The Express: No deal Brexit is ‘most realistic scenario’ says former Brexit minister

Brexiteer MP David Jones detailed why a no deal Brexit is currently the “most likely option”, while revealing that there are “already arrangements in place”.

A no deal Brexit is currently the “most realistic scenario” for the UK, claims David Jones. The former Brexit Minister also argued that no deal is “manageable” and something that the Government is “preparing for”. Mr Jones told the BBC: “To be realistic at the moment I think that no deal is the most likely option. I think that what the Government has to prepare for, in fact is preparing for, is no deal.”

BBC presenter Huw Edwards asked: “Are you concerned about that?”

To which the Tory Brexiteer replied: “I’m not concerned about it overly, ideally we would like to have an agreement but there are already arrangements in place which would ensure that the planes fly, that traffic close between here and the continent.

“In fact we heard the President of the port of Calais this morning saying that yes of course they’re ready to cope with a no-deal Brexit.”

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