Daily Express: NHS must get £350m ‘promise’ – Rees-Mogg

BRITAIN’S Brexit bonus means the Government will be able to easily give the NHS an extra £350million a week, a senior Tory MP has said.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a potential future leader of the Conservative Party, told a conference the UK will benefit from a £135billion windfall as taxes are slashed and trade barriers brought down.

And he said extra cash for the health service should initially come from funds ministers are considering giving the EU as part of a divorce bill.

The North East Somerset MP said “a promise was made” to voters on the side of a Vote Leave campaign bus during the referendum that leaving the EU would save £350million a week, which could be pumped into the health service.

Speaking at the Economists for Free Trade presentation in London, he said: “Politicians cannot hide behind the small print like some disreputable businesses do, but recognise that the commitment is accepted in broad terms not in pettifogging detail.

“We promised £350million for the NHS so we must deliver it.”

He added: “This puts pressure on the Government not to spend too much on speculative EU commitments and it is the crucial reminder that any money paid out to the EU is money that cannot be spent on domestic priorities.”

He said next week’s Budget should include a £2.5billion Brexit war chest, particularly if there is “no deal” and the UK relies on World Trade Organisation rules.

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