watered down.”

Ms Hossó claims that member states are being “barred” by the European Commission from making bilateral deals with the UK, even though it is understood that some are working behind the scenes to make those agreements.

She argued: “This discipline has held up so far because all member states were interested in the favourable settlement of the UK’s ‘divorce bill’ to protect their share of funds.

“This formidable ‘unity’ has made its way into the British Remainer psyche as the image of a Roman phalanx facing the lonely UK with an unbreakable facade.”

But she said: “The image is false. The EU edifice is brittle and torn apart by increasing economic and political tensions amongst its three major regions of conflicting interests and priorities: Northern, Southern and Central Europe.”

Hungary, Poland, the Czechs and Slovakia have used there Visegrád group since Brexit to slow down the increasing attempts by Brussels to take control in a federal state.

The four have also found unity against Brussels in tackling the migrant crisis, refusing to agree to EUdemands that they open up their borders to a surge of immigrants.

Ms Hossó points out: “The migrant crisis drove home the lack of European solidarity as Italy and Greece have largely been abandoned to deal with the huge waves of migrants landing on their shores as best they can.

“Southern Europe wants no rupture with the UK but their governments feel obliged to toe the Brussels line, at least for now.”

To read the Daily Express’s report in full, click here.

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