Daily Telegraph: How is our national interest served by MPs sucking up to Michel Barnier?

No sooner had I and business leaders representing the political spectrum made our way last week to see Michel Barnier than, predictably, the British Fifth Column of Anna Soubry, Chuka Umunna and co. decide to make their way this week to kiss the feet of the EU Chief Negotiator.

Why these people, who are not batting for Britain and who clearly are prepared to undermine the will of the British electorate, should want to see Barnier is obvious. It can only be to collude.

When I complimented Monsieur Barnier on his victory in the first round of negotiations over a “weak enemy”, i.e. Britain, he did not demur from this characterisation. It was clear from the glint in his eye that the thought of engineering another referendum was high on his negotiating agenda.

After all, it is by wearing down the resolve of the peoples of Europe and orchestrating new referendum, until the EU gets the answer it wants, that prior revolts against the inexorable march of the EU tyrant have been quashed. Witness France, Ireland, and the Netherlands to name but three. Only Norway resisted.

To have politicians in the UK who are prepared to put the interests of a foreign power above those of their fellow countrymen and women would have been unconscionable in the days of Winston Churchill. It is an indicator of how near our nation came to oblivion that we now witness this behaviour and it is only by the guidance of good fate that the referendum saved us from this.

But there is still a determination to drag us back by individuals like Soubry and Umumna, Blair, Adonis and Clegg, despite the fact that the behaviour of the EU and of its masters France and particularly Germany, tell us everything we need to know about why it was right to leave in the first place. Who would want to be a member of a club that behaves like they have, let alone be locked forever into an EU superstate?

But I have a message for UK “Team EU”, look at the facts and take these to Barnier . The British people didn’t set the benchmark of a successful Brexit as a trade deal with the EU, they set the measure as to whether we have taken control of our money, borders and laws – anything else is simply not Brexit, but at best Brexit in name only.

It was crystal clear to me and my compatriots, on leaving the meeting with Barnier last week, that the EU are quite prepared to sacrifice the short term economic woes of their countrymen in order to promote the long term EU project, the inexorable march towards an EU supranational state and that they have a steely determination to promote the interests of the 27 over those of the UK. There was no question of a special deal for Britain.

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