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The Telegraph: Despite carmakers’ troubles the economy will motor on just fine

Apr 15, 2019

The industries of the future – such as the digital and creative sectors, bioscience and artificial intelligence – are all around us. Thankfully, the UK has a strong position in them that bodes well for our future – as long as our politicians and civil servants don’t mess things up. If only they had a sound grasp of economic history. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Italy nears cliff edge as we obsess on Brexit

Apr 14, 2019

The big economic picture is that the EU accounts for just 15pc of global GDP, down from 40pc when we joined in the early Seventies. Hiding behind a tariff wall that discriminates against the 85pc of the world economy driving the vast bulk of future growth is crazy.  Doing so with no say over trade policy, and when the eurozone faces collapse, is crazier still. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: Abandoning no-deal planning proves Brexit was a stitch-up all along

Apr 12, 2019

The Prime Minister has already missed two Brexit deadlines, on 29 March and 12 April. To avoid the humiliation of missing another, she must cancel the European elections, prepare fully for no-deal, and take us out of the EU on 1st June. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

BrexitCentral: The mini-deals allowing us to leave without a Withdrawal Agreement are done – let’s embrace a WTO Brexit

Apr 11, 2019

If reports last night are correct that the Government has wound up its “no deal” planning at this crucial juncture, that would be stupidity verging on sabotage. The Government will have failed to deliver the single most important policy in a generation, and broken every promise it has made. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: Ignore the spin and bluster: the Cooper-Letwin Bill changes very little

Apr 09, 2019

If we do stay in the EU for an extended period, that will be the result of the voluntary act and decision of the Prime Minister, not forced upon her, for which she should be held fully accountable. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: MPs should take heart from the public’s view of no-deal and swing behind it

Apr 09, 2019

We can only hope our MPs wake up to the dangers, and recognise that they do not need to be so afraid of pursuing the no-deal exit that would genuinely meet their commitment to honouring the referendum. – John Longworth

The Telegraph: The PM has a choice this week: deliver the Brexit she promised, or stand aside for someone who will

Apr 08, 2019

An honest Prime Minister and Cabinet would be taking the UK out of the EU this Friday. If they cannot, they must make way for other Conservatives who will. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Times: Leave voters have every right to feel deeply embittered

Apr 08, 2019

A Sky Data poll found that 41 per cent of people would prefer a no-deal Brexit, 35 per cent a long delay and 16 per cent Theresa May’s deal. If the result had gone the other way — 52-48 to remain — we would not have spent more than two years trying to find ways to leave after all. – Viscount Ridley

BrexitCentral: Theresa May caught facing both ways on the Customs Union

Apr 07, 2019

It is this persistent but transparent duplicity – transparent in the sense that a two-year old child could see through it – which has destroyed the credibility of the Prime Minister and eliminated any trust in her on the part of her country, her party, or for that matter the EU leaders with whom she tries to negotiate. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: The customs union is a protectionist racket

Apr 07, 2019

The customs union is a protectionist racket, bad for consumers and bad for our economic future. While the EU accounted for 40pc of the global economy when we joined in 1973, it will be just 15pc when we leave. – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: Theresa May has betrayed those who loyally believed she meant what she said about No Deal

Apr 05, 2019

I have worn out shoe leather at both the last elections to get support for manifestos that promised a referendum and then promised that the result would be respected. The Prime Minister has repaid my loyalty with betrayal. – Viscount Ridley

The Telegraph: Betrayed by establishment parties, Brexit voters long for a truly pro-Leave alternative

Apr 04, 2019

We stand agog at the daily, in fact hourly, political machinations of the Prime Minister, Parliament and the establishment. We have witnessed the rewriting of constitutional precedent, a blatant disregard for manifesto commitments, the bending of rules and lies on an industrial scale. – John Longworth

The Telegraph: Theresa May would leave a far better legacy with a no-deal Brexit rather than her bad deal

Apr 03, 2019

Judging from yesterday, Mrs May is going to her political grave with a bad deal engraved on her heart. She still has a few days left to realise that a No deal would be a far better legacy to her country. – Professor Patrick Minford and Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Nick Boles is wrong, Brexiteers have compromised enormously on leaving the EU – why should they do so again?

Apr 02, 2019

Countless Tory Brexiteers – the likes of Rees-Mogg, Johnson and Duncan Smith – who object to May’s deal have compromised, backing it anyway. Yet still, given Labour’s disgraceful game-playing, it may not be enough. And, with anti-Brexit MPs tabling a full-on blocking bill today, we could lose the historic 2016 referendum result altogether. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: There is a clear route for Theresa May to unite the Tories: deliver Brexit without a deal

Apr 02, 2019

The Prime Minister would do well to reflect on Booker’s words. This Remain Parliament has once again failed to agree on the way ahead for Brexit. It is time for the Government to show leadership. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Sun: Remainers may want to keep us as close to the EU as possible, but here are ten reasons to break down the customs union wall

Apr 01, 2019

The customs union is a protectionist racket, bad for consumers and bad for our economic future. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: EU will move to full fiscal union, or disband. The UK must hold course

Mar 31, 2019

If only the UK Government can muster the gumption to deliver what the British people have voted for, Brexit can save, not just the UK, but the whole of Europe. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: The next Tory leader should be a politician who voted for Brexit

Mar 30, 2019

The advantages of Brexit are based on the slogan of “taking back control”. The United Kingdom and its voters can take better decisions about the future than a centralised bureaucracy can. The UK’s interests are not the same as those of Greece or Germany. That does not make co-operation impossible, but it ought to make direct rule undesirable. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

BrexitCentral: MPs have given Theresa May the authority to leave the EU on 12th April without a deal

Mar 30, 2019

Thanks to Monday’s votes, Theresa May has the indication she needed from MPs that they will not oppose leaving without a deal if the alternative is cancelling Brexit. If she now goes back to the EU to ask for a long extension to Article 50, she can no longer blame it on MPs – it will be her choice and hers alone. – Professor David Paton

The Sun: Softer ‘Brexit’ will make a mockery of the EU Referendum result and the establishment voices ‘are still wrong’

Mar 30, 2019

A Clean Brexit, in contrast, outside the EU’s main legal constructs means Britain would thrive — precisely why Brussels doesn’t want it to happen. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: If Brexiteers cave and back the PM’s dreadful deal, the people will judge them at the ballot box

Mar 27, 2019

Brexit-supporting MPs should hold their nerve and be prepared to see if the Remainers in Parliament (and government), who are betraying both the country and democracy, are prepared to be judged by the electorate.  – John Longworth

Sir Rocco Forte discusses the PM’s ‘deal’

Mar 26, 2019

Sir Rocco Forte on Sky News

Briefings for Brexit: The Withdrawal Agreement is a one-way ticket back into the EU

Mar 26, 2019

The twin disasters of the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration are now very well known. Less well discussed is the ultimate consequence of these proposals being passed by the UK Parliament. – Professor David Blake

The Telegraph: Theresa May has abandoned constitutional precedent by committing to extend A50

Mar 24, 2019

It ought to be inconceivable that any Prime Minister could rush off and bindingly agree under international law something as serious as an Article 50 extension to the end of the year – or even to the end of 2020 – without Parliament having first approved the necessary legislation, but there is every reason to fear that this is what our rogue Prime Minister could do. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: Black Wednesday shows that a no-deal Brexit would be a blessed release for Britain’s economy

Mar 24, 2019

Before a year was out it would become clear that a no-deal Brexit was not a disaster but rather a lucky escape and a blessed release. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: A long Brexit delay would turn into a glorified second referendum

Mar 22, 2019

If Remainers want to continue their tactics of frustration and send their parties to oblivion, on their heads be it. The electorate will see what they are doing and remember it. But if the Government wants to have any hope of survival, it must grasp the chance which has now been presented to it. It must stand up for the 17.4 million people who voted Leave, firmly resolved to deliver Brexit on time and in full on 29 March. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

Briefings for Brexit: Fact Checking the BBC Fact Checkers:

Mar 20, 2019

The trouble is that virtually every element of Chris Morris’s ‘Reality Check’ was either flat out false or based on a seriously incompetent use of statistics. – Professor David Paton

The Telegraph: An Article 50 extension would be terrible for Brexiteers, but it is still infinitely better than the PM’s deal

Mar 19, 2019

But what I do know is that her deal does not deliver Brexit, except in name. It will guarantee that the ongoing turmoil of negotiations will extend over the next 21 months or longer, during which we will be subject to EU laws without a vote. The legally binding backstop will fatally undermine the UK’s negotiating position. – Martin Howe QC

BrexitCentral: Theresa May’s deal remains “fake Brexit” – the alternatives are far less damaging

Mar 17, 2019

But the deal won’t deliver Brexit. Worse than that, it’ll lock us in to not delivering Brexit for many years to come. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: Brexit plans to cut trade tariffs will pay off, if we ever leave the customs union

Mar 17, 2019

Remarkably, lots of MPs seem to think that it is important to stay in the customs union, thereby continuing with the current tariff regime. Some confuse the customs union with a free-trade area and accordingly assume that it inevitably boosts trade. If only they could realise that the customs union is at the heart of the EU’s protectionist racket. Leaving it is one of the major gains to be had from Brexit. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: I still won’t back Mrs May’s deal – because it’s not Brexit

Mar 16, 2019

Such arrangements are now the only way of delivering Brexit on time and in full. We would leave on 29 March as the law requires, honouring the votes of 17.4 million people and fulfilling the Conservative and Labour manifesto pledges. Brexit will not go away, and the future of parliamentary democracy relies on MPs having the integrity to deliver on the largest democratic exercise in our history. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: A delayed Brexit will be disastrous for the EU

Mar 15, 2019

Five years on, if Brexit ends up being delayed by more than two months, the UK could participate in the next set of elections to the European Parliament – on May 23. Popular anger about the stalling of our EU withdrawal, and attempts to reverse the referendum altogether, mean the outcome of these elections could also be dramatic. – Liam Halligan

The law of the land is that we will leave on March 29th, this delivers on the vote of the 17.4m

Mar 14, 2019

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP on BBC News.

