Economists respond to Brexit White Paper

In response to the Brexit White Paper, Professor Patrick Minford CBE, Chairman of Economists for Free Trade, said:

“The White Paper sets out the worst Brexit for Britain.

“These proposals would mean that the fundamental economic benefits of Brexit cannot be fully achieved.  

The EU have offered the UK a Canada-style free trade deal which the Government should pursue.  After all, this was the recommendation of the DExEU White Paper before being surreptitiously jettisoned by Number 10.                             

“At the same time, the Government must be ready to pursue No Deal under World Trade Organisation rules in case the EU reneges on their offer.  

“Taking full advantage of the economic benefits of Brexit will boost the UK economy by 7 per cent of GDP and help the poorest in society the most by cutting the costs of food, clothing and footwear and removing the costs in benefits and lower wages created by unskilled EU immigration.

“This country needs a leader who will deliver a proper Brexit and ensure that the British people are able to embrace and enjoy the economic benefits it brings. If Theresa May isn’t up to the job, the Conservative Party should replace her with someone who is.”


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