The Telegraph: Delaying Brexit risks a surge in right-wing extremism, warns Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned that delaying Brexit beyond the European elections risks a surge in right-wing extremism.

Addressing a 2,500 strong audience at the London Palladium, the leading Brexiteer said denying the public the biggest democratic mandate in British history would open the door to right-wing firebrand Tommy Robinson.

Speaking at the sellout Spectator event, the MP for North East Somerset said: “If we try to stay and we stay beyond the European elections, there will only be one winner from that, and that would be Tommy Robinson.

“I think this country has been very fortunate in not having extremism – throughout our history we’ve avoided the very far left and the very far right and I think that has been good for us as a nation but I think that if you decide that 17.4 m people voting is insignificant and should be overridden by MPs, then you create the atmosphere for extremism.”

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