Top Economist Warns Against “Fake Brexit”

Neil MacKinnon, a member of Economists for Free Trade, commented:

“Assessments from the Treasury and elsewhere about the economic effects of Brexit have already been discredited.

“The fact is that since the 2016 referendum, the UK is doing well and the latest data – whether it be the UK CBI retail sales survey or activity indicators for the service and construction sectors – are at seven or eight month highs.

“Project Fear’s gloomy, if not apocalyptic, predictions of recession and a sharp increase in unemployment have not materialised.

“Indeed, it is ironic that the Eurozone economies are slowing down with their unemployment rate twice that of the UK.

“In addition, the Eurozone faces a crisis over immigration policy and countries like Italy see little economic benefit from being in monetary union.

“Now it is important that Brexit does actually mean Brexit and not a “fake Brexit” where any trade deals leave the UK subject to EU law and regulation, EU tariffs which pump up prices at the expense of the UK consumer and prevents the UK from striking free trade deals outside of the EU.

“The Government should be making the case that Brexit is a positive opportunity and not a negative uncertainty.”


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