CityAM: The UK’s elites have a habit of ignoring the will of the people

Mar 14, 2019

This is far from the only example of parliament forgetting its role. And with Westminster engulfed in infighting and increasingly less meaningful votes this week, it is worth reflecting on a few others. – Professor Graeme Leach

The Telegraph: Worse off under no-deal Brexit? Go on, pull the other one, Mr Hammond

Mar 14, 2019

In reality, provided that UK economic performance is not sunk by a weak world economy, the fiscal outlook really is much improved – and by more than the OBR suggests, including in the event of a no-deal Brexit. – Roger Bootle

The Guardian: Here’s our plan for an orderly no-deal Brexit, and delivered on time

Mar 13, 2019

If MPs do not take the path offered by Malthouse B and opt instead to drag on the uncertainty with an extension, the public verdict will be simple: on the single biggest issue of the age, parliament could not be trusted to deliver what people wanted. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: The PM’s deal would betray Leavers, divide the Conservative Party and shatter parliamentary democracy

Mar 11, 2019

The only way forward is for the Prime Minister to hold her nerve, continue her efforts to improve the deal, but be absolutely determined to leave on March 29 without one, as the law currently demands. That way, she will do so with her party, and the country, behind her.  – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Sun: No Deal Brexit would boost UK’s economy by £140bn over 15 years

Mar 11, 2019

The Sun covers Professor Patrick Minford’s new report.

The Express: No deal Brexit to give UK £140billion boom say economists – ignore ‘project fear hysteria’

Mar 11, 2019

The Express reports on Professor Patrick Minford’s new report.

The Telegraph: For the real Budget we must wait till Brexit – but it could be a humdinger

Mar 10, 2019

So, one way or another, I suspect that a fiscal relaxation is on the way. What the Brexit outcome will affect is whether the relaxation is consistent with continued low borrowing or whether it causes the fiscal rules to be suspended or abandoned. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Escape from Brussels – it’s now or never

Mar 10, 2019

The Irish backstop is nothing but technocratic chicanery. It is disgraceful the EU has picked at the wounds of Anglo-Irish history, threatening the precious progress of recent years in a cynical attempt to keep Britain in the customs union.Yet it’s even more disgraceful a British government has allowed this to happen, accepting this backstop fiction, ignoring the repeated advice of the UK’s own border authorities, the World Trade Organisation and countless other border experts. – Liam Halligan

ConHome: It is far better to risk extending Article 50 than to accept May’s bad deal

Mar 03, 2019

So, if the deal is bad and stays bad, there is no reason for MPs who oppose it to panic and change their position, and every reason why they should stand firm in the face of these Article 50 threats. – Martin Howe QC

The Express: Brexit no deal may prove to be the best deal of all

Mar 03, 2019

The publication of the Government’s No Deal Impact Assessment this week has predictably set the project fear doom-mongers off again. – Professor David Paton

The Sun: If May delivers on Brexit she will win back Conservative MPs’ loyalty, if she fails they’ll know who to blame

Mar 03, 2019

If she delivers Brexit on time and in full, they will find their home in the Conservatives – the only Party genuinely committed to honouring the result of the 2016 referendum and securing a prosperous, independent future. But if she does not – if she fudges, delays or reneges – then they will know exactly who to blame. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

BrexitCentral: A permanent UK-EU customs union would create worse problems that those it would supposedly solve

Feb 28, 2019

Perhaps most importantly, MPs need to realise that, in practice, ‘No Deal’ has already been taken off the table due to the large number of side deals that have already been agreed with the EU and other countries. These cover areas such as citizens’ rights, cross-border transport within the EU, mutual recognition on standards with the US, a number of financial services and continued free trade with important partners such as Switzerland. – Professor David Paton

The Telegraph: Britain’s economy is set to boom and become the largest in Europe – because of Brexit

Feb 28, 2019

Since 2016, our political leaders have been largely silent on the opportunities provided by Brexit. Buoyed by the world’s confidence in Britain, we must now show confidence in our decision to leave and in ourselves. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: Lawyers – look at the solutions, not the obstacles

Feb 26, 2019

The reality is the auto-responses of many naysayers increasingly ring hollow. The UK can achieve a smooth Brexit. It is for the lawyers, the able, imaginative lawyers for which the UK is renowned and respected the world over, to assist in that task. – Barnabas Reynolds

The Telegraph: Delaying Brexit risks a surge in right-wing extremism, warns Jacob Rees-Mogg

Feb 26, 2019

“I think this country has been very fortunate in not having extremism – throughout our history we’ve avoided the very far left and the very far right and I think that has been good for us as a nation but I think that if you decide that 17.4 m people voting is insignificant and should be overridden by MPs, then you create the atmosphere for extremism.” – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Malthouse is the only show in town

Feb 25, 2019

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP on R4’s Today Programme.

The Telegraph: Clear of Brexit’s teething troubles, 2020 could be a boom year for the UK

Feb 24, 2019

It will be recognised that although there have been some short-term disruptions, the sky hasn’t fallen in. And the uncertainty that has bedevilled economic activity will have dissipated. Investment that has been postponed will start to come on stream. The upshot is that 2020 may well be a year of strong growth for the UK even if growth of the world is slowing. We could readily be the fastest growing economy in the G7. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Michael Gove’s new brand of middle-class protectionism is bad news for Brexit

Feb 19, 2019

Consumers, especially poor consumers, stand to benefit hugely from reduced protection and from the expanded choice of cheaper foods that more tolerant food standards would bring; also, from eliminating bans on the use of newer technologies, especially bio-technology, in farming. – Professor Patrick Minford

John Longworth: Brexit will allow us to boost the economy

Feb 19, 2019

John Longworth explains that Brexit did not drive the Honda decision.

The Telegraph: Taxing dilemma for Germany as the eurozone shows signs of slowing

Feb 17, 2019

An ancient Chinese curse is to wish for somebody to live in “interesting times”. If nothing else, developments in the eurozone promise to be decidedly interesting – in the Chinese sense. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Only a treaty-level clause which confers an unconditional right on the UK to exit the backstop would work

Feb 16, 2019

The current backstop would either lead to Northern Ireland being carved off from Great Britain and being ruled effectively as an annex of a foreign state, or the whole of the UK having its freedom to conduct an international trade policy destroyed. – Martin Howe QC

CityAM: Elementary, my dear: Predicting Brexit in the style of Sherlock Holmes

Feb 14, 2019

Those trying to reverse the referendum are attempting to steal the Brexit tent from 17.4m people. Holmes’ elementary principle shows how impossible that is. – Professor Graeme Leach

The Telegraph: Does Olly Robbins’s hotel bar blunder hint at an anti-Brexit conspiracy?

Feb 13, 2019

If this is indeed what will happen, it not only removes any negotiating leverage for the UK by encouraging the EU not to compromise on anything, but also serves the purpose of threatening MPs and the country with a “never never” exit from the EU. – John Longworth

The Telegraph: Benefits of Free Trade

Feb 13, 2019

Professor Patrick Minford’s letter to the Telegraph.

The Telegraph: Free of the EU’s over-wrought regulations, our country can thrive

Feb 10, 2019

Effective economic governance is also critical to growth here. In the Eighties Mrs Thatcher’s governments embarked upon a series of radical domestic reforms, including privatisation, control of the unions, reductions in some key tax rates – and deregulation. The result was that the UK went from being one of the worst performing countries in Europe to one of the best. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: The eurozone is just one crisis away from a hell of its own

Feb 10, 2019

As these Brexit negotiations drag on, it’s worth remembering one fundamental truth. The eurozone is an unsustainable construct – just one bad election, one geopolitical event, one sovereign downgrade, one eurozone bond crisis away from a “hell” of its own. That’s why the UK’s negotiating position is so much stronger than the mainstream narrative suggests. – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: Why seeking an extension to Article 50 would be a terrible idea

Feb 09, 2019

By asking for a favour when up against the clock, the UK would once again put itself in a very weak negotiating position, where it would be subject to being blackmailed for further concessions. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: Our Malthouse Compromise is the only solution that will satisfy both the public and MPs

Feb 08, 2019

Instead, the Prime Minister has a strong hand to play – one given to her by Parliament in the recent vote. She should present the EU with clear, practical, alternative arrangements to the Backstop. Such arrangements are in the Malthouse Compromise, agreed by both Remainer and Leavers. – Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP and Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: If Remainers like free trade with the EU, why not with rest of the world?

Feb 07, 2019

If importing goods tariff-free from the EU is economically beneficial, then so is importing goods from the rest of the world. If tariffs are not significant, as Remainers claim, then reducing them brings no significant loss of bargaining power in future trade deals. Politics should not blind anti-Brexiteers to the logic of their own arguments. – Ryan Bourne

The Sun: Donald Tusk’s ‘special place in hell for Brexiteers’ comment proves exactly why we need to leave the EU

Feb 06, 2019

Donald Tusk’s claim that there is a “special place in hell” for Brexiteers who wanted to quit the bloc “without a plan” shows exactly why the British people rejected the EU in the first place. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Telegraph: No Mr Tusk, ‘hell’ is being trapped in the wretched European Union

Feb 06, 2019

So, as we leave in March for a new world of freedom and trade based on WTO (the normal form of trade in the world) we will look forward to our own version of heaven, of low taxes, low tariffs, global trade and look over our shoulder upon the old world. – John Longworth

TalkRadio: No-deal Brexit would be ‘very good for the many, not the few’

Feb 06, 2019

“It is Parliament vs the people. On the ballot paper it said Remain or Leave, it said nothing about a deal. The people voted to leave the European Union and that is what we should. We are very much concentrating on leaving on WTO terms.” – John Longworth

Politeia: The Withdrawal Agreement, State Aid and UK Industry: How to Protect UK Competitiveness

Feb 05, 2019

After Parliament’s rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement, the UK’s focus has been on how to exit the Backstop. But other changes are also needed to ensure that the UK is treated fairly under the proposed Treaty. This is especially the case for State aid policy after Brexit – say two distinguished lawyers, Barnabas Reynolds and James Webber.

BrexitCentral: The pro-EU establishment are sadly continuing to dismiss the ‘little people’

Feb 05, 2019

Family-owned or -run businesses make up the vast majority of the UK economy from sole traders to large companies. They trade around the world and domestically. They are the backbone of the economy. They are the innovators and risk takers. They are the future. Watch out establishment, they don’t believe in you anymore. – John Longworth

BrexitCentral: The UK-EU free trade agreement could be the most advanced and liberalising such deal ever

Feb 05, 2019

The Free Trade Agreement between the UK and the EU promises to be the most comprehensive in scope and depth ever developed, making it a firm foundation for the future economic relationship with our nearest neighbours. My hope is that business engages positively in this important debate about our future prosperity. – Sir Rocco Forte

The Express: The PM has a route to a real Brexit but must avoid any customs union

Feb 05, 2019

The Prime Minister must not use Tuesday’s vote to keep us in the Customs Union or a disguised variation thereof, as the Labour leadership suggests. This would be a clear betrayal of the referendum result, tying the UK to EU trade policy with potentially no say in its direction, and a contradiction of the 2017 Conservative Manifesto. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Express: Jacob Rees-Mogg explains what will happen if Theresa May fails to secure EU concessions

Feb 05, 2019

“I think delay is a proxy for stopping and that is being proposed by people who never liked Brexit in the first place and are seeking to prevent it taking place. So delay is code for stopping and all your listeners should be aware of that.” – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Professor Patrick Minford discusses the economic benefits of Brexit

Feb 04, 2019

The interview followed his talk in Munich to the annual conference of the Institute for Economic Research.

