UnHerd: Britain should not fear “no deal” with the EU on trade

29 November 2017

Trading with the European Union under World Trade Organisation rules is ‘perfectly manageable’ for the UK, the world’s leading trade diplomat told me last week. This is an important intervention – one that could impact the UK’s Article 50 negotiations with Brussels.

Having been granted an audience with Roberto Azevedo, I travelled to the WTO’s Geneva Headquarters. Formal interviews with the Director-General are rare – and Azevedo has barely commented on Brexit since the UK’s referendum on EU membership back in June 2016.

Our discussion ranged far and wide…

Does Azevedo think the world is becoming more protectionist – with countries responding to economic difficulties by erecting more trade barriers?

“There is a danger, yes, but we are not there yet.”

To read Liam Halligan’s piece for UnHerd – edited by EFT Adviser Tim Montgomerie – in full, click here.

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