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Daily Express: ‘PROJECT MCFEAR’ Sturgeon sparks OUTRAGE with damning report on Scotland leaving EU

Jan 16, 2018

“Nicola Sturgeon should put an end to her Project McFear, accept that we are leaving the EU – and that means leaving the single market and the customs union – and start embracing the real opportunities Brexit offers the whole of the UK” – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: How is our national interest served by MPs sucking up to Michel Barnier?

Jan 15, 2018

Why these people, who are not batting for Britain and who clearly are prepared to undermine the will of the British electorate, should want to see Barnier is obvious. It can only be to collude – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Brexit is already shaping the economy for the better

Jan 15, 2018

The UK would do well under ‘No Deal’, indeed it would in purely economic terms do better than with a Canada-plus trade deal, in that there would be a quicker movement to free trade and a big gain in our net financial payments to the EU – Patrick Minford

Daily Express Online: Banking ‘Brexodus’ claims in TATTERS: Deutsche Bank admit thousands of jobs WON’T leave UK

Jan 14, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade, said: “We welcome this news that we always expected and note that it tallies with our estimates of the extent of passporting – which gives the City access to the single market – and the need to ‘work around’ any new obstacles.

Sunday Telegraph: EU to lose £500bn and UK to gain £640bn in no-deal Brexit, economist claims

Jan 14, 2018

For the UK a breakdown would be a short term nuisance but a substantial economic gain; for the EU it is both a short term nuisance and a substantial economic loss – Patrick Minford

Sunday Express: ‘NO DEAL’ WILL COST EU £500 BN

Jan 14, 2018

“Professor Minford shows what a risk the EU would take by not giving us a deal, which is a timely reminder of our negotiating strength.” – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg


Jan 12, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of the Brexit-supporting Economists for Free Trade, said: ‘These ridiculously pessimistic studies are the latest attempts to use taxpayers’ money to pump life into Project Fear.’

Mail Online: Sadiq Khan renews Project Fear as he publishes a report claiming ‘no deal’ would cost £54billion and 500,000 jobs – but his taxpayer-funded review does not consider a good Brexit deal

Jan 11, 2018

‘These ridiculously pessimistic studies are the latest attempts to use taxpayers’ money to pump life into Project Fear. Our own assessments, using the correct economic model suited to free trade, show the clear benefits of Britain making a swift, clean break from the EU.’ – Patrick Minford


Jan 11, 2018

We are now in real danger of having the Schrodinger’s Cat solution to Brexit. An outcome so complicated that it is designed to persuade those who voted for Brexit that Brexit is what they have got – the paradox of Brexit in name only – John Longworth

Daily Express: David Davis attacks EU over move against British business

Jan 09, 2018

Economists for Free Trade led by Professor Patrick Minford have estimated that simply leaving the EU without a formal deal could boost UK GDP by around £150 billion a year.

Daily Telegraph: Ignore the doom-mongers. Brexit should be a cause for optimism

Jan 08, 2018

As I never tire of telling people, on the whole, political events have next to no impact on immediate economic performance. This is determined by much more humdrum factors such as the growth of incomes or changes in interest rates – Roger Bootle

City A.M. Debate: Should we subsidise farmers for providing ‘public goods’, like protecting the environment?

Jan 08, 2018

Brexit presents a big opportunity to improve the way we support farming and put the consumer at the heart of food policy. The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has, at great expense, reduced agricultural productivity by lessening competition and supporting inefficient farmers – Warwick Lightfoot

ConservativeHome: How to achieve a successful Brexit deal for financial services

Jan 07, 2018

A mutually advantageous deal would allow both the UK and EU financial sectors to trade freely and flourish. It would permit EU customers the cheapest access to capital – Barney Reynolds

EFT’s Roger Bootle on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme

Jan 05, 2018

Listen to EFT’s Roger Bootle debate the economist Vicky Pryce about the key Brexit decisions that need to be taken in 2018.

BrexitCentral: Central Europe and Spain show the EU’s double standards in enforcing ‘democratic values’

Jan 04, 2018

Britain voted for Brexit to get back her sovereignty. Central Europe would like the same. The EU resists both. Here is the basis of a strong alliance, because strong and enduring alliances can only rest on shared interests – Andrea Hossó

Western Mail: Could UK’s post-Brexit future lie in a new Pacific partnership?

Jan 04, 2018

“It could easily fit into talks about new free trade agreements because it’s quite a comprehensive one. It certainly makes some sense…Everyone has been obsessed with our relationship with Europe, but that’s really something that just gets in the way at the moment. We would like to resolve it so we can get on with this broadening of trade…” – Patrick Minford on the prospect of the UK joining the TPP

ConservativeHome: Leavers have every reason to be optimistic about the year ahead

Jan 02, 2018

Seeing the “glass half empty”, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) establishment this week declared that it is vital that the British Government obtain trade relations with the EU as soon as possible in order that companies can continue to import from the EU without tariffs and without disruption. At one stroke this undermines the UK’s negotiating position – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Serious risks, yes, but I see growth continuing in the global economy

Jan 01, 2018

There are serious geo-political risks that could upset the world economy. There usually are. But I propose to put these aside on the impressively scientific grounds – Roger Bootle

Daily Express: Trade deal by March or WALK AWAY: Owen Paterson warns May to ignore ‘Remoaner double talk’

Jan 01, 2018

If the EU will not agree heads of terms by March next year or if the price — either financially or in concessions of sovereignty — is too high, then we should politely advise them that our trade will continue on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Daily Telegraph: Hard data trumps drumbeat of negativity

Dec 31, 2017

As 2017 ends, any objective observer should acknowledge that the British economy is performing quite well. The drumbeat of negativity continues – and won’t abate in 2018. The hard data, though, keeps confounding the doom-mongers – Liam Halligan

The Sun: Why 2018 will be good for go-it-alone UK as we edge closer to Brexit Britain

Dec 31, 2017

Provided the Government retains our newly won freedoms to set taxes, decide on regulations, make trade deals and remove tariffs, the UK economy will boom for years to come – EFT Adviser John Longworth

The Times: Economists give us reasons to be cheerful about 2018

Dec 28, 2017

Patrick Minford, professor of economics at Cardiff University, and Gerard Lyons, chief economic adviser at Policy Exchange, both of whom supported Brexit and reckon growth will be 2 per cent. Mr Hollingsworth at Capital Economics, which was founded by Brexit-supporting Roger Bootle, is more optimistic still at 2.2 per cent.

Daily Express: ‘They can’t STOP us!’ Economist DASHES EU plans to thwart UK’s post-Brexit trade strategy

Dec 20, 2017

The European Union will try to “stop” the United Kingdom from striking new trade deals after Brexit because it would “undermine” their exports to Britain, economist Patrick Minford claimed.

BrexitCentral: The case for a post-Brexit transition period has yet to be made

Dec 20, 2017

For Remainers, a transition period provides an opportunity for unforeseen events to intervene and frustrate Brexit altogether – Michael Burrage

ConservativeHome: To make Brexit a success, we must break free from the over-taxed, over-regulated European model

Dec 19, 2017

The European Commission itself admits that 90 per cent of global economic growth in the next ten to 15 years is expected to be generated outside Europe, a third of it in China alone. We must be allowed – outside the Single Market and Customs Union – to seize these opportunities – Owen Paterson

Will the PM show steel in rejecting these hostile EU negotiating terms?, asks Jacob Rees-Mogg

Dec 18, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg ask the Prime Minister whether she will show real steel in rejecting the EU’s hostile negotiating terms.

Owen Paterson asks the PM: Can she confirm that ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’?

Dec 18, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson ask the Prime Minister whether she can confirm that ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’?

Daily Telegraph: 2017 was the year supposed economic threats like Trump turned into non-events

Dec 18, 2017

The big news has been the strength of the global economy after several years of weak performance – Roger Bootle

BrexitCentral: What the ‘meaningful vote’ and ‘exit date’ amendments are really about

Dec 18, 2017

Martin Howe QC decodes the latest Brexit battles in Parliament on BrexitCentral.

Daily Express: Banks to move fewer than 4,600 jobs from London in the run-up to Brexit

Dec 15, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade, said: “We welcome this news that we always expected and note that it tallies with our estimates of the extent of passporting [which gives the City access to the single market] and the need to ‘work around’ any new obstacles.

The Times: Macron lures bankers fleeing London with tax cuts for rich

Dec 15, 2017

The pro-Brexit group Economists for Free Trade has estimated that about 9 per cent of revenues from City companies are vulnerable from the loss of passporting…Barnabas Reynolds, the global cohead of financial institutions at the law firm Shearman & Sterling, said: “Any significant impact from Brexit will most likely be five to ten years out and will be determined by what the UK and EU do between now and then. There is almost no conclusive evidence of what will happen.

