Sydney Morning Herald: Brexit debacle might prompt ‘accidental’ leadership change in Britain

London: Britain could be heading towards an “accidental” change of Prime Minister and an unceremonious crash out of the European Union, the influential Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned.

But he said Australia’s experience – changing prime ministers so often that they had become “short let” or “Airbnb” leaders – showed why it was more important to get Britain’s withdrawal from the EU right, rather than replacing Theresa May with a more pro-Brexit leader.

Rees-Mogg, whose stunning political rise has been coined “Moggmentum”, has emerged as the leading backbench voice pushing for a strong Brexit, and he is favoured by Tory party members to become the next leader.

Speaking exclusively to Fairfax Media from the London offices of his hedge fund, Somerset Capital Management, Rees-Mogg insisted that there was no plot to bring down Theresa May, with whom he is at odds over Brexit.

“As you see from Australian politics, changing your leader regularly doesn’t actually help the party very much in power. And it looks as if from Turnbull’s byelection results that the electorate don’t like it much either.”

However, he warned May’s leadership would be under strain if her Brexit plan was rejected by the Commons, leaving the UK with no option other than a “No Deal Brexit” – an outcome he said was now most likely.

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