RetailWeek: Why retailers should embrace Brexit

Feb 04, 2019

EU products will have the same standards as the UK the day after Brexit, just as they did the day before. We can unilaterally adopt recognition of those standards. When it comes to checking of electronic paperwork, there is already a border between the UK and the EU – a border for people (we are not in the Schengen Zone), for VAT, for corporation tax, currency and excise. – John Longworth

The Telegraph: Crisis brewing in Italy will lead to default, exit from the euro, or both

Feb 04, 2019

Yet, while Remainers try to find ways of keeping the UK in the EU, the ties that bind the union to one of its founder members and erstwhile keenest supporters are fraying. As and when Italy finally blows up this will cause both a banking crisis that will shake the European economy and a political crisis that will rock the EU to its foundations. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Backstop: The politics and economics of Brexit’s most important, but most eminently solvable, riddle

Feb 02, 2019

There is no reason at all that the same invisible Irish land border coping with differing taxes cannot now handle minor post-Brexit differences in trading standards. Such variations, of course, would be even more marginal if the UK and EU got beyond this confected backstop nonsense and finally negotiated a free-trade agreement. – Liam Halligan

Briefings for Brexit: Remainers have given the EU the status of a religious cult

Feb 02, 2019

Every aspect of the European Union is failing, yet Remainers are in denial. Like supporters of a bad religion, they use fear and coercion to pressurise Leavers into changing their mind. – Professor David Blake

The Telegraph: A short extension to the timetable to deliver Brexit is not impossible

Feb 01, 2019

Attempts to postpone the date of departure from the European Union beyond March 29 are little more than ploys to keep the United Kingdom as a member state in spite of the referendum and subsequent Acts of Parliament. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Briefings for Brexit: The European Commission is slowly strangulating Europe

Feb 01, 2019

The European Union is run by unelected power-hungry bureaucrats who have no interest in democracy but a great deal of interest in increasing and consolidating their power by issuing endless reams of red tape.  This is stifling innovation and slowly strangulating Europe. But these bureaucrats do not give a damn. – Professor David Blake

Sky News: If the backstop is not removed there will be no agreement

Jan 31, 2019

Rt Hon David Jones MP on Sky News.

CityAM: The UK is trying to leave the European club – in Italy, the club is on fire

Jan 31, 2019

In the UK, we are debating how to leave the golf club. In Italy, the golf club is likely to be swamped by an approaching tsunami. There may not be a golf club left to be a member of. Project fear tries to scare us into believing that the UK can’t function outside the EU. But project reality is that the EU might not function full stop, such is the scale of the threat. – Professor Graeme Leach

Edgar Miller on CNN

Jan 30, 2019

Edgar Miller discusses the benefits of Brexit.

BBC News: “She has got to go back and has got to totally renegotiate the backstop”

Jan 30, 2019

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP on BBC News.

Politeia: Flawed in law, flawed for the UK’s financial sector

Jan 29, 2019

So far, the EU’s wishes have been addressed almost entirely to the exclusion of the UK’s, leading to Parliament’s unequivocal rejection of the proposed Agreement. – Barnabas Reynolds

The Telegraph: Equivalence is the common sense solution to Brexit

Jan 29, 2019

The good news is there is a silver bullet that blasts away these shortcomings and removes the need for a transition. This is based on the existing EU law concept of equivalence, which is already used by the EU for its financial services trade with the US, Singapore, Mexico and elsewhere. – Barnabas Reynolds

CityAM: How financial services firms can weather Brexit

Jan 28, 2019

Given the relevant UK and EU laws are currently the same, moves can be made to implement a legal mechanism on Brexit, emanating from EU law, that achieves the outcome both parties have agreed they want – in November’s political declaration. – Barnabas Reynolds

The Express: Time for Labour to deliver the Brexit people demand

Jan 27, 2019

This week saw the 95th anniversary of Ramsay MacDonald forming the first Labour Government. If it wants to form another, it must not indulge in unprecedented procedural chicanery. It must rise above Parliamentary gamesmanship and deliver the Brexit its electors continue to demand. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: Delaying Brexit would open up a new can of worms for our economy

Jan 27, 2019

They point out that it is possible, if both the UK and EU agree, for us to carry on trading with each other without imposing tariffs while an FTA is negotiated. Under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules this is permitted by Article 24 of the GATT Treaty. According to the legal expert Martin Howe QC, we can even achieve this result by operating a provisional or temporary FTA involving zero tariffs. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Trump and Xi both benefit from a trade-off

Jan 27, 2019

Trump’s strategy seems to be helping his blue-collar “political base”. US steel producers have been hiring steadily, adding capacity since the president took office. But American firms using steel and aluminium – or producing any of the thousands of goods subject to retaliatory Chinese tariffs – are suffering. – Liam Halligan

The Express: EU will blink first! Brussels on brink of ‘caving in’ over Brexit deal

Jan 27, 2019

Prof Minford said if the UK leaves the EU with a reworked deal after a transition period ending in December 2020, the economy should get an annual boost of seven per cent a year. On current GDP levels that would be worth about £140billion each year for the UK and could help revolutionise healthcare and public services.

Sky News: There is no requirement under WTO law for physical checks at borders

Jan 24, 2019

Martin Howe QC explains how the WTO does not mean a hard border in Ireland.

David Jones explains why the Airbus comments about the negative effects of No Deal are specious

Jan 24, 2019

Rt Hon David Jones MP on BBC’s Today programme.

Jacob Rees-Mogg addressing The Bruges Group

Jan 23, 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP speaking on 23rd January.

BrexitCentral: There is a Brexit Plan B built like a springboard which the UK and EU both ought to embrace

Jan 21, 2019

Many Brexiteers would like to see the UK leave without a deal, on WTO terms – a clean Brexit. After all, this is what was on the referendum ballot paper: it said Leave, it said nothing about a deal and David Cameron was explicit that there would be no further deals beyond his. – John Longworth

Owen Paterson: Is the PM aware of how Article 24 of GATT can allay fears of high tariffs?

Jan 21, 2019

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP questions the PM following her statement.

David Jones: The Backstop is, perhaps, the greatest impediment to a negotiated Brexit

Jan 21, 2019

Rt Hon David Jones MP questions the PM about her discussions with the RoI government.

The Telegraph: The 10 questions Remainers need to answer before stopping a no-deal Brexit

Jan 21, 2019

But “no deal” is a misnomer. It is, in reality, the “multi-deal” option. For if we leave the EU “without a deal”, all this means is that we haven’t reached an overarching agreement with the EU of the sort that Theresa May has proposed. It does not mean that there cannot be agreements on anything. Indeed, there have already been a series of mini-agreements. And as soon as the parliamentary fog clears – whenever that might be – there can be many more. – Roger Bootle

LBC: All EU Citizens Should Be Allowed To Stay In The UK

Jan 21, 2019

“But we are saying to people who have been living here legally, who have had all the right papers to be here, that they must have a new paper for which they must pay. They should have it free in the same way that birth certificates are free.” – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Mail on Sunday: Back Theresa May rather than lose Brexit

Jan 20, 2019

Here I must stress that reports I have gone soggy on Brexit are, as they say, exaggerated to the point of untruth. If I had to choose between no deal and Mrs May’s original accord, I would have no hesitation of opting for no-deal Brexit but even Mrs May’s deal would be better than not leaving at all. Even at this very late stage, I believe that with commitment and effort we can avoid such a choice. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Express: Hold your nerve May and Australia will be open for free trade

Jan 20, 2019

Surely, no-one on this planet thought leaving the EU meant leaving the political institutions – the European Council, the Parliament, the Commission, the Court of Justice and so on – but staying in the economic arrangements – like the customs union and the single market. – Alexander Downer

The Telegraph: Remainers have scuppered a ‘clean Brexit’

Jan 19, 2019

The UK economy has held up well, despite endless doom-mongering from the overwhelmingly anti-Brexit media class. British firms raised by far the most venture capital in the EU last year – over 70pc more than France or Germany. The UK has just been voted the world’s best place to do business by Forbes magazine. The catastrophist Remainers are woefully out of touch. – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: Brexit is a debate about sovereignty or subordination on which compromise is impossible

Jan 18, 2019

“There can be no democratic choice against European treaties,” said Jean-Claude Juncker. National sovereignty is a thing of the past in this globalised  world. – Andrea Hossó

TalkRadio: The political establishment ‘will do anything they can to frustrate’ Brexit

Jan 18, 2019

“The latest manifestation is this hysterical campaign against no deal. It is not optimal to go to World Trade terms but 98% of world trade is done under those rules.” – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: Multinationals may seek to preserve the status quo after Brexit but Britain’s small businesses want change

Jan 18, 2019

Businesses are not institutions to be preserved, our prosperity lies in innovation and change, not being tied to a chronically protectionist and failing zone which is the EU. Nor is it tied to rent-seeking, protectionist and anti-competitive multinationals. – John Longworth

BBC News: A Free Trade Agreement is optimal but the caricaturing of No Deal has to stop

Jan 17, 2019

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP has a powerful interview with BBC News

The Huffington Post: Our Establishment Is Selling Out The Country For A Brexit Deal Britain Does Not Need

Jan 17, 2019

But even if the Remainers win and we stay in the EU, its absurdity and pernicious toxicity will become increasingly apparent. The genie is out of the bottle, Pandora’s box is open. The people of our country, old and young, are alive to the EU/establishment game and are watching. The game is up. – John Longworth

The Sun: Forget the Remainers’ forecasts of economic disaster – we don’t need a trade deal to trade

Jan 16, 2019

Yes, trade deals can be good, but you do not need them in order to trade. Currently we do not have a trade deal with the United States. Yet the US is our biggest single trading partner. Go figure! – Roger Bootle

Owen Paterson: we should increase WTO preparations and in parallel negotiate a Free Trade Agreement

Jan 16, 2019

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP discussing the need to reopen serious discussions about a wide-ranging, zero-tariff Free Trade Agreement and, in parallel, make it very clear that we are stepping up preparations for World Trade terms.