A Successful trade deal must be better than WTO terms – Owen Paterson in the House of Commons

Dec 14, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson question Brexit Secretary David Davis at DExEU questions in the House of Commons.

Prospect: British concessions to the EU last week are a matter of grave concern

Dec 13, 2017

In 1999, 61 per cent of UK goods exports were with the EU, now it is 47 per cent. By 2025, it has been projected that it will be under 35 per cent. The European Commission itself says that 90 per cent of global economic growth in the next 10-15 years is expected to be generated outside Europe, a third of it in China alone – Owen Paterson

Daily Telegraph: Canada is nice, but we really need a ‘Britain-plus plus plus’ Brexit deal

Dec 11, 2017

Getting rid of EU protectionism via Free Trade Agreements gives us a big gain from the resulting free trade: on our calculations, consumer prices would fall 8 per cent and GDP be 4 per cent larger – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: If the next phase of Brexit talks goes badly we must walk away without a deal

Dec 11, 2017

Rushed prime ministerial visits to the Continent in search of “agreement” tend not to end well. “I have it. I have the paper. Mr Juncker and I …” Pray that Theresa May has enough sense of history not to utter anything remotely resembling Neville Chamberlain’s words, either now or later – Roger Bootle

The Sun on Sunday: PM striking Brexit ‘deal’ is welcome but there are still causes for concern

Dec 10, 2017

If the EU wants our cash, it must talk seriously about a comprehensive reciprocal free-trade deal with zero tariffs – Owen Paterson

Sunday Telegraph: Why ‘exit from Brexit’ would be a disaster

Dec 10, 2017

These Brexit negotiations are clearly tough. There are complications – not least as the European Union, a moribund, self-serving bureaucracy, is determined to make it difficult for Britain to leave. Pour décourager les autres – Liam Halligan


Dec 09, 2017

Patrick Minford, of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade group, said: ‘The CBI continue to escalate their permanent post-Brexit tantrum.’

City A.M.: How bright are the prospects for UK trade and prosperity post-Brexit?

Dec 08, 2017

The Single Market has done little for our trade with the EU, which has fallen from 60 per cent to 43 per cent since its introduction. UK trade with the rest of the world has grown three times faster. Services account for 80 per cent of our economy, but only 40 per cent of service exports go to the EU – David Blake

City A.M.: With free trade, the Irish border is an issue for the EU, not the UK

Dec 08, 2017

The key point is that a genuine free trade solution does tick all the boxes. The UK would be outside the Single Market and Customs Union, the DUP would be happy because there would be equivalence with the rest of the UK, and there would be no physical border presence to threaten the peace settled by the Good Friday Agreement – Graeme Leach

BrexitCentral: Costly EU demands on regulatory alignment could prevent us securing trade deals elsewhere

Dec 07, 2017

The reported Northern Ireland border offer is particularly crazy, because it is expressed to apply if we do not reach a trade agreement with the EU – Martin Howe QC

The Guardian: Brexit will be a success story – but for now, our leaders have lost the plot

Dec 07, 2017

The true measure of Brexit success is first and foremost whether we take control of our laws, our borders and our money, and then whether we are economically better off outside the EU than we would otherwise have been by staying in the EU – John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Regulatory divergence does not require a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic

Dec 07, 2017

Questions about post-Brexit regulatory alignment of Northern Ireland with the EU has somehow become entangled with the prospect of the reconstruction of a hard border between the Province and the Republic, and this has confused everyone participating in the debate, including the leading decision-makers – Michael Burrage

City A.M. Debate: Would the UK thrive under WTO rules of trade?

Dec 06, 2017

EFT Adviser and Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave John Longworth debates Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake, where he argues how WTO rules would give us the freedom of making our own trade arrangements around the world.

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg at PMQs: Will the PM apply a new coat of paint to her Brexit red lines?

Dec 06, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg ask the Prime Minister whether she plans to apply a new coat of paint to her Brexit red lines before she returns to Brussels.

City A.M.: The City will continue to thrive, with or without a Brexit deal

Dec 06, 2017

Brexit is less disruptive than might first appear. Many of the gloomy predictions ignore the fact that we can place some reliance on EU law. There are in fact two attractive ways forward for financial services on Brexit – Barney Reynolds

Red lines on regulation should be indelible – Jacob Rees-Mogg in the House of Commons

Dec 05, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg make the point to David Davis that UK red lines in the Brexit negotiations should be indelible red lines.

Sky News: The UK should not be afraid of no Brexit deal – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Dec 05, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain why no deal is better than a bad deal.

BBC Breakfast: We won’t have left the EU unless we leave the single market, customs union and the ECJ

Dec 04, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain why the UK will not have left the EU unless we leave the single market, customs union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ.

Tariff-free and reciprocal free trade is in everyone’s interest – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Dec 04, 2017

Listen to EFT Adviser Owen Paterson on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme explain what the Prime Minister must aim for in Brexit negotiations.

BrexitCentral: An independent sovereign UK could not be bound by the rulings of a foreign court

Dec 03, 2017

In recent weeks, we have become used to unreasonable demands from the European Commission, from their refusal to discuss trade to the seemingly arbitrary size of the “divorce bill”. But their most bizarre claim of all was the declaration in May that they wanted European law, overseen by the European Court of Justice, to continue to apply to EU citizens in the UK after Brexit – Owen Paterson

BBC Andrew Marr Show: We must not leave the EU in name only – Jacob Rees Mogg

Dec 03, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg argue that remaining under ECJ oversight and paying vast sums of money to Brussels would mean the UK leaving the EU in name only.

The Sun on Sunday: MRS ULTI-MAY-TUM Top Tory MPs tell PM to give EU ‘divorce’ ultimatum or walk away

Dec 03, 2017

A total of 40 senior MPs, peers, economists and business leaders have urged the PM to bluntly tell EU chief Jean Claude Juncker the EU will not see a penny of the divorce settlement unless Britain’s demands are met…Several economists, including Professor Patrick Minford and Roger Bootle are also signatories.

The Sunday Telegraph: Our fishermen should land Brexit benefits

Dec 03, 2017

he decline of fishing communities has generated much anti-EU sentiment in parts of the UK – and no wonder. Around 60pc of the fish caught in UK waters are claimed by non-British boats – Liam Halligan

Daily Express: City has ‘nothing to fear’ from Brexit with no deal

Dec 02, 2017

A spokesman for Economists for Free Trade said: “Barney Reynolds correctly identifies that the UK must have an attractive plan B. “He has identified how financial businesses don’t need to move to the EU for the contingency of a no deal. “The UK should be optimising the environment here to ensure it remains competitive in a plan B scenario.”

BBC Daily Politics: EFT Advisers Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Tim Montgomerie explain the key benefits of leaving the customs union

Dec 01, 2017

Watch EFT Advisers Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Tim Montgomerie explain how leaving the EU’s protectionist racket of a customs union will benefit the UK’s poorest consumers.

Brexit will increase the UK’s standing in the world – EFT’s Andrea Hossó on Sky News

Dec 01, 2017

Watch EFT’s Andrea Hossó discuss how Brexit will increase the UK’s standing in the world on Sky News’s All Out Politics.

BrexitCentral: The Republic of Ireland should see the Brexit negotiations as an opportunity not a threat

Nov 30, 2017

Crucially, only 1.6 per cent of Irish imports and exports run between the Republic and Northern Ireland; the overwhelming share of trade is between the Republic and Great Britain. Once again, the Republic’s trade with Northern Ireland is a very small part of the much more significant trade with the whole of the UK.

Daily Express: Brexit fearmongers are WRONG – banks will COME to UK not leave, says top economist

Nov 29, 2017

Is reassuring given that the Bank of England assumes that leaving (the EU) with no formal trade deal will cause serious problems for the UK economy – Professor David Paton

BrexitCentral: The WTO option could yet be better value than a costly negotiated Brexit

Nov 29, 2017

From the very beginning of the Brexit negotiations with the EU, the UK Government has placed a millstone around its neck by adopting a flawed measure of success. This has been a monumental mistake. The definition adopted has been the achievement of a free trade arrangement (so called “access” to the Single Market and Customs Union) when the measure of success of Brexit was not this at all.

Miserable Remainers need to read EFT’s Budget for Brexit – Owen Paterson in the House of Commons

Nov 29, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury why miserable Remainers need to read EFT’s Budget for Brexit.

UnHerd: Britain should not fear “no deal” with the EU on trade

Nov 29, 2017

Trading with the European Union under World Trade Organisation rules is ‘perfectly manageable’ for the UK, the world’s leading trade diplomat told me last week. This is an important intervention – one that could impact the UK’s Article 50 negotiations with Brussels.

