The Express: ‘Worst imaginable outcome!’ May warned EU’s ‘best Brexit outcome’ would be hopeless for UK

Former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer has warned Britain that the European Union’s “best Brexit outcome” would be absolutely “hopeless” for the UK and would not deliver what Britons voted for in June 2016.

Alexander Downer, Chairman Policy Exchange, claimed the best Brexit deal for the European Union would be to keep Britain in both the single market and customs union with no voting rights.

But, Mr Downer warned that outcome would be “hopeless” for Britain, and would halt the UK from being able to secure potential benefits when cutting ties with the Brussels club.

Speaking to, Mr Downer added that those in the UK who voted for Brexit would expect their vote to be fully respected.

Discussing the negotiation between the UK and EU, Mr Downer said: “Both sides have invested interests in there being an agreement, so that points to there being an agreement.

“I think the European Union’s position has been clear from the beginning and they have held fast to their position.

“The British position has chopped and changed a bit. But, in the end, they will put together a compromise.

“The European Union would like the UK to remain the single market and customs union, that is the best outcome for the European Union, so as little change as possible.

“For the European Union, that means the UK in effect, by leaving the EU would actually only leave the voting forums, the European Council, the Parliament and so on.

“So the UK would have no say in the making of EU rules, but would apply all EU rules, that is by far the best outcome from the EU’s point of view.”

“But, of course, from the UK’s point of view, that is the worst imaginable outcome because the UK gains nothing out of leaving the European Union and loses what it has at the moment which is the right to vote in the European Council and the European Parliament, and have people working in the European Commission, that is an absolutely hopeless outcome.”

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