The Sun on Sunday: MRS ULTI-MAY-TUM Top Tory MPs tell PM to give EU ‘divorce’ ultimatum or walk away

3 December 2017

A total of 40 senior MPs, peers, economists and business leaders have urged the PM to bluntly tell EU chief Jean Claude Juncker the EU will not see a penny of the divorce settlement unless Britain’s demands are met

THERESA May was urged to issue a final ultimatum to EU chiefs last night – stop dragging your feet or Brexit talks are off.

Senior allies say she must refuse to hand over a penny of our divorce bill until she know what Britain will get in return.

Mrs May is expected to offer £40billion at a crunch lunch with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels.

But she has been told to throw down the gauntlet and tell him bluntly he won’t see a penny unless our demands are met.

In a letter to the PM, 40 senior MPs, peers, economists and business leaders have told her to play hard ball.

They say she must demand a tariff-free trade deal by the end of March, Britain’s total withdrawal from the European Court of Justice and freedom to sign and implement trade deals with the rest of the world from March 2019.

Former Cabinet minister Owen Paterson, one of the signatories, said: “The PM has been exceptionally generous to the EU in offering money that we are under no legal obligation to give.”

“The EU’s game plan is to keep dragging out the talks. Most issues – reciprocal free trade, citizens’ rights, the Irish border, aviation arrangements and financial passports – could all be agreed by Christmas if the EU wanted to be constructive.

“That is why we must be clear that if we generously offer more British taxpayers’ money to fill the black hole in their budget, we expect them to stop blocking progress.”

The letter has been signed by former Cabinet ministers including Lord Lawson and John Redwood, Tory MP Jacob Rees Mogg, Labour MP Graham Stringer and leading business entrepreneurs including John Mills, Peter Hargreaves, Luke Johnson and Tim Martin.

Several economists, including Professor Patrick Minford and Roger Bootle are also signatories.

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