Daily Express: ‘Stop being so gloomy’ Britain’s economy WILL prosper after Brexit

Nov 28, 2017

The truth about the British economy is that the Brexit move to free trade with the whole world, our own regulations and control of immigration will give a gain of around 7 per cent to GDP, worth around £135billion and about £80billion extra revenue for the Treasury at today’s values – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: Why the OBR’s productivity gloom marks the return of ‘Project Fear’

Nov 27, 2017

Putting aside the vexed question of whether productivity performance is correctly measured (it isn’t), there are some good reasons why even officially recorded productivity growth may well recover – Roger Bootle

The Times: EFT Adviser Matt Ridley writes a cheque that will bounce without a free trade agreement

Nov 27, 2017

Dear Angela, Emmanuel and others (cc Donald, Jean-Claude, Michel),

I enclose a cheque for £40 billion as agreed. However, you will notice that it is post-dated March 30, 2019, and that it will bounce without a free-trade agreement between us… – Matt Ridley

BrexitCentral: We must not submit to an unequal treaty on EU citizens’ rights

Nov 26, 2017

Not since the “unequal” treaties between the Western powers and China during the 19th Century has a self-governing sovereign state agreed that the rights of foreign citizens within its territory be regulated by a foreign court – Martin Howe QC

BBC Sunday Politics: The idea that Northern Ireland is going to be taken out of the single market with the UK, where it does 80% of its trade, is absurd – Owen Paterson

Nov 26, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson discuss the Northern Irish border on the BBC’s Sunday Politics.

Sunday Telegraph: ‘No EU-UK deal? It is not the end of the world’

Nov 26, 2017

The WTO chief talks to Liam Halligan about protectionism and why he feels the UK will never be a minor player in trade.

Daily Express: The Office of Budget Responsibility becomes the story, says PROFESSOR PATRICK MINFORD

Nov 25, 2017

It is darkest before the dawn. How ironic if the OBR has shot us, the Chancellor, and itself in the foot just when the cavalry was coming over the hill! – Patrick Minford

Daily Express: ‘It’s flimsy!’ Fury over Project Fear DOWNGRADING Britain’s growth forecast

Nov 24, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, the chairman of Economists for Free Trade, has questions the data and methodology used by the Office for Budget Responsibility , which was originally created by former Chancellor George Osborne the architect of Project Fear in the referendum.

Daily Express: Say NO to Brussels! Economist says EU should be grateful for UK offer to plug budget hole

Nov 24, 2017

Speaking exclusively to, Professor Minford, chairman of the Economists for Free Trade, said the EU should be grateful for any contribution to help the bloc out of its “hole”.

Daily Express: Outcry as cost of Brexit transition deal soars by £8bn

Nov 24, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, the chairman of Economists for Free Trade, said that the revelation proves that it is better for Britain to leave without a deal with the EU. He said: “Transition is an expensive nonsense and it has now got several billion more expensive. No deal remains the best deal.”

Daily Telegraph: Ministers should prepare for the OBR to be wrong

Nov 23, 2017

For once, the fundamental reason behind the OBR’s pessimism is not Brexit. Up until now, it had assumed that poor productivity growth would at some point bounce back to more normal levels. But after repeatedly being proven wrong it has finally thrown in the towel. I suspect it has given up too soon and that we will indeed see productivity growth pick up as the labour market tightens.


Nov 23, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, of Economists for Free Trade, said they were ‘absurdly depressed forecasts’, adding: ‘The medium to long-term economic outlook…is much brighter than the Chancellor has set out.’

BrexitCentral: Cast off the gloomy Treasury forecasts and seize the opportunities of Brexit

Nov 23, 2017

Although there are risks from leaving a large trading bloc such as the EU, they are far outweighed by the potential benefits. Free from EU protectionism, the UK will regain the ability to cut tariffs on goods from outside the EU – David Paton

Daily Express: Brexit DOOM-MONGERS strike: Britain is facing ‘two LOST DECADES’ without earnings growth

Nov 23, 2017

Professor Minford is the author of “A Budget for Brexit 2017” which lays out in detail just how the UK can benefit from a new future even with a formal EU trade deal said that, “the general sentiment within the Budget confirms our long-held concern that the Treasury is generally ignorant of and in denial about the wider economic benefits of Brexit.

Daily Telegraph: The puzzle of productivity may well solve itself in time

Nov 23, 2017

Prof Patrick Minford, from Cardiff University, says Britain is penalised in the beauty contest for its service-based economy. “All the official gloom is totally misleading. According to the ONS, productivity in education, healthcare and social services has been falling since 1998 at 4pc a year, an obviously absurd figure,” he said.

Sky News: The pessimistic OBR dictates Government policy, they could be proved wrong yet again – Roger Bootle

Nov 22, 2017

Watch EFT’s Roger Bootle speak to Sky News’s Ian King, where he argues that the whole of Government policy is dictated by the pessimistic OBR, who have been wrong before and could be proved seriously wrong again.

BrexitCentral: Ignore the scaremongering about a Brexit “cliff edge” for the City of London

Nov 22, 2017

On closer examination, the perceived cliff edge making such a dangerous chain of reasoning seem inescapable is largely in the mind, asserting that when the EU’s regulatory perimeter springs up after Brexit, with the UK outside it, contracts between UK financial businesses and EU customers or counterparties become frustrated – Barney Reynolds

BrexitCentral: Philip Hammond needs to ditch his caution and embrace the benefits of trading under WTO rules

Nov 21, 2017

We would also have the dangerous ability to be able to unilaterally do away with EU-imposed tariffs, thus reducing the cost of food, clothing and footwear by an average of around 20%. This would have the terrible danger of boosting the economy by 2% of GDP all in one go, far too heady a brew, and also of helping the poor, which can never be a good thing – John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Don’t listen to the terrified Europeans. The Singapore model is our Brexit opportunity

Nov 21, 2017

The Budget is a real opportunity for a turning point in the conduct of fiscal policy in the UK – a chance to signal that our Government will make Britain one of the most competitive economies in the world. The Chancellor should look East when he rises to his feet on Wednesday, not to the sluggish, over-taxed and over-regulated states across the Channel – Owen Paterson

BBC Newsnight: The European Banking Authority’s London departure allows our regulators to be dynamic and put the UK first

Nov 20, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Barney Reynolds explain why the European Banking Authority’s departure from London is not a problem, allowing our already excellent regulators to be more dynamic and to prioritise the needs of the UK’s economy.

Daily Telegraph: Britain craves a bold Budget, yet the Chancellor’s hands are tied

Nov 20, 2017

So, what to do? I think the economic outlook presented by the OBR will be much too pessimistic. Last week, Economists for Free Trade presented a very positive outlook which yielded Brexit dividends for the Chancellor. Still, it is not providing the official forecasts (more’s the pity) – Roger Bootle

Owen Paterson on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions: Brexit was the largest vote in British history, and the Establishment is finding it very hard to swallow

Nov 17, 2017

Listen to EFT Adviser Owen Paterson MP on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions, where he argues that the Establishment is finding Brexit a bitter pill to swallow.

BBC Daily Politics: Owen Paterson sets out how our Budget for Brexit can benefit the poorest families

Nov 16, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson set out how our Budget for Brexit can benefit poorer families across the country.

A clean Brexit will benefit the poorest consumers in rural areas – Owen Paterson speech at the Three Counties Agricultural Society Farming Conference

Nov 16, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford has forecast a 10% fall in food prices, saving £305 per household per annum, or some £8.2 billion overall. That, therefore, should be the key priority.

Daily Express: They said it would be SELF-HARM! Rees-Mogg mocks supporters of UK’s adoption of the euro

Nov 16, 2017

Rees-Mogg pointed to forecasts from the Economists for Free Trade pressure group identifying a potential £135billion windfall to the Treasury between 2020-2025 as the financial benefits from leaving the EU are felt.


Nov 16, 2017

FTAs will bring prices down for products from the Rest of the World (ROW), and force EU producers to cut their prices in line to keep market share. In this case prices fall across the board, as in the projections made by Economists for Free Trade – Patrick Minford

Standpoint: Brexit is just as messy as European integration has been, but is essential

Nov 16, 2017

The British, or at any rate the English, have a long and wonderful history as a meaningful nation. Until recent decades they have regarded themselves, almost by definition, as self-governing – Professor Tim Congdon

Daily Telegraph: We should all be optimistic about Brexit – here’s why

Nov 16, 2017

The Treasury has not retracted the assessments of Brexit it made before the referendum: long-term, that GDP would be reduced by any Brexit, most of all (7pc) by a clean Brexit with no EU trade deal, and short-term, that there would be a sharp and immediate recession – Patrick Minford

BBC Daily Politics: Jacob Rees-Mogg supporting EFT’s “fabulous” Budget for Brexit

Nov 15, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP support our “fabulous” Budget for Brexit report and setting out how the economy could gain a windfall of £135bn between 2020-2025 and £40bn a year thereafter if we take the right decisions.

