Economists for Free Trade response to Sadiq Khan’s Brexit impact assessments

Responding to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s impact assessments, Professor Patrick Minford, Chairman of Economists for Free Trade, commented:

“These ridiculously pessimistic studies are the latest attempts to use taxpayers’ money to pump life into Project Fear.

“Our own assessments, using the correct economic model suited to free trade, show the clear benefits of Britain making a swift, clean break from the EU.

“Leaving the single market and the customs union would boost the UK economy by up to £135 billion or seven per cent of our GDP. We would be breaking free from the EU’s protectionist fortress and embracing global free trade, with a stronger grip on British borders raising the living standards of the poorest by around 15 per cent.

“In the UK economy at large, we are currently seeing growth being revised up, manufacturing output soaring and the UK economy exporting more and more great products to non-EU countries.

“The British people were not fooled by desperate, draconian pessimism during the referendum campaign, and should not be fooled now. The benefits of a clean Brexit are clear.”


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