Daily Telegraph: 2017 was the year supposed economic threats like Trump turned into non-events

18 December 2017

You might reasonably consider it a trifle premature to be assessing the year not yet over. But the last Monday of the year falls on Dec 25. It would not be fitting to inflict a dose of “Bootleism” on Christmas Day, or anywhere near it. So this is my last column of 2017. It provides an opportunity for reflection.

This year has been as noteworthy for what didn’t happen as for what did. In particular, several key political vulnerabilities threatened to produce major economic upsets but in the end the threats came to nought. The year began with the inauguration of President Trump. The air was thick with warnings about the damage that he would do to the American economy – never mind whatever damage he might do elsewhere.

To read Roger Bootle’s piece for the Daily Telegraph in full, click here.

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