The Times: Jacob Rees-Mogg reveals his plan for £135bn Brexit windfall

Nov 15, 2017

The “budget for Brexit” he endorsed was produced by Economists for Free Trade (EFT), an organisation headed by the pro-Leave academic Patrick Minford from Cardiff Business School.


Nov 15, 2017

Rees-Mogg was speaking at the publication of a manifesto from the pro-Brexit group Economists for Free Trade (EFT), which said the Government can look forward to a windfall after the UK leaves the EU. It said Brexit will be ‘overwhelmingly positive’ for the British economy provided the Government adopts the right policies.

Daily Express: NHS must get £350m ‘promise’ – Rees-Mogg

Nov 15, 2017

Speaking at the Economists for Free Trade presentation in London, Rees-Mogg said: “Politicians cannot hide behind the small print like some disreputable businesses do, but recognise that the commitment is accepted in broad terms not in pettifogging detail.

The i: Rees-Mogg wants Treasury to honour £350m Vote Leave promise

Nov 15, 2017

“Although I did not want the £350m figure to be used [during the referendum] it was used and the electors believed the promise was made,” the MP for North East Somerset said at an Economists for Free Trade event in London.

Sky News: Jacob Rees-Mogg and his Brexit Budget wishlist

Nov 14, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP sit down with Sky News after the unveiling of our Budget for Brexit.

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP in the Commons: EFT’s Budget for Brexit would fund £350m for the NHS as well as tax cuts

Nov 14, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP raise our Budget for Brexit report in the House of Commons.

Daily Express: ‘FALSE ASSUMPTIONS!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg takes sensational swipe against Brexit scaremongers

Nov 14, 2017

Senior Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg will sound the call for an ambitious Budget for Brexit in a speech today marking the launch of a report from the pressure group Economists for Free Trade.

Sky News: Brexit ‘guerilla warfare’ kicks off in the Commons over EU Withdrawal Bill

Nov 14, 2017

In a new report, the Economists for Free Trade (EFT) group says Brexit will be “overwhelmingly positive” for the British economy, provided the Government adopts the right policies.

Daily Express: BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Britain can expect £135 BILLION windfall after EU divorce, experts say

Nov 14, 2017

The EFT – headed by Professor Patrick Minford – said the priority for the Government should be to bring down trade barriers with the rest of the world once Britain has left the EU while reducing the burden of regulation and taxation on firms and individuals.

Financial Times Online: Brexiters pile pressure on UK chancellor ahead of the Budget

Nov 14, 2017

The Department for International Trade tweeted a Daily Mail article which reported the apparent financial bonanza that Britain could expect if it left the European Union without a deal. That research, by a group called Economists for Free Trade is at odds with models used by the Treasury, Office for Budget Responsibility and Bank of England.

BrexitCentral: We need a Budget next week that shows Britain is open to the world, not closed to Europe

Nov 14, 2017

The UK economy has performed robustly since the Brexit vote, in complete contrast to the scenarios outlined by HM Treasury in their documents prior to the referendum – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Guardian: Jacob Rees-Mogg: hard Brexit would boost UK by £135bn over 5 years

Nov 14, 2017

Rees-Mogg, viewed by some as a possible contender for the Tory leadership if Theresa May falls, was speaking to introduce an alternative pre-Brexit budget put together by a group called Economists for Free Trade.

Daily Mail Online: Leading Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg says the Government MUST honour the EU referendum pledge to pump £350m a week into the NHS as politicians ‘cannot hide behind the small print’

Nov 14, 2017

Speaking at the launch of a report by the Economists for Free Trade, Rees-Mogg said he agreed with the head of the NHS Simon Stevens when he asked for the money last week.

Daily Express: Jacob Rees-Mogg ignores doom-mongering economy predictions to give his OWN Brexit budget

Nov 14, 2017

Mr Rees-Mogg said the expert panel had “have done what the Treasury ought to have done” and modelled Brexit on a “free trade approach”.

The Sun Online: BREXIT BOOST Jacob Rees-Mogg says Brexit will give Britain a £135bn windfall as he launches his own Budget for leaving the EU

Nov 14, 2017

The Tory backbencher is launching a report alongside the Economists for Free Trade group saying quitting the bloc will be “overwhelmingly positive” for the economy – as long as the Government adopts the right policies.

Daily Express: BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Britain can expect £135 BILLION windfall after EU divorce, experts say

Nov 14, 2017

The EFT – headed by Professor Patrick Minford – said the priority for the Government should be to bring down trade barriers with the rest of the world once Britain has left the EU while reducing the burden of regulation and taxation on firms and individuals.

Daily Express: ‘FALSE ASSUMPTIONS!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg takes sensational swipe against Brexit scaremongers

Nov 14, 2017

Senior Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg will sound the call for an ambitious Budget for Brexit in a speech today marking the launch of a report from the pressure group Economists for Free Trade.


Nov 13, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of the Economists for Free Trade group, said: ‘The talks are just a piece of theatre, and I agree with James Dyson that we just shouldn’t fall for this any more.’

City A.M.: A Budget for Brexit to boost the UK economy: Why politicians should plan for reaping the benefits of a post-Brexit boom

Nov 13, 2017

This week, Economists for Free Trade, of which I am a member, will be releasing a new report “A Budget for Brexit 2017” authored by Professor Patrick Minford of Cardiff University and which lays out in detail just how the UK can benefit from a new future even with a formal EU trade deal – David Paton

Daily Telegraph: The political turmoil over Brexit is at odds with the economic reality

Nov 13, 2017

The British government should stand firm. There is nothing in the Lisbon Treaty to say that a departing country should make a large payment to the EU before starting trade talks – Roger Bootle

City A.M.: The Great Repeal Bill: Helping to remove the phantom financial services ‘cliff edge’

Nov 13, 2017

Talk of an impending cliff edge has gripped many in the City. Doomsayers contend that, without a trade deal, the loss of passporting rights for financial institutions and EU regulation could make honouring existing contracts illegal. These fears are misplaced – Barnabas Reynolds

Patrick Minford on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics

Nov 12, 2017

Listen to EFT Chairman Patrick Minford explain that a central point of Brexit is to increase competition in the UK economy and how free trade is a potent way of improving the UK’s economic performance.

BrexitCentral: How Brexit will reinvigorate the British economy – Patrick Minford

Nov 12, 2017

Our in depth research reveals that Brexit will speed up economic growth, create extra jobs and generate additional revenues to be spent on tax cuts, spending increases or a combination of the two – Patrick Minford

The Sun on Sunday: BREXIT BONANZA Economic experts say Britain should prepare for up to £65BN it can use to spend on tax cuts and spending splurges after Brexit

Nov 12, 2017

The group’s chairman, Prof Patrick Minford, said the Treasury had been negative about post-Brexit Britain and urged Mr Hammond to show ambition in next week’s Budget.

The Sunday Telegraph: Britain could gain a £65 billion windfall from Brexit, Economists for Free Trade report says

Nov 12, 2017

The 16-strong Economists for Free Trade group said its own modelling, based on Brexit taking place in 2020, showed that growth would improve, wages would rise, and unemployment fall.

The Sunday Express: Brexit BOOST: £65BILLION to be pumped into UK economy through tax cuts and public spending

Nov 12, 2017

The promise of a big boost to the economy over the next decade is based on a new economic forecast which factors in a fall in prices because of the scrapping of EU tariffs on goods from the rest of the world, improved export performance and an end to the annual EU subscription of £10 billion.

The Sun on Sunday’s Leader: 65 billion Brexit bonuses

Nov 12, 2017

Next time a gloomy Remainer says the Brexit apocalypse is coming, they should listen to Professor Minford. He has been proven right before — and will be proven right again – The Sun on Sunday’s leader

The Sun on Sunday: Brexit is a shot in the arm – Patrick Minford

Nov 12, 2017

“Brexit will speed up growth, create more jobs and generate extra cash which can be passed on to hardworking British people in the form of tax cuts and higher spending on vital public services, particularly the NHS.” – Patrick Minford

BBC Andrew Marr Show: EFT Adviser Sir James Dyson calls for the UK Government to adopt WTO rules

Nov 12, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Sir James Dyson call for the UK Government to walk away from the negotiating table: “There’s no way to deal with them, you have to walk away. And if you walk away they’ll come to us.”


Nov 10, 2017

Patrick Minford explains that what matters is the whole economy not the individual sectors. The Government’s impact studies will have little of value on the sectors and less on the whole economy.

Daily Express: EU plot to rule UK for two years after Brexit

Nov 09, 2017

Former British Chambers of Commerce director John Longworth and Economists for Free Trade, led by Margaret Thatcher’s adviser Professor Patrick Minford, have estimated the UK could be better off by about £150 billion a year by relying on WTO rules and setting up free trade deals.

