The Telegraph: Poorest ‘worse off due to unskilled EU migrants’

Britain’s poorest families are almost £300 a year worse off as a result of unskilled migration, a major study has claimed.

Impoverished communities where unskilled migrants tend to settle pay more than average for unskilled EU immigration because the costs in public services fall directly on those regions, according to a report published today by Economists for Free Trade (EFT). Iain Duncan Smith, the former work and pensions secretary, called on the Government to treat unskilled EU immigrants the same as unskilled non-EU immigrants in any post-Brexit immigration system in the wake of the study.

He said: “The poorest in society should not be funding unskilled immigrants from the EU. It simply does not make any sense. The Government must adopt a post-Brexit immigration system that works for everyone.”

The EFT report found that in a region such as Leicester, the burden of unskilled immigrants costs £287 every year or £6 a week.

This equates to around one per cent of average UK household disposable income per head.

The report found that it costs the UK £3.5billion to support unskilled EU immigrants or £3,500 per year per adult immigrant.


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