The Express: Rees-Mogg warns EU ‘offensive’ treatment of UK at summit very telling about Brexit impasse

Prominent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg launched a furious attack on the European Union after EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker branded the UK’s Brexit demands as “nebulous”. Prime Minister Theresa May was then caught on camera on Friday afternoon confronting Mr Juncker about his comments.

Mrs May had a face-to-face row with the eurocrat after he claimed not to understand her demand for safeguards in her Brexit deal to protect the UK from being trapped indefinitely in an EU customs union.

Speaking to at a Leave Means Leave Brexit rally on Friday evening, Mr Rees-Mogg expressed his anger at the “disgraceful” treatment of Britain by top eurocrats.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “I think the treatment of the Prime Minister yesterday was disgraceful and offensive to the United Kingdom because the Prime Minister is representing the whole nation as head of Government.

“The EU was just really very rude to her.

“I think that tells you what the EU is like.

“It tells you that it is its obduracy that is making a deal difficult more than anything else.”

The Prime Minister had been in Brussels attempting to get legal assurances from EU leaders on the Irish backstop in an effort to help her Brexit deal through Parliament.

Mrs May suffered a brutal blow when EU leaders tore up a draft report that would have offered “further assurances” on the backstop agreement.

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