Daily Telegraph: We should resist the argument that flat productivity is the new normal

Nov 06, 2017

The Chancellor should do whatever he can to boost productivity growth by promoting competition, reducing the regulatory burden, reducing and simplifying taxes and reforming corporate governance. Securing a clean Brexit is critical to this agenda – Roger Bootle

Sunday Telegraph: Why Mark Carney was right to put up interest rates

Nov 05, 2017

The UK is the world’s biggest exporter of financial services – and that won’t change any time soon. Financial services are likely to thrive after Brexit, as we focus more on markets beyond Europe – Liam Halligan

CapX: With friends like Mark Carney, who needs enemies?

Nov 03, 2017

Carney talks only of a competitive currency as a bad thing, notwithstanding the fact that many countries, including those in the G7, have been trying to engineer for themselves something which Brexit has handed us on a plate – EFT Adviser John Longworth

City A.M.: The five economic freedoms that Britain can win by leaving the EU

Nov 02, 2017

If asked about the EU, focus groups show people associate the bloc with free trade, not protectionism. They have little or no idea that they live within a protectionist fortress with tall and thick walls to the outside world – Graeme Leach

Daily Mail: World Bank say Britain is better than Germany AND France for businesses: UK ranks seventh in list by global watchdog

Nov 01, 2017

John Longworth, the former head of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: ‘The World Bank has once again placed Britain high on the list of best places to do business. With the freedoms that Brexit will bring there is no reason why the UK cannot be the number one place in the world.’

Sky News: Brexit offers the UK nimble regulation and global free trade – Matt Ridley

Nov 01, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Matt Ridley explain how Brexit will offer the UK the opportunity of nimble regulation and global free trade that will raise the living standards of the poorest.

BBC News: UK rep ‘assumes’ free trade with EU will continue

Oct 31, 2017

Brexit-supporting economists, including Prof Patrick Minford, have argued that the UK should unilaterally scrap all tariffs on goods and services from the EU and other nations in a bid to bring down all barriers to trade.

Comment Central: Declaring our WTO intent will provide businesses certainty

Oct 31, 2017

By declaring an intended WTO trade option now, the Government will provide the business community with the direction and certainty they need, whilst giving them time to prepare ahead of the March 2019 deadline – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Calls to raise interest rates are a good sign for the British economy

Oct 30, 2017

The MPC feared that the vote would lead to a very sharp economic slowdown, and possibly even to the recession that featured large in the Treasury’s notorious forecasting exercise about the impact of a vote for Brexit – Roger Bootle

Sky News: Preparing for no Brexit deal is prudent insurance – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Oct 29, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson MP explain why preparing for no deal is sensible on Sky News’s Sunday with Niall Paterson.

Bloomberg TV: EFT’s David Blake debates Jonathan Portes

Oct 27, 2017

EFT’s David Blake debates with Jonathan Portes on Bloomberg TV. He argues that the blame lies at the EU’s door for slow progress in the Brexit talks and says the UK will be far better off outside the protectionist EU bloc.

BBC Question Time: EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg on the panel

Oct 26, 2017

Watch highlights of EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg on the BBC Question Time panel.

City A.M.: 10 reasons the UK should not fear a ‘no deal’ Brexit outcome

Oct 26, 2017

My guess is that there is a 50:50 chance that the UK could end up walking away with no deal. Amid the chaos, more sober minds would recognise the 10 unique opportunities, which would rise like a phoenix from the ashes – Graeme Leach

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP asks David Davis about leaving on WTO terms

Oct 25, 2017

Watch our Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP ask Brexit Secretary David Davis about our obligations if we leave the EU on WTO terms.

Western Mail: Deal or no deal? Lines are drawn in battle for the future of Britain

Oct 24, 2017

Cardiff University economist Patrick Minford – who is considered a guru in eurosceptic circles – argues that “no deal is better than the arrangement we have today if we do not raise tariffs against the EU”.

Daily Express: Brexit transition will make UK a ‘vassal state’ with ‘dire consequences’, warns top lawyer

Oct 23, 2017

Martin Howe QC authored a report saying Theresa May’s plan for an “implementation period” will make it “impossible” to reap the benefits of leaving the EU. 

EFT Adviser Owen Paterson in the Commons: It is massively in the interests of our partners to maintain reciprocal free trade

Oct 23, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson ask the Prime Minister whether the EU understand just how much they have to lose by refusing to talk trade with the UK.

Daily Express: David Davis to tell Cabinet how Brexit no deal will be ‘POSITIVE’ for Britain

Oct 21, 2017

Meanwhile, a paper by Margaret Thatcher’s former advisor Patrick Minford and others at Economists for Britain, argues that “no deal is the best deal” and could be worth £135 billion a year to the British economy with free trade deals and deregulation.

BrexitCentral: The legal ins and outs of implementation periods: avoiding the negotiation noose

Oct 20, 2017

The EU27’s negotiating strategy dictates that they will not agree to a transition period until the UK has succumbed to their demands about the EU’s legally meritless financial claim, citizens rights, ECJ jurisdiction, and other matters – Martin Howe QC

Daily Telegraph: We have nothing to fear from WTO rules – Liam Halligan

Oct 20, 2017

Unless the EU sees Britain is prepared not to sign any FTA that Brussels puts on the table, we’ll only be offered a bad one. Signing a terrible FTA out of desperation to “get a deal” before the Article 50 deadline would harm UK exporters and consumers for years to come – Liam Halligan

The Sun: Why no deal isn’t such a big deal – Liam Halligan

Oct 20, 2017

Rather than focus on issues that matter to real people, such as commerce and residency, Brussels remains fixated on process. This intransigence highlights why we must prepare to operate without a free-trade agreement – Liam Halligan

Daily Express: ‘You’re peddling Project Fear!’ Economist blasts Remainer for being ‘defeatist’ on Brexit

Oct 20, 2017

Economist Liam Halligan hit out at Thomas Cole, head of policy at Open Britain, which is fighting against a ‘hard’ Brexit and said he was attempting to “scupper the democratic referendum” to leave the European Union.

BBC News: Moving to WTO rules will offer us a better result than a free trade arrangement with the EU – John Longworth

Oct 19, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser John Longworth explain why preparing to move to WTO rules from March 2019 will not only give certainty to business, but will offer us a better result than a free trade arrangement.

Daily Mail: Theresa May should abandon Brexit trade deal talks if Brussels remains stubborn, say top Leave campaigners including Lord Lawson

Oct 19, 2017

Signatories include former Tory cabinet ministers Peter Lilley, John Redwood and Owen Paterson, Labour MPs Kate Hoey and Graham Stringer, economist Professor Patrick Minford, and JD Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin.

The Spectator: No deal with the EU? Sounds like a good deal to me – Liam Halligan

Oct 19, 2017

If trading under WTO rules is so bad, how does the UK already sell the majority of its exports beyond the EU, largely under such rules? – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: Theresa May must be prepared to declare for a clean, swift Brexit before it is too late

Oct 19, 2017

A few weeks ago the London School of Economics (LSE) conducted a large survey of public opinion which showed that some 67% of the population are now prepared to leave the EU without a deal. It is clear that people outside the Westminster/New Broadcasting House bubble have more backbone than our leaders – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Theresa May urged to make ‘deal or no deal’ ultimatum at Brexit summit as EU leaders agree to meet Jeremy Corbyn before her

Oct 19, 2017

The letter is signed by business leaders including Tim Martin, chairman of pub chain JD Wetherspoon, John Longworth, former director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce, and the economists Roger Bootle and Prof Patrick Minford of Economists for Free Trade.

Daily Express: NO DEAL! Top Brexiteers order May to END negotiations with EU unless Brussels plays fair

Oct 19, 2017

Signatories include business leaders including Tim Martin, John Mills, Richard Tice and John Longworth as well as prominent economists Professor Patrick Minford and Roger Bootle.

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Stubborn EU causing uncertainty for business – Owen Paterson

Oct 19, 2017

Listen to EFT Adviser Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP set out why the Prime Minister must be prepared to move to WTO rules if the EU keeps stalling trade talks.

The UK in a Changing Europe: A no-deal Brexit is an essential negotiating strategy and may even boost the economy

Oct 18, 2017

If the other side in a negotiation knows that you will never walk away without a deal, they hold the power and it is almost certain that you will end up with a worse deal than you might otherwise – Professor David Paton

Daily Telegraph: An EU transition deal is dangerous diplomatic fiction

Oct 18, 2017

Martin Howe, QC, an expert on European law, argues that Brussels cannot legally offer a transition deal under Article 50 unless there is also an agreement on the future relationship, which is precisely what it refuses to discuss until Britain has given in on every demand.

BrexitCentral: No deal is better than the best deal we could strike with the EU (and they’re not even offering that)

Oct 18, 2017

No deal is actually the best deal. Is that a most ingenious paradox? No, this is hard-headed calculation from Cardiff models of trade and the economy, based on many years of research – Patrick Minford

BBC Radio 5 Live: The OECD were peddling Project Fear before the referendum – John Longworth

Oct 17, 2017

Listen to EFT Adviser John Longworth tell BBC Radio 5 Live that “The OECD was part of Project Fear before the referendum, they’ve never been very good at forecasting”.