The Telegraph: Thanks to Mrs May’s bungling of Brexit, divisions over trade could split the Tories in two

Jan 16, 2019

May, though, engineered a half-in-half-out Brexit that would leave Britain indefinitely ensnared by EU diktat, with no say over future changes. She shows few signs of repudiating this wrong-headed vision in full. If anything, the risk is that she will do a deal with Labour that will tie the UK to the customs union permanently. – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: A Withdrawal Deal is achievable in principle and executable in practice before Brexit

Jan 15, 2019

In practice, the EU’s artificial mantra that no trade deal can be negotiated until the UK is a third country can be circumvented for services by a mutual recognition agreement rather than a free trade agreement. – Barnabas Reynolds

The Telegraph: Is trading under WTO terms after Brexit a pipe dream or a panacea?

Jan 15, 2019

Professor Patrick Minford takes on Sir Vince Cable.

The Telegraph: The letters from Tusk and Juncker have done nothing to improve Mrs May’s deal

Jan 14, 2019

Nothing in these letters can affect that advice. Regrettably, our Prime Minister is not engaged in a process of negotiating changes to her deal in the UK’s interest. She is only seeking to change the perception of it without changing the substance. – Martin Howe QC

CapX: No deal is a necessary step to securing free trade for Britain

Jan 14, 2019

So leaving the EU on WTO terms can be the route to a regime of free trade. This would bring widespread economic benefits. Securing it should be our over-riding objective. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: In a Parliament full of Remainers, Brexit is now in the gift of Jeremy Corbyn

Jan 14, 2019

In short, not properly leaving would mean Labour will be unelectable and even if they were, they would be unable to implement their policies because of the anti democratic strictures of the EU. – John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Leaving the EU with No Deal is not a step into a legal vacuum

Jan 13, 2019

In an ideal world, we would progress forward to a full Free Trade Agreement with the EU. But there is no need to rush it – our trade relations with the EU will operate just fine under WTO rules for as long as necessary. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: Germany flirts with recession, but Italy and France will bear the brunt

Jan 13, 2019

If these pressures start to mount in then there could be an early warning of political repercussions to come in May’s elections for the European Parliament, with Eurosceptic parties putting up a good performance. Of course, if all goes according to plan, by that stage the UK will be out of the EU. – Roger Bootle

ConHome: No Deal would put the people back in control

Jan 13, 2019

The optimal Brexit outcome remains a wide-ranging, zero-tariff Free Trade Agreement as offered repeatedly by Donald Tusk.  Such a deal can still be negotiated, but not by the end of March.  Having wasted so much time on the Withdrawal Agreement, leaving on WTO terms is now the only way to break free fully and build a more prosperous, independent future. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Sun: Brits have nothing to fear from Brexit but leaving with a deal is unquestionably best

Jan 12, 2019

Leaving the EU is not about dislike of our European neighbours, it is about escaping from a failed economic model and reasserting democratic control over the nation’s future.  It makes sense to depart in a way that maintains as much friendship as possible. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

BrexitCentral: The supposed ‘cliff edge’ of leaving the EU on WTO terms is another Millennium Bug

Jan 12, 2019

This alleged short-term disruption is deemed to be so apocalyptic that it is considered not even worth thinking about if there might be a long-term upside. Thus, the cacophony about the short-term has shouted down any fundamental thought about the inherent benefits of No Deal. – Edgar Miller

The Express: We must control immigration and its costs both economic and social

Jan 12, 2019

Economists for Free Trade (EFT) research has shown that it is uncontrolled, unskilled migration that imposes costs on the UK’s public purse, as well as on local communities.  – Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith and Neil Mackinnon

The Telegraph: May’s deal won’t help a struggling sterling

Jan 12, 2019

Given where we now are, “no deal” in fact provides the maximum possible certainty. Moving to WTO rules is as unambiguous as this bungled Brexit can now be. In my view, once it’s clear WTO rules are fine, and there’s no meltdown, leaving on these terms would then unlock considerable investment, before the UK signs a single new international trade deal. – Liam Halligan

Get Britain Out: No Deal: Not an End, But a New Beginning

Jan 11, 2019

Leaving the EU on such terms [WTO] will not be crashing out; it will be soaring high. And all the Government needs is sufficient will and courage to do nothing more than what was voted for by the British people in 2016. – Rt Hon David Jones MP

Briefings for Brexit: The City of London is strong enough to go it alone post-Brexit

Jan 11, 2019

It should never accept being a rule taker from Brussels where they haven’t got a clue about how to run a financial system. – Professor David Blake

The Telegraph: The EU’s crowing about Mrs May’s Brexit deal shows why my fellow MPs must reject it

Jan 10, 2019

An FTA clearly remains the optimal outcome. But having wasted so much time on the Withdrawal Agreement, our best chance of ever negotiating this is by preparing to leave on WTO terms. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Express: No deal Brexit is ‘most realistic scenario’ says former Brexit minister

Jan 10, 2019

Rt Hon David Jones MP detailed why a no deal Brexit is currently the “most likely option”, while revealing that there are “already arrangements in place”.

Policy Exchange: 20 years of the euro

Jan 09, 2019

It should probably be dissolved in an orderly manner. Yet the political will to maintain this economic misadventure is huge. – Warwick Lightfoot

The Sun: No Deal Brexit is the best deal for Britain as we can lead the world without fear — but Project Fear still keep bombarding us with disaster

Jan 08, 2019

Britain has always been a world leader. We should not doubt that we always will be. A No Deal Brexit is the only way of ending the uncertainty and allowing us to get on with our lives as a successful, independent nation. – Sir Rocco Forte

The Express: Leave with no deal Theresa! Top Brexit groups urge May to abandon ‘shoddy’ Brexit deal

Jan 08, 2019

Britain’s “best and only chance” of reaping the rewards of quitting the European Union is to leave without a deal, 17 leading Brexit groups have told Theresa May.

Owen Paterson: We need to rapidly move to a FTA and, in parallel, ramp up WTO preparations

Jan 08, 2019

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP’s appearance on Good Morning Britain

BrexitCentral: When it comes to the EU, the Treasury has never been impartial and its predictions cannot be trusted

Jan 07, 2019

All of us have paid, and are still paying, a high price for the Treasury’s failure to conduct and publish impartial analyses of the impact of EU membership on the UK economy over the preceding forty-plus years in accordance with our image of them, and with their own core values and rule books. – Michael Burrage

The Telegraph: No matter how many times the Prime Minister puts her deal to the Commons, the result will be the same

Jan 07, 2019

The problems with the Agreement have not changed one iota. The potentially endless Customs Union, the separation between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and the risk of paying £39 billion for nothing are all still there. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Times: No-deal provides certainty and saves billions for Britain

Jan 07, 2019

It is highly likely that the downsides of a clean break in March are being exaggerated, the upsides underestimated. – Viscount Ridley

The Telegraph: Brexit warnings echo the nonsense uttered over the euro 20 years ago

Jan 06, 2019

And there seems to be a blatant disregard of the facts. Contrary to what the Remainers blithely assume, the EU’s economic performance compared with other developed countries has been poor. This is for a good reason. The EU makes bad decisions. – Roger Bootle

The Express: You can’t scare us! Brexiteers are made of sterner stuff

Jan 06, 2019

This never seemed likely and in my own case was wishful thinking, the backstop on its own is an intolerable failure of the negotiations. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Telegraph: Britain must not be a ‘Singapore of north’

Jan 05, 2019

Brexit was never about taking the UK economy decisively in one direction or the other. The coalition to leave was broad, ranging from libertarian small-state free-marketeers all the way through to trade unionists, diehard socialists and others wanting government to spend far more. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: Sorry Mr Gove, but Theresa May’s Brexit deal traps Britain in the EU’s failing museum of farming

Jan 03, 2019

The Withdrawal Agreement would forfeit the UK’s regulatory independence and see it yoked to the EU’s extreme technological risk aversion. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: If it comes to a crunch, it will be in Europe

Dec 29, 2018

For my money, when it comes to sparking a serious 2019 share price correction, the eurozone remains the most likely culprit. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: 2018 could have been worse but beware the gathering storm

Dec 29, 2018

With 2018 drawing to a close, it is appropriate to assess the year just past. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Italy is on a collision course with the EU over its budget deficit

Dec 24, 2018

As Remainers try to keep us in as close a relationship with the EU as possible, apparently led by the Prime Minister, ironically a crisis is brewing in Italy that could yet end up with that country leaving the euro. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Brexit backsliders are flirting with disaster

Dec 22, 2018

Amber Rudd is by no means the only senior politician who, having spouted pious claims of “absolute respect” for the UK’s Brexit vote, has since changed their tune. But by pointing last week to a “plausible case” for “a second referendum”, she became the first cabinet minister to cross that rhetorical and moral Rubicon. – Liam Halligan

City AM: Dear Santa, all we want for Christmas is more freedom – sincerely, the economy

Dec 20, 2018

What does the economy want for Christmas? The answer is what it always wants, but rarely gets: more economic freedom. – Professor Graeme Leach

Briefings for Brexit: Every claim made by Theresa May and her rebuttal unit is false

Dec 19, 2018

Theresa May is the most dangerously naïve Prime Minister ever to govern this country. – Professor David Blake

The Huffington Post: With 100 Days To Brexit, No-Deal Is Looking Like The Best Outcome – Bring It On

Dec 19, 2018

A no-deal exit would give the government a one-off £39billion to invest in tax cuts and other stimulus for the U.K. economy plus the ongoing net contribution saving of in excess of £11billion. – John Longworth

The Express: Rees-Mogg warns EU ‘offensive’ treatment of UK at summit very telling about Brexit impasse

Dec 17, 2018

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “I think the treatment of the Prime Minister yesterday was disgraceful and offensive to the United Kingdom because the Prime Minister is representing the whole nation as head of Government.

The Telegraph: How trade wars could easily get out of control

Dec 16, 2018

Contrary to first impressions, the scale of the trade conflict so far has been fairly small. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Drop backstop for a free-trade agreement

Dec 15, 2018

In reality, this “backstop” issue has been cooked up by Dublin and Brussels to derail Brexit and keep the UK in the customs union. – Liam Halligan

The Express: UK has ‘no choice’ over Brexit backstop – ‘EU would have us over a barrel’

Dec 15, 2018

Ministers have misrepresented the consequences of Theresa May’s Brexit deal and despite claims the UK has a “choice” over escaping the much-maligned Irish backstop, the only certain way to avoid it is to reject her terms, a leading barrister has warned.

