The Sun on Sunday: ‘UK RISKS TRADE HELL’ UK risks spiralling into trade hell if we stay in EU customs union

Top economists warned of a ‘twilight zone’ where the UK takes orders from Brussels but is denied the benefits of free trade

BRITAIN will be stuck in a “twilight zone” if forced to stay in a customs union with the EU, a report warns today.

Top economists say we would be stuck between the reality and fantasy of Brexit — taking orders from Brussels but denied the benefits of free trade.

A report by Economists for Free Trade argues Britain would be £140billion better off under World Trade Rules.

In a letter to the PM, the group says she should consider a clean break now as EU chiefs show little sign of wanting to agree a tariff-free deal.

The report dispels stories of port closures and food shortages if we crash out without a deal.

It comes as Theresa May faces fresh knife-edge votes as the Brexit Bill returns to the Lords and Commons this week.

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