Sky News: The UK can afford Brexit – it will make us much better off, argues Patrick Minford

Oct 17, 2017

Watch EFT Chairman, Professor Patrick Minford, debate the Resolution Foundation’s Stephen Clarke on why the UK can not only afford Brexit, but will be boosted by it.

BBC Daily Politics: Most of our trade is outside the EU on WTO rules – Liam Halligan

Oct 17, 2017

Watch Economist for Free Trade’s Liam Halligan explain how since most of our trade is outside the EU on WTO rules, the prospect of a no deal is not bad at all.

BBC Radio London: No EU trade deal is not a problem – Patrick Minford

Oct 17, 2017

Listen to EFT Chairman, Professor Patrick Minford, explain why the UK may be better off avoiding paying huge amounts of money for a formal EU trade deal.

BBC Radio 5 Live: Free trade will bring down prices – Patrick Minford

Oct 17, 2017

Listen to EFT Chairman, Professor Patrick Minford, explain how free trade will bring down prices.

Daily Express: ‘Plan for NO DEAL’ Leading economist Roger Bootle says Hard Brexit doom is ‘NONSENSE’

Oct 16, 2017

Roger Bootle has said that it is “nonsense” that Britain will “fall off a cliff” if it leaves the European Union without a deal and insists the UK has a history of trading successfully with countries around the world.

The Times: Freed from Europe, our fisheries can flourish

Oct 16, 2017

On leaving, Britain will control not only its 12-mile territorial waters, but also its 200-mile exclusive economic zone. This is a golden opportunity – EFT Adviser Matt Ridley

Daily Telegraph: A ‘no-deal’ Brexit is not as scary as the establishment is making it out to be

Oct 16, 2017

Securing an FTA with the EU was never the point of Brexit. After all, if successful, such an agreement would merely continue the trading arrangements that exist now – Roger Bootle

BBC Sunday Politics: Leaving the EU without a deal could be the best deal – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Oct 15, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser John Longworth on the BBC’s Sunday Politics, explaining why no deal could be the best deal.

The Sunday Times Red Box: Deal or No Deal? Patrick Minford vs Chuka Umunna

Oct 15, 2017

No Deal is actually the Best Deal. The EU places average trade barriers of around 20% on both food and manufactures, raising their EU prices in line – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: Dyson heads to European court over vacuum cleaner energy labels

Oct 14, 2017

EFT Adviser, Sir James Dyson, provides a clear example of how the Single Markets protects EU manufacturers – fighting an EU court battle over Brussels’ energy efficiency rules later this month, arguing the current regime allows rival vacuum cleaner makers to mislead consumers. The British engineering group, best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, believes the existing […]

Daily Telegraph: Deal or no deal, the City can still prosper after Brexit

Oct 13, 2017

The UK financial sector’s future can be brighter than ever after Brexit. For that the UK must now take the steps to make it so. The industry must make its plans work with the grain of what the UK can realistically and easily deliver upon. – Barney Reynolds

CapX: Brexit is good news for Britain, America and the special relationship

Oct 12, 2017

The American Revolution and the 2016 Brexit vote had democratic control at their hearts; everyone is familiar with the rallying cry of “No taxation without representation.” – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

BrexitCentral: The legal ins and outs of implementation periods: avoiding the negotiation noose

Oct 12, 2017

Because the EU cannot agree to a transitional period until the framework of the future relationship has been agreed, it is impossible for the EU to agree to a transitional period until late 2018 at the earliest. Hopes that such a transition can be agreed “by the end of this year” are naive and totally unrealistic. – Martin Howe QC

London Evening Standard: As a Brexiteer, this is why I think Philip Hammond should go, writes Tim Montgomerie

Oct 10, 2017

Hammond may have found a throat lozenge for his next-door neighbour but he most typifies the sucking of teeth and cannot-doism that, on front after front, keeps bringing May’s government to a spluttering, croaking halt.

EFT Adviser John Longworth gives evidence to the House of Lords Brexit Committee

Oct 10, 2017

Watch Economists for Free Trade Advisor, John Longworth, give evidence to the House of Lords Brexit Committee for their ‘Inquiry on Brexit: Deal or No Deal?’

The Telegraph: No Brexit deal is not just better than a bad deal — it could be the best deal

Oct 10, 2017

Contrary to the mis-guided “group think” of many of our superannuated (often via civil service or EU pensions) Lordships, the EU are not our friends in the matter of leaving the Union. They are, at the most charitable, our competitors. – EFT Advisor John Longworth

BBC Radio 5’s Wake Up To Money: Patrick Minford on why free trade is best for Britain

Oct 10, 2017

Listen to EFT Chairman Patrick Minford on BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Wake Up To Money’, where he argues that free trade is best for the British economy.

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP asks the Prime Minister about ECJ involvement post-Brexit

Oct 09, 2017

Watch Economists for Free Trade Adviser, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, ask the Prime Minister about the involvement of the European Court of Justice during the implementation period after Brexit.

BrexitCentral: The Bank of England is finally adjusting to the fact that the Brexit economy is growing steadily

Oct 09, 2017

Governor Carney has been unable to resist the temptation to talk a lot about what he might do, and then promptly to change direction. – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: Without a free trade vision, we may lose our Brexit opportunity

Oct 07, 2017

Instead of being iffy about abandoning the EU regulatory state, the Prime Minister and Chancellor should embrace the offshore potential exhibited by small economies such as Singapore and Hong Kong. – Graeme Leach

Why Brexit is great for the UK and USA: Economist for Free Trade Adviser Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP’s speech to Heritage Foundation

Oct 05, 2017

Expert analysis from Professor Patrick Minford concludes that leaving the Single Market and Customs Union will provide a saving of $400 per household per annum on food bills, or some $10.8 billion overall. – Owen Paterson speaking in Washington D.C.

Patrick Minford debates Willem Buiter at the International Business and Diplomatic Exchange

Oct 05, 2017

The EU has a strong self-interest in not damaging itself by adopting a protectionist stance towards the City – Patrick Minford during a debate with Willem Buiter at the International Business and Diplomatic Exchange

Patrick Minford at Conservative Party Conference: Free trade enhances consumer welfare and increases competition

Oct 05, 2017

Watch Patrick’s barnstorming performance in full here, where he made the case for the £135 billion Brexit boost to the economy calculated by Economists for Free Trade as well as how free trade can enhance consumer welfare and increase competition into the economy.

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg at Conservative Party Conference

Oct 05, 2017

Watch Economists for Free Trade Adviser, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, speak alongside our Chairman Patrick Minford at the Bruges Group event in Manchester – flying the flag for a positive Brexit.

Daily Telegraph: Let’s learn from the bitter Greeks: if it’s time to walk away, then so be it

Oct 04, 2017

Here in Manchester I met two economists, Patrick Minford and Roger Bootle, who say this prognosis is wrong. Their group, Economists for Free Trade, argues that the country will benefit to the tune of £135 billion from Brexit, and any impact on the City, even from the most vertiginous cliff-edge, would be small and short-lived.

Daily Express: Davis: We’re ready for no Brexit deal if that’s what Brussels decides

Oct 04, 2017

Leading economist Patrick Minford told Tories that without a deal international law would require trade and travel to go on almost as normal.

The Times: What politicians should do to kickstart renewal in Britain

Oct 03, 2017

That said, it is clear that significant parts of society feel little hope of improvement in their lives. Even if – especially if – they play by the rules, their efforts will go unrewarded. So there is clearly much to do. – Warwick Lightfoot

Daily Telegraph: We need a Conservative vision that will counteract Labour’s twaddle

Oct 02, 2017

Brexit is not a magic wand. For the UK to do well outside the EU, the economy will have to be well managed. – Roger Bootle

The Sun: Brexit Secretary David Davis is looking at plans to set up an International Treaties Court staffed by British judges

Sep 28, 2017

The plans for a new UK court would protect British sovereignty but are unlikely to satisfy the EU that their people will still be protected. They are the brainchild of Martin Howe QC and barristers Francis Hoar and Dr Gunnar Beck.

Daily Express: David Davis to ‘WRESTLE control from EU’ creating international court staffed by UK judges

Sep 28, 2017

The court will have to gain EU approval in order to go ahead, however, critics will argue that the body is likely to crush Britain’s dreams to gain a sliver of independence. Martin Howe QC and barristers Francis Hoar and Dr Gunnar Beck are the minds behind the laudable independence plan.