Jacob Rees-Mogg speech at Leave Means Leave’s Save Brexit rally

Dec 14, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP speaking out about the positives of Brexit.

Briefings for Brexit: Why Theresa May should ditch her Withdrawal Agreement and opt for a CETA style FTA

Dec 14, 2018

All sides found the Northern Ireland backstop arrangement in the Withdrawal Agreement repugnant. The Prime Minister is now seeking legal assurances on that but we need a complete rewording of it. – Rt Hon David Jones MP

BBC: The Irish Backstop is like debtors prison

Dec 13, 2018

Liam Halligan was appearing on Politics Live

BBC: Owen Paterson – the Chancellor should go

Dec 13, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP calls for Chancellor to go over his “extremist” comments

Talkradio: “I wouldn’t worry what the Chancellor says because Treasury forecasts are always wrong.”

Dec 13, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP dismisses the Chancellor and his predictions.

The Express: ‘She’s lost her moral authority’ – Rees-Mogg attacks Theresa May after confidence vote

Dec 13, 2018

Theresa May has “lost her moral and political authority” after 117 Conservative MPs voted against the Prime Minister’s Tory Party leadership in a confidence motion, according to leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The Telegraph: The men in grey need to tell May to go, says Rees-Mogg

Dec 12, 2018

Mr Rees-Mogg said that it is time for the “men in grey suits” in the Cabinet – a reference to the ousting of Margaret Thatcher – to tell the Prime Minister to go.

BBC News: This is a terrible result for the PM

Dec 12, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP explains why the PM should go whilst on the BBC’s special leadership challenge programme.

The Sun: Carrying on in a disaster can be virtue but Theresa May must end this Carry On farce and go

Dec 12, 2018

There is a virtue in a stiff upper lip and stoically bearing failure, but after a certain point it becomes absurd and humiliating. This, alas, is the position the Government and the Prime Minister have now reached. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Express: ‘Let’s install a dictatorship!’ Rees-Mogg brutally slaps down Brexit delay proposal

Dec 12, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP attacks calls for a delay to Brexit whilst on Sky News

BrexitCentral: We must intensify plans for trading on WTO terms and then negotiate a UK-EU trade deal on those sure foundations

Dec 11, 2018

Pulling the vote on its Withdrawal Agreement at the eleventh hour, the Government acknowledged what we already knew: the Backstop proposal is completely unacceptable and the Agreement stood no chance of winning the support of Parliament. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: Why I lost faith in Theresa May

Dec 11, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP’s no-confidence letter

Jacob Rees-Mogg: The PM’s period in office should come to an end

Dec 11, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP on Sky News

The Spectator: No deal need not be a disaster

Dec 11, 2018

Most of the world trade in the main according to WTO rules. – Alexander Downer

The Telegraph: The Irish backstop can be solved – so Brexit can focus on trade

Dec 10, 2018

By pulling the vote at the 11th hour, the Government has acknowledged that the backstop proposal is completely unacceptable. But rather than simply seeking “reassurances” on this issue, the Government needs to consider more boldly possible alternative arrangements that might command Parliament’s support. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: Things may look bad for Britain, but the EU faces far greater turmoil

Dec 10, 2018

In reality, despite all the hyperbole surrounding it, a no-deal Brexit, that is a Brexit that involves us trading with the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, amounts to a real Brexit. Unlike Mrs May’s “deal”, it offers the opportunity to realise the economic benefits of leaving the EU. – Roger Bootle

BrexitCentral: Exposed: the legal myths being promoted about the backstop and the Withdrawal Agreement

Dec 09, 2018

The Attorney General’s advice to the Cabinet explained the position with stark clarity. If the UK ratifies the Withdrawal Agreement, we cannot prevent the backstop coming into force, nor escape from it once it is in force, except with the agreement of the EU – and if there is a breakdown in negotiations then it will “endure indefinitely” with no legal route of escape. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: Why Norway-plus is duplicitous and ill-judged

Dec 09, 2018

An insidious, deeply anti-democratic and profoundly dishonest campaign against a clean Brexit – leaving under WTO rules, then striking a Canada-style free-trade agreement – is now in full swing. – Liam Halligan

Professor David Blake: Is Theresa May under the coercive control of the European Union?

Dec 09, 2018

Evan Stark defined coercive control as a pattern of behaviour which seeks to take away an individual’s liberty and to strip away their sense of self. The Prime Minister’s Brexit negotiations have shown that she has been “subjected to a pattern of domination that includes tactics to isolate, degrade, exploit and control”. – Professor David Blake

The Mail: Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd could steer us away from the rocks

Dec 08, 2018

[The Prime Minister] has not succeeded in the face of her greatest challenge: achieving a proper Brexit deal which honours the 2016 referendum result. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Telegraph: The best route to certainty and prosperity is to reject May’s deal and go for a clean Brexit

Dec 07, 2018

Regarding UK-EU trade, the likely immediate ‘no deal’ position is that it will continue unchanged, as allowed by mutual agreement under WTO Article 24. – Dr John Whittaker

The Telegraph: If Brexit forecasters looked at the EU, their findings would be grim indeed

Dec 06, 2018

The next crisis will find the eurozone with deep structural problems, record indebtedness, banks still burdened with legacy bad loans, the ECB short of tools to mitigate the effect, and a political viper’s nest of clashing interests and rebelling “flyover country”. – Andrea Hossó

BrexitCentral: Why the Government’s Brexit deal is bad for British financial services

Dec 05, 2018

Financial institutions have been reviewing their operating models and by now most have already implemented the changes they will need in the event of “no-deal”. Estimates of job losses have been drastically revised down as banks have dealt with the realities. – Daniel Hodson

Owen Paterson describes the PM’s deal as ghastly

Dec 05, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP attacks the PM’s proposed deal on Politics Live.

Comment Central: May’s Brexit Rebuttal Propaganda Unit

Dec 04, 2018

The Withdrawal Agreement is a very bad deal for the UK. It was drafted by European Commission civil servants and it appears that the only role of UK “negotiators” was to raise objections to the proposed text in the different drafts. – Professor David Blake

Owen Paterson: this deal will grievously damage our institutions

Dec 04, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP sets out why Theresa May’s deal is not the way forward.

BBC HARDtalk: Owen Paterson

Dec 04, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP appears on BBC’s HARDtalk programme

Roger Bootle disagrees with the government’s Brexit analysis and calls for transparency of modelling

Dec 03, 2018

Roger Bootle giving evidence to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee.

BrexitCentral: Why we should ignore the Treasury and Bank of England’s latest attempts to frighten us out of Brexit

Dec 02, 2018

The Treasury and Bank of England are at it once again, trying to terrify us into abandoning Brexit. – Professor Patrick Minford

The Telegraph: Establishment economists’ gloomy Brexit forecasts have no credibility

Dec 02, 2018

How much credibility should be attached to these forecasts? None. They have been prepared by people with both an agenda and an appalling track record of getting the big issues wrong. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Project Fear is back – and bigger than ever

Dec 02, 2018

The biggest annual GDP drop in modern history was in 2009, amid a worldwide financial crisis and the worst global slump since the Thirties. Yet the Bank now claims, with a straight face, that trading with the 27-member bloc using World Trade Organisation rules, the system covering the bulk of trade across the globe, could see our economy shrink twice as much as in 2009. – Liam Halligan

The Spectator: Ten myths from the ‘no-deal’ Project Fear

Dec 01, 2018

But in case there is any doubt, the idea that a no-deal Brexit would cause a crash of such proportions is nonsense, pure and simple. An eight per cent reduction in GDP in one year is the sort of outcome that might be expected after a major civil war but certainly not from a shift to trading under standard and well-established World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms. – Professor David Paton

BrexitCentral: The EU’s discrimination between EU and non-EU immigrants helped drive me to back Brexit

Dec 01, 2018

I believe that immigrants, especially skilled immigrants, have a lot to offer to the UK economy, especially so for an economy with a high population dependency ratio — one fifth of UK’s population is of retirement age. – Professor Vudayagi Balasubramanyam

The Telegraph: Theresa May and her team are monstrously misleading as they try to pretend Brexit still means Brexit

Nov 30, 2018

What ensued was at best grossly misleading. Over more than 2 decades of analysing economic policy, I’ve never seen a more mischievous document relating to the EU emerge from Whitehall (and that’s saying something). – Professor Graeme Leach

BBC Question Time: Tim Martin supports our work

Nov 29, 2018

He mentions the strength of our research on how Brexit will be a positive outcome for the UK.

BrexitCentral: A riposte to the Project Fear narrative promoted by The Economist

Nov 29, 2018

Theresa May has achieved the remarkable feat of uniting the nation. Leavers and Remainers of all stripes have come together to condemn the Withdrawal Agreement she has negotiated with the EU. – Professor David Paton

The Telegraph: Theresa May’s broken promises and Mark Carney’s wild claims are damaging people’s faith in democracy

Nov 29, 2018

There is a crisis of trust in British institutions that has been made worse by Brexit. Although there has probably never been a golden age when a revered establishment was held in high regard both publicly and privately, the current position is worse than normal and continues to deteriorate. The problem is that people are […]

The Telegraph: This comical attempt to resurrect Project Fear is fooling nobody

Nov 29, 2018

With comical inevitability, the Government’s go-to tactic for selling its Withdrawal Agreement has been to resurrect Project Fear. We have been bombarded with doom-laden predictions of exactly the kind that failed to convince during the referendum. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

BBC News: For Brexiteers today’s numbers need a giant bucket of salt

Nov 28, 2018

Coverage of Rt Hon David Davis MP speaking at our event.

The Express: ‘Stand firm’ Davis warns MPs as ‘apocalyptic’ Brexit Project Fear 2 is unleashed

Nov 28, 2018

Further coverage of our event today.

The Express: The Treasury is about to terrify us with Project Fear 2

Nov 28, 2018

The Treasury has form on these awful forecasts. They said that in the year and half after the referendum the economy would contract by between 0.1 percent and 2.1 percent. In fact it grew by 2.8 percent. Now we have a second Project Fear. – Professor Patrick Minford

BBC News: David Davis attacks ‘flawed’ economic forecasts post-Brexit

Nov 28, 2018

BBC News covers our event with David Davis from earlier today.

