The Sun: Jacob Rees-Mogg says Brussels chiefs are acting like the Mafia

Jacob Rees Mogg last night accused Brussels of behaving like criminal mobsters.

The Brexit ringleader hit out out at the EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier’s grumpy press conference saying it showed “why we are right to be leaving the mafia-like European Union“.

Italian Mafia crime families are famed for their organised protection racketeering – with the comparison likely to incense Eurocrats.

The arch-Leaver later explained to The Sun that the “the EU seems to behave like the Mafia so that if you want to leave it then retaliates by behaving unreasonably even at cost to itself.”

He added: “Who would want to belong to such an organisation?”

Mr Rees-Mogg also took aim on Twitter at gobby Irish premier Leo Varadkar’s “aggressive” claims he would block Irish airspace to British planes if Brexit talks collapsed.

To read The Sun’s article in full, click here.

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