BrexitCentral: The UK needs a new court to restore legal supremacy and free us from ECJ oversight

Sep 28, 2017

The nature of the case law of the ECJ – under which it frequently overrides the wording of provisions and imposes on them a meaning which in the view of the Court furthers the aims of European integration – makes the ECJ particularly unsuited to the task of impartial adjudication of bilateral treaty obligations assumed by a non-member state. – Martin Howe QC

MoneyWeek: What Thatcher’s favourite economist thinks about Brexit

Sep 25, 2017

Minford’s latest research argues that, far from damaging the UK economy, Brexit could end up permanently boosting GDP by around 7 per cent, thanks to both reductions in regulatory red tape and freedom to strike new trade deals.

Daily Telegraph: It’s time for Germany to ditch its love of the current account surplus

Sep 25, 2017

Theresa May should be under no illusions that the election result now frees Germany to help the UK by ensuring a smooth Brexit.

The Economist: Patrick Minford responds

Sep 23, 2017

The approach of Economists for Free Trade, which I chair, does not rely solely on unilateral free trade. That is one of the routes for getting to free trade, but we have also supported the route of free-trade agreements – Patrick Minford

Daily Express: ‘The EU is falling apart!’ Brexit and weak pound to see trade boom for UK – top economist

Sep 23, 2017

“The current mess that the European Union is in means that Britain can avoid those problems like bureaucratic red tape and internal divisions and make successful trade deals with other parts of the world. A weaker pound will be a benefit for the country.” – Roger Bootle


Sep 23, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford said he was “extremely disappointed”, claimed a transitional deal might not be “necessary” and called on the Government to start free trade talks.

BBC News: Firms call for action after May’s Florence speech

Sep 22, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of Economists for Free Trade, said: “We are extremely disappointed that the Prime Minister seems to have committed to a vague transitional period of ‘around two years’ at this early stage in the negotiations.”

Financial Times: Boris’s vision of buccaneering Britain

Sep 20, 2017

Economists David Paton, David Blake and Kevin Dowd make a bullish assessment that Britain can benefit from a free trade future after Brexit. They argue that there are flaws in the so-called “gravity model” — often cited by pro-Europeans — which suggest it is better to be close to a big trading block in order to benefit from trade flows.

Radio 4 Today Programme: Eliminating food tariffs will benefit families across Britain, says Owen Paterson MP

Sep 20, 2017

Advisor to Economists for Free Trade, Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, tells BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme that “if we take off tariffs on food, we can give every single family in the country a £300-plus annual bonus – an £8bn hit upwards to the UK economy.”

The Spectator: Roger Bootle: A post-Brexit Britain could be ‘more open, less protectionist and more competitive’

Sep 19, 2017

One of the City’s best-known economists, Roger Bootle, discusses whether a success could be made from Brexit, just over a year after Britain to leave the European Union.

The Telegraph: The Establishment may not want a Canada-plus Brexit, but it’d most certainly suit the British people

Sep 19, 2017

Big business is furiously lobbying for an “EEA-lite” Brexit…for the UK this is a terrible outcome.

The Conversation: How the UK can benefit from a free trade future after Brexit – even outside the single market

Sep 19, 2017

“The benefits of free trade have been familiar to economists since Adam Smith. Trade encourages specialisation and leads to lower costs, higher productivity and higher living standards” – David Paton, David Blake and Kevin Dowd.

Daily Express: Statistics chief ‘playing politics’

Sep 19, 2017

Economics professor David Paton said the average annual payment, before the rebate’s deduction, to the EU from 2015-2017 “is just over £18billion per year, which works out to about £350million a week”.

BrexitCentral: Boris is right – Brexit does mean taking back full control of £350 million per week

Sep 18, 2017

Given that there will be significant net savings, it would be quite possible to continue all payments and still give “a lot” of our gross payment to the NHS.

Daily Telegraph: ‘The idea that the UK should vote again is scandalous’

Sep 18, 2017

In the final extract from their new book, Liam Halligan and Gerard Lyons explain why a second EU referendum would be disastrous for Britain.

Daily Express: UK economy will grow FASTER after Brexit, even with ‘no deal’ predicts economist

Sep 18, 2017

Patrick Minford hailed the UK’s employment figures, which are rising “relentlessly”, in spite of the “Remoaner lobby” who claim businesses are “traumatised by the uncertainty of Brexit”. 

Daily Telegraph: It’s elementary economics – we are better off with a weaker pound

Sep 18, 2017

Although the lower pound has squeezed consumers’ real incomes, it has simultaneously increased the profits of companies involved in exporting and those competing with imports.

BrexitCentral: The UK economy is growing and will do so faster after Brexit – even in the event of ‘no deal’

Sep 18, 2017

Disappointingly for the ‘Remoaner’ lobby, the economy is going well. Employment continues to rise relentlessly, and unemployment keeps on falling, to levels below what was once thought to be ‘full employment’.

Sunday Telegraph: Never mind Brexit, it’s debt we should fear

Sep 17, 2017

The business of government must go on, no more so than when it comes to fiscal policy. Last week’s announcement the Budget will be held on Wednesday Nov 22 was a reminder that – despite Brexit – big decisions on tax and spending loom.

BrexitCentral: The EU’s thousands of senseless tariffs simply serve to punish the poor

Sep 17, 2017

My all-time favorite in the dumb tariff category has to be the 15 percent tariff on unicycles. One wonders which clown set that.

Sunday Telegraph: The biggest problem with Soft Brexit is that it’s not attainable

Sep 17, 2017

Liam Halligan and Gerard Lyons say the commonly held belief that Britain would be better off inside the single market and customs union is misconceived.

Sky News: No regrets, Brexit is a wonderful opportunity – Sir James Dyson

Sep 14, 2017

Our advisory group member, Sir James Dyson, told Sky News that, unlike Mr Juncker, he harbours no regrets over Brexit, saying that it is a wonderful opportunity to forge trade agreements all over the world.

Radio 4 Today Programme: British business will thrive after a clean Brexit, says Sir James Dyson

Sep 14, 2017

Our advisory group member, Sir James Dyson, says British business will thrive after a clean Brexit.

City A.M.: While Juncker preaches control and protectionism, the UK is still madly trying to please Brussels

Sep 14, 2017

There is so much going on around Brexit, it is easy to lose track of important developments. One recent development in particular has received way too little attention…

Sky News: Roger Bootle discusses how adopting a low tax, low regulation economy is ‘doing Brexit right’

Sep 11, 2017

Watch Roger Bootle discuss how adopting a low tax, low regulation economy is ‘doing Brexit right’ and why leaving the EU will make Britain better off. 

Telegraph: Ignore the naysayers: a competitive pound is positive for our economy

Sep 11, 2017

Just as then, much now hinges on how beneficial the lower exchange rate turns out to be. We have recently heard many pessimistic interpretations.

BrexitCentral: A new model economy post-Brexit will benefit those in Britain who need it most

Sep 04, 2017

It is time for the UK to leave Project Fear in the past and to embrace a prosperous future outside the EU with confidence and optimism.

City AM: A chorus of free trade voices to drown out Remoaner despair

Sep 04, 2017

John Longworth: The coming together of Leave Means Leave, Labour Leave and Economists for Free Trade represents a truly visionary grouping of opinion.

Sunday Telegraph: Poorest will gain most under Brexit, says Labour report

Sep 03, 2017

Britain’s poorest households will be the biggest beneficiaries of Britain’s departure from the European Union, according to a report published by a prominent Labour group.

Belfast Telegraph: Clean break could boost poorer households, Brexit-backing economists claim

Sep 03, 2017

The report suggests that some of the poorest households would gain up to £44 as a result of lower food prices, cheaper rents and improved wages due to restrictions on unskilled migrant workers.

Daily Express: Transition period ‘would leave Britain worse off and could keep UK tied to bloc’

Sep 03, 2017

KEEPING Britain shackled to ­European Union rules for years to come would make the UK worse off – and risk effectively never leaving the bloc, Brexit backers warned today.

The Sun on Sunday: Britain’s poorest families will be £2,288 a year better off ‘thanks to Brexit’ as groceries and rent will tumble

Sep 03, 2017

John Mills, chairman of Labour Leave, said quitting the EU will transform the “sluggish economy”.

The Telegraph: How the single market may be less of a benefit than you think

Sep 02, 2017

Roger Bootle explores  the myths and delusions around trading in the union.

Brexit Podcast: Patrick Minford on the £135 billion benefits of Brexit

Aug 31, 2017

Patrick Minford joins Brexit Podcast’s Tim Heming to explain why his view bucks the trend of many economists, as he cites the removal of protectionism, subsidies paid out to unskilled immigrants and our annual membership of the European Union as chief factors in why we’ll soon all be better off.

Reaction: It’s not our problem how Europe fares after we leave the Customs Union

Aug 24, 2017

The preference of Economists for Free Trade – a group of 16 economists, including myself – is for universal free trade.