BBC News: The new forecasting is laughable

Nov 28, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP dismisses the new government forecasts

The Telegraph: Britain will have a general election if Theresa May’s Brexit deal goes through Parliament

Nov 28, 2018

Coverage of Jacob Rees-Mogg MP’s appearance on Choppers Brexit podcast

David Jones: Despite the Treasury’s prediction of a recession this country is enjoying economic success

Nov 28, 2018

Rt Hon David Jones MP asks the government to release the Treasury’s modelling and underlying assumptions.

The Huffington Post: Rather than try to push through this deal, we urge the Prime Minister to think again

Nov 28, 2018

Senior Conservative MPs, including our adviser Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, have published a letter to the PM calling on her scrap her current deal

Jacob Rees-Mogg: without modelling global trends this Treasury report is worthless

Nov 28, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP attacks the latest Treasury forecast.

BrexitCentral: Was the Withdrawal Agreement drafted by civil servants seeking to make remaining in the EU look attractive?

Nov 28, 2018

The Withdrawal Agreement is so full of absurdities that neither Leavers nor Remainers could possibly accept it. It is not just a bad deal, it is the worst possible deal. – Professor David Blake

The Telegraph: Donald Trump offered Theresa May trade deal four months ago, but she rejected him, former minister claims

Nov 27, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP reveals how Theresa May turned down a trade deal with the USA

BrexitCentral: Uncontrolled freedom of movement has resulted in the poorest subsidising unskilled EU immigrants

Nov 26, 2018

The Prime Minister’s obduracy and unwillingness to consider the “World Trade Option” or “Canada+ deal” is remarkable. But you do not need a trade deal to trade. The EU’s biggest trade partners such as the US and China do not have trade deals with the EU and half our trade is under WTO rules anyway. – Neil Mackinnon

Jacob Rees-Mogg wonders whether the PM has forgotten the House of Lords report from March 2017

Nov 26, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP reminds the PM that we do not need to pay the EU anything.

Owen Paterson: This deal does not deliver

Nov 26, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP sets out how the PM’s deal fails to deliver on the referendum, the Conservative Manifesto, and the Good Friday Agreement.

The Express: Jacob Rees-Mogg defiant against May as he declares he will ‘stand up for our freedom’

Nov 26, 2018

It does not deliver on Brexit and, instead of taking back control, in some areas it will leave the United Kingdom with even less control than it currently has. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Telegraph: US boom hides a brewing storm – and the clouds could extend to Europe

Nov 25, 2018

By contrast, the eurozone will suffer the pain without any beneficial offsetting effects. It is notable that the recent reasonable pickup in eurozone growth is fizzling out. Growth this year is likely to be just under 2pc. If a US slowdown, coinciding with a slowdown in China, produced a slower world economy, never mind a serious downturn, then European growth rates would dip. – Roger Bootle

The Spectator: Martin Howe QC responds to No10’s “rebuttal”

Nov 25, 2018

No 10’s response is just not true. Direct effect and supremacy would continue to apply across the board up to the end of the transition period. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: The ailing eurozone is still hooked on quantitative easing

Nov 25, 2018

It is an axiomatic truth that the EU remains blighted not just by rising populist outrage, but by an ill-designed and deeply dysfunctional monetary union – a union that will lurch back into a fully-blown crisis, which it lacks the fiscal and monetary scope to tackle, when the next global economic downturn hits in 2019 or 2020. – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: John Longworth predicts civil unrest over Theresa May’s Brexit “betrayal”

Nov 24, 2018

John Longworth appears on BrexitCentral’s weekly podcast

The Telegraph: Theresa May an ‘incompetent arch Remainer’ who is bungling Brexit, says former Tory donor

Nov 24, 2018

Britain would be “far better off” leaving on WTO terms. – Sir Rocco Forte

The Telegraph: The EU does not want a deal. This anti-democratic empire wants to crush Brexit

Nov 23, 2018

The hope that during the transitional period the EU will strive to conclude a “deep and special” partnership with the UK is a delusion. The EU does not want an agreement; it wants to thwart Brexit. – Andrea Hossó

The Telegraph: It’s astonishing that Great Britain risks ending up an EU colony after Brexit

Nov 23, 2018

Incredibly, under the latest deal negotiated between the EU and the UK, the UK will initially leave all the voting mechanisms of the EU but remain in its customs union and single market. – Alexander Downer

TalkRadio: Brexit deal is a ‘country mile from what people voted for’

Nov 23, 2018

“It’s a really, really bad deal and I’m absolutely going to vote against it.” – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

BrexitCentral: The Withdrawal Agreement’s Northern Ireland Protocol is neither a “backstop” nor temporary

Nov 22, 2018

It is quite extraordinary for one of the leading trading nations of the world to be a complete rule taker on its trade policy in this way. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: May’s monumental mistake is misinterpreting what Leavers want

Nov 22, 2018

Sadly, the Prime Minister has never truly grasped this. Failure to recognise the referendum was not about “what policy should be” but “who should decide what policy should be” meant that she approached the negotiations as a technocratic conundrum rather than a constitutional imperative. – Ryan Bourne

Ryan Bourne was a founding member of the EFT. He is now working for the Cato Institute.

The Spectator: Leo Varadkar has done his absolute best to damage Brexit

Nov 22, 2018

The Taoiseach leads a minority government — he has an incentive to make the Brits sweat. – Liam Halligan

The Spectator: May’s Brexit deal: the legal verdict

Nov 22, 2018

The PM’s plan isn’t bad – it’s atrocious. – Martin Howe QC

City AM: From Brexit to Brino: The 10 capitulations of Theresa May

Nov 22, 2018

Alas, these 10 capitulations are not far-fetched figments of the imagination. This is precisely the situation we are now in. This Brexit in name only – Brino – is what the government wants us to sign up to. – Professor Graeme Leach

Jacob Rees-Mogg asks why the political declaration gives EU law higher value

Nov 21, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP questions the terms of the political declaration

Owen Paterson calls for a change to the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement

Nov 21, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP calls on the PM to get rid of the backstop arrangements

Belfast News Letter: Fear of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit is like Millennium Bug hysterics

Nov 21, 2018

Like the Millennium Bug, ‘no deal’ lodges itself in the mind as a fear of the unknown. Our current political predicament means that we need to quickly unpack the dangers and provide a rational assessment of the risks. – Alexander Downer and Dr Graham Gudgin

The Telegraph: Joint Letter against Theresa May’s deal

Nov 20, 2018

If they believe in democracy, UK sovereignty and prosperity they should take courage in delivering for the small business owners, the just-about-managing, for the many not the few. They should take back control and vote this deal down.

Jacob Rees-Mogg: There has been a deliberate decision to not deliver Brexit

Nov 20, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP at the launch of “Fact not Friction”.

BrexitCentral: Labour MPs in Leave-backing seats should not be tempted into backing May’s deal

Nov 19, 2018

Now is a moment of truth for Labour MPs. Theresa May’s decision to go back on her manifesto promises and agree a deal which would tie the UK to EU rules indefinitely but without us having a say in setting those rules has presented them with an open goal. – Professor David Paton

The Times: Brexit: No-deal is better than trashing democracy

Nov 19, 2018

Melanie Philips supports a WTO no deal scenario and draws upon EFT research to prove her point.

Huffington Post: May’s Punishing Brexit Deal Makes Her The Worst Prime Minister Of Our Lifetime

Nov 19, 2018

Presiding over the worst deal in history, we now have the worst Prime Minister in my lifetime. That is saying something – I have lived long enough to witness the oleaginous Edward Heath and the demon eyes of Tony Blair. – John Longworth

The Telegraph: Don’t believe the doom merchants – they’ve been wildly wrong before

Nov 18, 2018

The great and the good told us that if we left all hell would break loose. Well, we did leave and all heaven broke loose, with the fastest sustained growth of output in our industrial history. – Roger Bootle

The Telegraph: Laws signed away, hands tied on trade: welcome to Mrs May’s black hole Brexit

Nov 17, 2018

This deal would destroy all the benefits that the freedom of action given by Brexit should give us – forging our own independent trade policy with the growing parts of the world and making our economy more competitive. It would not give us back control of our own laws. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: For all her grit and resolve, the Prime Minister is selling a false prospectus

Nov 17, 2018

The EU’s operational trade deals cover less than 10pc of the global economy. Nations acting alone – like Switzerland, Singapore and South Korea – have secured trade deals with much wider scope and Britain can too. – Liam Halligan

The Express: The PM’s deal would block free trade with the US

Nov 17, 2018

The deal which the Prime Minister unveiled this week is so bad it cannot possibly proceed. It betrays the Conservative manifesto promises to leave the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: Far from a road to ruin, a WTO Brexit is the only way out of Mrs May’s mess

Nov 16, 2018

Compared with the effective surrender of our independence from these EU intrusions that the current government proposals envisage, an exit from the EU under WTO rules promises a strong boost to the economy. – Professor Patrick Minford

The Spectator: Leading Brexiteers in DC to talk US-UK free trade agreement

Nov 16, 2018

The Spectator reports on Owen Paterson, David Davis and Shanker Singham visiting the US to discuss future trade.

RTE: Liam Halligan provides robust support for a Clean Brexit

Nov 16, 2018

Liam Halligan appearing on RTE’s Prime Time.

The Sun: Britain should crash out of the EU without a Brexit deal or stay put — you deserve better than limbo

Nov 16, 2018

The danger of Theresa May’s agreement with the EU is that it runs the risk of locking Britain into the EU regulatory arrangements and denying Britain the opportunity to negotiate trade agreements. – Alexander Downer

PMQs: What the PM says and does no longer match

Nov 15, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP outlines the broken red lines in the PM’s deal

The Telegraph: Businesspeople must shun Mrs May’s disastrous Brexit deal – we can do much better without it

Nov 14, 2018

No deal is undoubtedly now the best deal by far for business, the economy and the only deal that will deliver the Brexit people voted for. Far from being a “cliff edge” or “crashing out”, no deal will deliver global trade on WTO terms. – John Longworth

The Telegraph: If this deal collapses, Britain must ignore the scaremongers and choose No Deal

Nov 14, 2018

First, it is worth pointing out that none of the Treasury forecasts came anywhere near the truth. Since those forecasts, the average British family has remained just as well off and the UK economy has grown 3.9 per cent. There has been no recession, and taxes have been cut and spending increased. – Lord Lamont

The Telegraph: Brexit has become an issue of trust – and this government has lost it

Nov 13, 2018

Regrettably things seem to have broken down. If the rumours are true, the deal will be worse than no deal, with a backstop more onerous than membership of the EU: one that will impose the rules of the single market when we are a third country. We will become an EU colony ruled by our overlords in Brussels. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Sky News: Owen Paterson – Chequers is a practical non-starter

Nov 13, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP discusses Chequers on Sky News

The Telegraph: Poorest ‘worse off due to unskilled EU migrants’

Nov 12, 2018

Impoverished communities where unskilled migrants tend to settle pay more than average for unskilled EU immigration because the costs in public services fall directly on those regions, according to a report published today by Economists for Free Trade (EFT).

