The Telegraph: No Mr Tusk, ‘hell’ is being trapped in the wretched European Union

The self-styled Satan, the EU’s very own diablo, Donald Tusk wishes a special place in hell for Brexiteers and the punishment beating that the EU seems determined to meet out has reached a new apogee of hyperbole.

The fact that a supposed serious politician at the centre of the engine room, dare I say furnace, of the EU matrix has stooped so low must indicate that the unholy Brussels Trinity of Tusk, Selmayr and Junker are feeling the heat.

After all, under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement that our Parliament has so far refused to endorse, they’d be poking us with a three-pronged stick for eternity. The UK would be trapped forever in the dungeon of the Customs Union, unable to adjust tariffs, unable to make meaningful trade deals around the world, unable to escape.

We would be  doubly damned with continued jurisdiction of the European Court, triply damned with no say in the rules that the EU would want to torture us with, and selling our souls for a ransom of at least £39 billion. A perfect devil’s brew, but if our establishment sup with the devil, what else must we expect.

All this is designed to keep us in the EU in all but name and sufficiently miserable and shackled, as to make us want to return to the EU fold. If not hell then I would certainly describe this as perpetual purgatory.

The difficulty is that the clock has ticked and those planning our descent have been caught by the tail at the last minute. Our descent has been halted, at least temporarily and the opportunity for our tormentors to torture us is slipping away, much to their chagrin.

Almost too late to find an accord, we now face a choice between “the devil and the deep blue sea”. Fortunately, we are a maritime nation of adventurers and merchants, and the deep blue sea has always been attractive to us.

The UK and the EU could even now agree under Article 24 of WTO/GATT to continue our current arrangements for trade while we negotiating a free trade arrangement, to the benefit of both parties. This would free the UK in a single bound – no transition period, no Customs Union, no ECJ.  But Remainers have no appetite for Nirvana, rather they prefer the wages of sin, or at least vested interests designed for the few not the many.

So, as we leave in March for a new world of freedom and trade based on WTO (the normal form of trade in the world) we will look forward to our own version of heaven, of low taxes, low tariffs, global trade and look over our shoulder upon the old world.

For while we build Jerusalem in our green and pleasant land, it is those poor, innocent souls trapped and tangled in debt-ridden Italy, mired amongst the unemployed of Greece and Spain, and overwhelmed by surging humanity in Poland and Hungary, that make the EU look like a painting of which Breugel would have been proud.

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