The Telegraph: Joint Letter against Theresa May’s deal

SIR – Since June 2016 there has been a voluble and well-funded campaign to overturn the EU referendum. Among the tactics used has been the claim that Leave voters did not understand what they were voting for.

Both sides of the Brexit campaign attracted support from across the spectrum of political views. Having interacted with them daily before, throughout and after the campaign, we can categorically state that they were all united by one aim – the need to reclaim parliamentary democratic sovereignty, so that long-term economic prosperity could be enjoyed by all in the United Kingdom.

The deal proffered by the Prime Minister is the antithesis of this. It is founded in a desire to minimise disruption to the status quo, rather than to restore sovereignty and maximise opportunity. At best it demonstrates a complete failure to understand the vote; at worst it deliberately holds the referendum result in contempt.

The Prime Minister and her advisers have approached the process as a disaster to be mitigated, foisted upon them by a recalcitrant electorate, rather than an opportunity to be grasped, and have squandered the largest mandate ever bestowed by the British electorate.

For those MPs who were elected to deliver upon this mandate, the choice is clear. If they believe in democracy, UK sovereignty and prosperity they should take courage in delivering for the small business owners, the just-about-managing, for the many not the few. They should take back control and vote this deal down.

Brendan Chilton
Labour Leave

Prof Patrick Minford
Economists for Free Trade

Michael Lightfoot
Artists for Brexit

Gawain Towler
Museum of Brexit

Rebecca Ryan
Campaign Director, StandUp4Brexit

Richard Tice
Leave Means Leave

Lucy Harris
Leavers of Britain

Brian Montieth
Global Britain

Daniel Hodson
City for Britain

Dr Graham Gudgeon
Briefings for Brexit

Robert Oulds
Bruges Group

Dr Lee Rotherham
The Red Cell

David Banks
Veterans for Britain

Tom Bohills
Ed Harden

Alliance of British Entrepreneurs

Alison MacDonald 
Scots For Leave

Adam Lake
Out and Proud

Patrick Dr Pelet
Farmers for Britain

Arron Browne
Fishing for Leave

Llyr Powell
Centre for Welsh Studies

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