LBC: Jacob Rees-Mogg: “I don’t think we can fall into a clean Brexit”

Nov 12, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP speaking about the need for a policy change

Sydney Morning Herald: Brexit debacle might prompt ‘accidental’ leadership change in Britain

Nov 11, 2018

Britain could be heading towards an “accidental” change of Prime Minister and an unceremonious crash out of the European Union, the influential Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned.

The Mail: ‘Let’s leave the EU as friends…by giving them £20billion

Nov 11, 2018

Jo Johnson’s resignation is the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ moment in the Brexit process. He has stated clearly what everybody knows: that the negotiations satisfy no one and that we are hurtling towards making the UK a vassal state. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Times: Simple rules can keep the Irish border open

Nov 11, 2018

No-deal Brexit came a step closer today as Theresa May all-but gave up hope that an agreement can be reached with the EU imminently.

The Telegraph: Theresa May’s Brexit plan would drop the UK into a legal black hole

Nov 10, 2018

First, the existing confusing December 2017 text about the “backstop” is not legally binding.  We still have a brief, golden opportunity to walk away from this mess.  The UK is free under international law to walk away.  – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: Brino will sink with Theresa May, leaving Clean Brexit to win the day

Nov 09, 2018

However it is dressed up, the people of the UK are not fooled by the worst deal in history, they are insulted. The establishment appears to have no idea what they are in for, or do not care. – John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Dyson’s five-year legal battle reveals the crony capitalist corruption at the heart of the EU

Nov 08, 2018

How much more shocking does the crony-capitalist corruption at the heart of Brussels have to get before people rebel against this sort of thing? They did already? Ah yes, Brexit, true Brexit, cannot come soon enough. – Viscount Ridley

The Express: ‘Worst imaginable outcome!’ May warned EU’s ‘best Brexit outcome’ would be hopeless for UK

Nov 08, 2018

Former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer has warned Britain that the European Union’s “best Brexit outcome” would be absolutely “hopeless” for the UK and would not deliver what Britons voted for in June 2016.

BrexitCentral: The Prime Minister must not go for a deal at any cost

Nov 07, 2018

The Prime Minister’s convoluted customs proposals are unnecessary. Existing technical and administrative processes can ensure that a frictionless border is maintained after Brexit – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Sun: Irish Border Storm

Nov 07, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP slams the PM’s customs union plan amid claims it could spark a backbench rebellion.

The Spectator: Britain is ripe for agriculture innovation after Brexit

Nov 06, 2018

If the UK, post-Brexit, looked afresh at available technologies and innovations in which Britain already leads the world, then British farmers and consumers, as early adopters, would reap both economic and environmental benefits. – Viscount Ridley

Treasury Select Committee: Charlie Elphicke presses the Chancellor on publishing Treasury models

Nov 05, 2018

Charlie Elphicke MP keeps up the pressure on the Chancellor at the Treasury Select Committee

The Spectator: Theresa May will pay any price for a Brexit ‘Deal’

Nov 05, 2018

Halloween may be over but fear still stalks the land. As we enter the Brexit endgame, it is apparent that Theresa May plans to terrorise her turbulent troops into supporting the Chequers-style deal she has cooked up with the EU. – Professor Patrick Minford

The Telegraph: Bank’s rate policy hangs in the balance as Brexit date draws near

Nov 04, 2018

Estimating the size of unused supply capacity in the economy is a dodgy enterprise at the best of times. So basing a rate rise on this reasoning would be foolhardy. – Roger Bootle

BBC Today Programme: Owen Paterson discusses solutions to the Irish border question

Nov 03, 2018

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP on BBC’s Today Programme

Sky News: Barney Reynolds discusses enhanced equivalence

Nov 01, 2018

Barney Reynolds talks to Ian King about enhanced equivalence.

The Telegraph: A clean Brexit would give us billions to spend and a chance to cut taxes

Oct 31, 2018

What is the point of Brexit, if we are subordinate to rules written by 27 other countries without our input – and then have to set our tax and spending plans accordingly? – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: Philip Hammond has let spending rip just as the world teeters on the brink of crisis

Oct 30, 2018

The final budget before the UK leaves the European Union was an excellent moment for Philip Hammond to demonstrate to the world, amidst the drumbeat of negativity, that the British economy will thrive outside the EU. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: We must not be enslaved by the OBR’s anti-Brexit instincts

Oct 30, 2018

Why has the OBR been so dreadfully off course and continues in much the same vein? – Professor Patrick Minford

The Spectator: Liam Halligan dispels some of the myths about Brexit

Oct 30, 2018

He was speaking at Spectator LIVE: Brexit – deal or no deal.

The Telegraph: There may not be Budget fireworks but it’s no excuse for a damp squib

Oct 30, 2018

By the spring, for good or ill, we should know what sort of Brexit we are headed for – and when. That may be the time for significant measures. Despite the proximity to November 5, I wouldn’t expect many fireworks. – Roger Bootle

BrexitCentral: In today’s Budget let’s send the world a message that we will thrive outside the EU

Oct 29, 2018

The last Budget before Brexit is a spectacular opportunity to send a message to the world that the British economy will not just survive but thrive outside the EU. – Professor Graeme Leach

The Sunday Express: There’s a better way, Chancellor

Oct 28, 2018

The Chancellor should lighten up and focus on how to make Brexit work. Abandoning Chequers in favour of a Canada-style free trade deal with the EU would be a start. – Professor Patrick Minford

Sky News: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP calls the Treasury a “bastion of Remoanerism”

Oct 28, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP discusses the Treasury’s negative attitude towards Brexit.

Chopper’s Brexit Podcast: Steve Baker MP continues the call for the Chancellor to publish his “workings out”

Oct 26, 2018

Following on from several letters, Steve Baker MP renews calls for the Chancellor to publish his “workings out”

The Telegraph: Letters – Brexit forecasts

Oct 25, 2018

SIR – A number of us wrote to the Chancellor on October 14, requesting publication in full of the Government’s Brexit model. Subsequently, Open Europe published forecasts which, like work from Economists for Free Trade, are more positive than the Treasury analysis.

CityAM: Calls for a second referendum are unwise, undemocratic, and playing with dynamite

Oct 25, 2018

Most importantly, the biggest plebiscite in UK political history cannot just be set aside and ignored. To do so would create 17m disenfranchised voters, convinced that the political class does not represent them. That’s a lot of angry people. – Professor Graeme Leach

The Telegraph: The protectionist car lobby should not be dictating the terms of Brexit to the rest of us

Oct 25, 2018

The Government’s supine attitude to this protectionist, rent-seeking industry lobby played a big part in spawning the Northern Ireland border issue onto which EU negotiators were only too pleased to anchor the Northern Ireland backstop requirement. – Edgar Miller

PMQs: Jacob Rees-Mogg asks if the ECJ will be the final authority on Brexit

Oct 24, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP asks if reports about the ECJ’s role in the negotiations are true

Sky News: Iain Duncan Smith MP, Owen Paterson MP and Lord Trimble discuss their meeting with Michel Barnier

Oct 22, 2018

Rt Hon Ian Duncan Smith MP, Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP & Lord Trimble speaking in Brussels following their meeting with Michel Barnier

The Express: Treasury so keen on wailing-it’s missed true excitement of Brexit

Oct 21, 2018

After the United Kingdom left the exchange range mechanism in 1992 it experienced the longest period of economic growth in its history. This did not happened by chance but because a failed economic policy was dropped and a better one put in its place. – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

BrexitCentral: The Treasury’s policy-based evidence making on Brexit has got to stop

Oct 20, 2018

It is in the gift of the UK Government to set the tariffs it imposes on imports from abroad after we leave the European Union. The Government could immediately agree to reduce these tariffs on imports from all countries in order to benefit UK consumers as EFT have been recommending for some time. For example, it could reduce tariffs by 12%, the same as the devaluation of sterling at the time of the referendum, so that the prices of imported goods are no higher than before the referendum. – Professor David Blake

Politeia: Free Trade in UK-EU Financial Services

Oct 17, 2018

Barnabas Reynolds sets out the legal framework for a treaty based on the principle of mutual recognition, with enhanced equivalence for financial services.

PMQs: In the public interest, will the PM publish, in full, the government’s EU exit modelling?

Oct 17, 2018

Following our letter to the Chancellor, Sheryll Murray MP takes the opportunity to question the PM about publishing the government’s Brexit modelling

The Telegraph: Here are ten reasons – besides the EU’s bullying behaviour – that prove Brexit is right

Oct 17, 2018

The EU’s attitude to the Brexit negotiations more than justifies our decision to leave.  But there are ten much bigger reasons. – Professor David Blake

The Telegraph: EU policy of fudge and delay may work with the UK, but not for Italy

Oct 14, 2018

As Remainers try to keep us in as close a relationship with the EU as possible, apparently led by the Prime Minister, ironically a crisis is brewing in Italy that could yet end up with that country leaving the euro. Admittedly, this would not necessarily imply an Italian exit from the EU and/or an existential crisis for the union. – Roger Bootle

Financial Express: Indian-origin MP Priti Patel joins rebels as Theresa May’s Brexit challenge mounts

Oct 14, 2018

“Adopting a constructive and transparent approach would be in the national interest,” says the letter, organised by the Economists for Free Trade group of Eurosceptic economists

BBC Radio Ulster: Professor David Paton discusses Brexit and its impact on Northern Ireland

Oct 14, 2018

Professor David Paton speaking on BBC Radio Ulster’s Inside Business podcast

BrexitCentral: It’s time the Chancellor came clean about his absurd Project Fear economic modelling

Oct 13, 2018

This Whitehall Brexit analysis is the skeleton inside the Chancellor’s cupboard. To reveal it in all its skeletal glory would be to destroy the Chancellor’s gloomy arguments at a stroke. We have attempted since last December to discuss the Whitehall analysis but officials and ministers have simply refused to engage. – Professor Patrick Minford

Our Letter gains more support

Oct 13, 2018

Lord Forsyth expresses support for our call to have the Chancellor publish the full details of his doom-laden analysis

The Telegraph: Tory Eurosceptics write open letter in major show of strength ahead of Brexit backstop decision

Oct 13, 2018

Main coverage of our letter to the Chancellor

The Telegraph: Staying in customs union is not an option

Oct 13, 2018

Staying inside the EU’s protectionist customs union indefinitely – the Prime Minister’s latest proposal – has serious economic downsides. – Liam Halligan

Politeia: Fiscal change after Brexit?

