The Sun on Sunday: QC raps Remain’s food cost frightener

A TOP barrister has slammed “lurid scare stories” by the Remain propaganda machine about higher food prices and medicine shortages.

Martin Howe QC, of Lawyers for Britain, branded the claims “ridiculous and unjustified” and insisted prices will go DOWN after Brexit.

He said the authors of Project Fear had assumed if we leave with no deal we will have to continue slapping tariffs, which the EU forces us to impose, on the rest of the world.

Mr Howe said this was not true as the UK would be free to charge lower levels of tariffs or zero tariffs if we feel fit.

In his report, Mr Howe points out that European tariffs were set before the UK joined in 1973 and make food prices 17 per cent higher than they would be outside the EU.

He asks: “By what mad process of logic can it be right that joining in 1973 resulted in food prices going up — and leaving in 2019 will result in food prices going up yet again?”

Please find the original article by Martin Howe QC, an advisor to Economists for Free Trade here.


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