The Telegraph: Remainers want to stitch us up over the summer. Theresa May must stop them, not swan off on holiday

As Parliament heads for its summer holidays, we see the most spectacular behaviour. For weeks now we have been lectured by our political establishment and the media “hanger-onners” that the nation is facing a crisis, heading for the denouement of the “ticking clock”.

Meanwhile, the nation and its businesses get on and work, creating the highest level of employment in the nation’s history and the lowest level of unemployment. The current account deficit is lowered from dangerously high levels above 7 per cent to just over 4 per cent. The UK government deficit is significantly reduced and inward investment continues apace.

But our politicians wrangle as if the nation was going to hell in a handcart. The nation is confident, determined and proud, even they are not! Britain is working.

At the epicentre of the “woe is me”, Westminster bubble is our very own Eyore (after Winnie the Pooh), always seeing the downside, never seeing the opportunity or optimistic, our very own Chancellor. Mixing metaphors, he is harnessed to our willing horse (after Animal Farm) PM, struggling on in culpable belief while the corporates of the CBI and her civil servants continue to pop their snouts in the EU trough.

We do have, of course, the occasional Tigger bouncing around the margins, cheering us all up but not quite setting the tone or leading ahead of our donkey and our workhorse.

The most astonishing thing about this fictional netherworld of Westminster, however, is the ability of our “leaders” to rationalise separately from the real world which they are supposed to serve. MPs show utter contempt to their party Members and their constituents, voting in opposition to these stakeholders and speaking with venom in Parliament against the interests of the two-thirds of constituencies in the UK that voted for Brexit. A contempt for democracy itself.

What is jaw-dropping in all this, is that Parliament is going on holiday at all. They say this is a national crisis in the making and then go off for seven weeks, leaving our Remain supporting civil servants to stitch us up even more! How dare they. What business facing a similar situation would not forego its holidays. As I heard people next to me having say, “would doctors desert for holidays in the midst of a road crash? Or firemen? Even supermarket workers forgo holidays during a petrol strike to keep the shelves filled”.

The PM says they all need a break. Well, tough. She and Parliament got us into this mess, she and they should stay and work their socks off to prepare for a WTO global trade future or something even better.

To read EFT Adviser John Longworth’s piece for The Telegraph in full, click here.

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