City A.M.: Ten reasons why true free trade is key to making Brexit a success

Aug 24, 2017

In the wake of the General Election result we feel there is a need to yet again help the public understand just how important true free trade is and would be to future prosperity.

The Daily Express: UK economy to BOOM without ‘destructive cack-handed’ EU holding us back, economists boast

Aug 24, 2017

In their latest paper the group added the “excessive regulatory zeal” of the Brussels bureaucracy have held back growth.

The Telegraph: We cannot be fooled by the myth of EU economic success

Aug 24, 2017

Is the EU likely to make good decisions about these threats and opportunities? This issue turns on the quality of governance in the EU. And the conclusion is not favourable.

The Sun: Britain will boom once free from the EU’s ‘destructive policies’, top economist claims

Aug 24, 2017

While the leaders of the rapidly growing countries of Asia were busying themselves with the fundamentals of economic growth, in Europe their equivalents were obsessed with unnecessary and damaging integrations.

City A.M. Debate: Is the Economists for Free Trade £135bn figure realistic?

Aug 22, 2017

The impact of unilateral free trade on an economy is not rocket science, but it is enormously powerful. EU membership means surrounding the UK with a protectionist wall from tariffs against the rest of the world.

Bloomberg: Why Professor Minford Says Brexit Will Boost U.K. Economy

Aug 21, 2017

Watch Patrick Minford discuss with Bloomberg why leaving the single market and customs union could add £135 billion to the UK economy.

The Telegraph: The British economy has exposed how terrible the pro-EU side’s Project Fear really was

Aug 21, 2017

Project Fear was some of the tackiest propaganda ever to have appeared in Britain’s public debate; it was all the more deplorable, in that the so-called “research” on which it relied came from Her Majesty’s Treasury.

The Guardian: Will Brexit boost or hurt the economy?

Aug 21, 2017

Predictably, our estimates have triggered howls of protest and derision from the economists who aligned themselves with “project fear”. However that project was founded on two main planks: the assumption that Brexit UK would pursue protectionist and other illiberal policies, and the use of a “gravity” trade model.

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Professor Patrick Minford – ‘From Project Fear to Project Prosperity’

Aug 21, 2017

Listen to Professor Patrick Minford on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme discussing ‘From Project Fear to Project Prosperity’.

The Telegraph: Finally, some refreshing optimism on Brexit and free trade

Aug 21, 2017

The Brexit talks that began last month have focused so far on the so-called bill for leaving the EU and citizenship rights. But the biggest fight will come over trade, an issue that the EU declines to address until substantial progress has been made on the first two.

The Sun: Time is running out for EU to do a good deal with us over Brexit — as Europe risks signing its own death warrant

Aug 21, 2017

A friendly deal with open markets would be a boom to both the EU and the UK — with trade continuing to move freely and cheaply across Europe.

BrexitCentral: It’s time to ditch Project Fear for Project Prosperity and embrace the Brexit boom

Aug 21, 2017

Now voters on both sides want the country to pull together to achieve the best deal possible for the UK. And make no mistake: leaving the single market and customs union provide huge opportunities for the UK economy.

CapX: Why only a hard Brexit will do

Aug 21, 2017

All students of economics will be familiar with what is commonly known as the Economic Problem: what to produce, how to produce, and who gets what?

The Times: Best hope for free trade is to have principles

Aug 21, 2017

After Brexit, Britain should try unilateral free trade no matter what everybody else does — and even if the United States turns more protectionist.

City A.M.: The City must prepare for an £135bn per year Brexit boost

Aug 21, 2017

It is this spirit of global free trade that the UK can now rediscover by combining the exit from the EU’s restrictive single market and customs union with opening up our economy to the positive effects of full competition.

The Telegraph: A ‘cliff-edge’ Brexit is just another name for Project Fear

Aug 20, 2017

The referendum campaign continues. Proposals for transition periods and the various scare stories concerning a “cliff-edge” are really Project Fear in disguise.

Channel 4 News: Professor Patrick Minford – ‘From Project Fear to Project Prosperity’

Aug 20, 2017

Watch Professor Patrick Minford on Channel 4 News discuss ‘From Project Fear to Project Prosperity’.

Forbes: Hard Brexit Gains UK Economy £135 Billion – More Than Any Other Arrangement

Aug 20, 2017

The important thing to understand here is that Minford is correct–the only intellectually or practically justified trade stance to have is one of unilateral free trade.

City A.M.: This group of pro-Brexit economists says leaving the EU will add £135bn to economy

Aug 20, 2017

Economists for Free Trade (EFT), formerly known as Economists for Brexit, calculate that a so-called hard Brexit would lead to a surge in national output worth around £5,000 a year for every household on average.

The Sunday Telegraph: Ignore silly season, Brexit is still on track

Aug 20, 2017

The only forecasters who predicted this outcome were Economists for Brexit – a group of nonaligned academics and industry analysts who relaunch this weekend as Economists for Free Trade.

The Sun on Sunday: Households will be £40 a week richer post-Brexit as UK imports tariff-free goods and increases output, experts claim

Aug 20, 2017

Britain’s economy could enjoy a Brexit boost worth £135billion a year, according to a glowing assessment by a group of 16 leading economists. They say there is mounting evidence that quitting Europe’s trade barriers will transform our prospects over the next decade.

The Sunday Times: Brexit negotiations: Let us talk trade deals now, David Davis tells EU

Aug 20, 2017

Looking ahead to life outside the EU, a report by a team of economists is published today which claims Brexit could boost the UK economy by £135bn a year.

BBC News: ‘Hard’ Brexit offers ‘£135bn annual boost’ to economy

Aug 20, 2017

A “hard” Brexit is “economically much superior to soft” argues Prof Patrick Minford, lead author of a report from Economists for Free Trade.

The Week: Hard Brexit ‘would offer £135bn annual economic boost’

Aug 20, 2017

A group of pro-Brexit economists say removing all trade tariffs and barriers would help generate an annual £135bn uplift to the UK economy.

The Sun on Sunday: Trust the man on the right side of history after Patrick Minford says Britain’s economy is actually set for a Brexit boost

Aug 20, 2017

Minford also found himself in a tiny minority 35 years later as George Osborne’s Project Fear warned of an immediate collapse of the economy if we voted for Brexit. It never came and Minford again found himself on the winning side.

Politics Home: Removing tariffs could mean £135bn annual boost to economy, claim pro-Brexit economists

Aug 20, 2017

A British market “flooded with less expensive goods from elsewhere” would immediately put European exporters at a disadvantage, Prof Minford argues in his introduction to the report.

The Telegraph: Stop talking Britain down, Remainers: We hold the aces, and the EU is desperate for a deal

Aug 14, 2017

The plain fact is Britain is under no legal obligation at all to pay anything to the EU and, if we do come to a financial arrangement, it should be a straightforward business transaction.

The Times: I am more confident than ever about Brexit

Aug 14, 2017

Matt Ridley: The robust economy set against the appalling behaviour of the European Commission shows we’re far better off out of it

The Telegraph: With the right financial services deal a transition period could be avoided

Aug 12, 2017

As the UK negotiates its EU financial services trade position post-Brexit, UK negotiators need to be clear what they want.

The Telegraph: Brexit Britain should take note of European judges, but it shouldn’t be ruled by them

Aug 08, 2017

The starting point is that after Brexit the ECJ will lose its British judge and other personnel. It will become a fully foreign court, entirely answerable to a group of foreign countries.

Conservative Home: The right post-Brexit farming policy could unleash agricultural innovation and lighten the load on consumers

Aug 01, 2017

A protective Common External Tariff raises the costs of EU goods and food in relation to world prices.

The Telegraph: Ireland may fancy its chances outside the EU

Jul 29, 2017

The EU has spent almost a decade trying to hammer out a US trade deal. Negotiating as a bloc of countries, often with conflicting objectives, is one reason Brussels has cut so few meaningful trade agreements.

Daily Express: ‘Why should we pay?’ Economist blasts pro-EU lobbyist over cost of unskilled workers

Jul 27, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of Economists for Free Trade (EFT), hit out at Tim Thomas, who said workers from the EU benefited “everyone” in the UK.

The Telegraph: It’s time to inject some sense into immigration policy

Jul 22, 2017

The Brexit vote was “overwhelmingly” fuelled by “elderly people obsessed with immigration”, said Vince Cable in early July, sizing up the job of Liberal Democrat leader.

Brexit Central: The disadvantages of Single Market membership remain as clear as ever

Jul 16, 2017

Many of the arguments in favour of the UK remaining a member of the Customs Union or Single Market, by way of EFTA or the EEA, have been resuscitated in the light of the election.

The Telegraph: We need a new vision to fight the religion of European integration

Jul 02, 2017

Why do so many intelligent and well-meaning people wish to stay in the EU?  Some do so because they believe one or more of the fallacious arguments that I attacked last week. I hope my duck shoot gave them food for thought.

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