Oct 12, 2018

The Treasury gloom fulfils two purposes: to dampen departmental spending demands and to push the government towards the ‘softest’ of Brexits, as close as possible to the status quo. – Professor Patrick Minford

BrexitCentral: My unexpected continental adventures on the road out of the European Union

Oct 12, 2018

Rt Hon David Jones MP shares his experiences as Minister of State in DExEU

The Telegraph: The Irish question need not stop us chucking Chequers to pursue the free trade deal on offer

Oct 12, 2018

The Prime Minister must urgently reassess her view of existing technical and administrative border measures to deliver the comprehensive Free Trade Agreement still on the table. This, surely, represents the best place from which to restart the negotiations and stands the best chance of finding widespread support in Parliament and the country. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Guardian: I’m an ex-Northern Ireland secretary. The border must not block Brexit

Oct 11, 2018

With little time for the negotiations remaining, the prime minister must chuck Chequers for its failure to deliver the largest democratic mandate in British history. And by taking a realistic view of existing technical and administrative measures for border procedures, she can take up last week’s offer from European council president Donald Tusk, and concentrate on delivering a comprehensive, mutually respectful free trade agreement. – Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

The Telegraph: Theresa May is failing, by her own criteria, to make Brexit mean Brexit

Oct 08, 2018

Based on reports of the deal, sadly it looks like we are heading for a monumental sell-out, a great betrayal of the British people and a fraud on democracy, the ultimate consequences of which are as yet difficult to predict, but unlikely to be good. – John Longworth

The Telegraph: It is not Brexit we should fear but a ruinous Corbyn-led government

Oct 01, 2018

What is the economic case for a real Brexit? It is about opportunities. – Roger Bootle

Removing unnecessary tariffs will improve the standing of living – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Sep 30, 2018

Excerpts of EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP at BrexitCentral fringe event

The Telegraph: The time has come, Mrs May – unite Conservatives and your country behind a Canada deal

Sep 28, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP compares Chequers to the Charge of the Light Brigade

Question Time: Brexit is the “real shake-up” the country needs when it comes to minimum wages

Sep 27, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP explains how Brexit can deliver for those on the lowest income

Question Time: “We need to crack on and leave as soon as possible”

Sep 27, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP appearing on Question Time

The Telegraph: The Chancellor must come clean over his doom-laden forecasts

Sep 23, 2018

I will come to these assumptions in a moment. But I have a challenge for him. It is time the Chancellor came clean. How about a debate between him and EFT about the evidence he has for his assumptions and his resulting doom-laden forecasts? He is a busy man but since we are all attending the Conservative Party conference shortly, we can do it there. – Professor Patrick Minford

BrexitCentral: It’s time Philip Hammond and the Treasury took seriously the economic benefits of Brexit

Sep 22, 2018

After Salzburg, the way forward for Theresa May is clear. She must shift her position towards a simpler free trade deal (Canada ++) which would command the support the House of Commons and not compromise the principles of the EU Single Market. At the same time, she must make serious and committed preparations for leaving without a formal trade deal with the EU. – Professor David Paton

Sky News: Jacob Rees-Mogg discusses Chequers and Salzburg

Sep 20, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP discusses Chequers and the Salzburg summit on Sky News

The Telegraph: We have one chance to get Brexit right and ridding ourselves of Chequers will let us take it

Sep 18, 2018

There is only one chance to make the right Brexit choice and the Government still seems miles away from it. Chequers pleases nobody other than the Prime Minister herself. The idea of negotiating forever is so silly that only a very clever person would have come up with it. The answer remains to chuck Chequers and go for a free trade deal that is on offer and works with the ERG’s effective answer to the Irish question. – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Express: Rees-Mogg skewers ‘consistently wrong’ Hammond over IMF report backing

Sep 18, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP: “The Chancellor continues to do his best to obstruct Brexit and has been consistently wrong.”

The Times: The Irish border and a second vote on the EU

Sep 18, 2018

EFT Adviser Owen Paterson MP, David Davis MP, Theresa Villiers MP, Lord Trimble and Maria Caulfield MP correct the spin put on the EU’s new revelation that they can “use technological solutions to minimise customs checks”

BrexitCentral: Brexit should allow us to work more closely with freedom-loving kindred spirits in the USA

Sep 18, 2018

Indeed, the Chequers Agreement fails to deliver the Conservative Brexit manifesto pledge in anything but name. It would severely impede the UK’s ability to strike new trading arrangements around the world, and so embrace the chief economic opportunities of Brexit. It is even “strongly opposed” by Michel Barnier. It is completely unacceptable and I will vote against it. – EFT Adviser Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

BBC News: Professor David Paton discusses Brexit

Sep 17, 2018

Professor David Paton talks about Brexit on the BBC News Channel

TalkRadio: Professor Patrick Minford discusses the benefits of Brexit

Sep 16, 2018

Highlights of Professor Minford discussing the benefits of Brexit

The Sun: Theresa May must not get caught in a Von Trapp at the EU summit in Salzburg to make Brexit a success

Sep 16, 2018

Those who hope that Brexit will continue to mean Brexit will need to stay awake. – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The Telegraph: UK growth rate does not warrant the gloom

Sep 16, 2018

The UK trades under WTO rules with the US (our biggest single country trading partner), China and nations making up most of the 80pc-plus of the world economy lying beyond the EU’s shores – a fact you rarely hear on the radio, but no less true for that. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: The Government must accept the Irish border is no barrier to a proper Brexit

Sep 13, 2018

The proposals described can all be realised within the existing legal and operational frameworks of the EU and the UK, based on the mutual trust on which regular trade depends. At the same time, this allows the United Kingdom to conduct an independent trade policy without threatening the integrity of the EU single market. – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson MP

Reaction: Brexit gives us a chance to ditch the political establishment

Sep 12, 2018

So even if the EU accepts the terms of the Chequers Agreement (a big if, given their intention to ensure the indivisibility of the 4 freedoms, but there are rumours of a ‘save Mrs May’ operation running out of Brussels) swathes of Conservative MPs are going to vote against it. Rank and file Conservative Party members are livid about the Chequers Agreement and this years’ Conservative Party conference could be the most divisive in its history. – Professor Graeme Leach

The Telegraph: No deal would be ‘leap into the normal’ which would boost economy through trade, ERG claims

Sep 11, 2018

The EFT report argued that leaving the EU on World Trade Organisation terms would not be a leap in the dark but rather a “leap into the normal” because Britain already trades with more than 100 countries under WTO rules.

France 24: Pro-Brexit group predicts UK boom after EU departure

Sep 11, 2018

A pro-Brexit group of Conservative lawmakers predicted on Tuesday Britain will enjoy an economic boom if it trades with the EU under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules after Brexit.

BBC News: Boris Johnson says May’s Brexit plan ‘worse than status quo’

Sep 11, 2018

The Economists For Free Trade report said the UK had “nothing to fear” from a “clean break” from the EU and using World Trade Organisation rules.

CityAM: Brexiter big beasts herald Economists for Free Trade report

Sep 11, 2018

Brexiter big beasts Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davis and Iain Duncan Smith were among a slew of MPs to endorse a new report claiming the UK could be as much as £1.1 trillion better off under a so-called World Trade Deal.

BrexitCentral: Why a World Trade Deal – Brexit on WTO terms – would be highly advantageous

Sep 11, 2018

What we show in great detail in a series of responses to some two dozen frequently-met questions, is that a WTO-based exit from the EU without an explicit EU trade deal is highly advantageous to the UK’s economy, to ordinary people generally and also to the public finances, besides delivering a Brexit in line with the referendum result. We have called it a World Trade Deal to emphasise the fact that the WTO-based legal order already constitutes a ‘deal’ and is far from the concept of ‘no deal’, with all its implications of disorder. – Professor Patrick Minford

The Telegraph: Jacob Rees-Mogg: No-deal Brexit will boost UK economy by £1.1 trillion over 15 years

Sep 10, 2018

A no-deal Brexit would boost the UK economy by £1.1 trillion over 15 years, Jacob Rees-Mogg has said, arguing that crashing out of the EU is preferable to Theresa May’s Chequers plan. On Tuesday, Mr Rees-Mogg spoke at an event in Parliament hosted by Economists for Free Trade, at which he argued that a Canada-style free trade deal with the EU would be the best option for Brexit, but that no deal would be “a very good second best”.

The Telegraph: Trading on World Trade Organisation terms offers the best Brexit deal

Sep 09, 2018

We are where we are because of a chronic misjudgment by Mrs May. She staked everything upon achieving her “deep and special” partnership with the EU. She was warned from the start that the EU would play hardball against the timetable. The right thing to have done was to have planned to leave the EU without a trade deal while saying that the door remained open if they wanted to approach us. – Roger Bootle

iNews: Britain would get £80 billion boost from a no deal Brexit, Jacob Rees-Mogg claims

Sep 09, 2018

The report by Economists for Free Trade, to be published on Tuesday, said a trade deal governed by the WTO would boost exports, lower prices at home and attract foreign investment in Britain. It claims that the extra economic growth would swell Treasury coffers by £80bn over 15 years, leading to tax cuts and higher public spending.

The Telegraph: There’s a way out from Chequers for Mrs May

Sep 06, 2018

It is vital Britain declares “no deal” a realistic and acceptable outcome – not least as it’s true and, with the clock ticking ahead of March 2019, could well happen. Unless we prepare for “no deal”, we’ll be forced to accept any trade agreement the EU offers, however much it favours Germany, France and other member states. – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: Michel Barnier was offering a Canada-style deal all along – now we should snatch it

Sep 06, 2018

As it is, we have witnessed two wasted years of prevarication since the referendum, in which the Prime Minister has either been a knave or a fool and we are now heading for a world trade exit from the EU and the possibility of a Canada-style trade deal, plus ça change and hurrah, at last! – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Don’t be fooled: EFTA or EEA membership would not let us take back control

Sep 04, 2018

There’s no point being out of Europe, yet still being run by Europe. That’s why whatever deal we might do, we must ensure that our Supreme Court is supreme. It would be a mistake to sign up slavishly to follow European rules and product laws after we leave, with no vote on making them or changing them. Nor should we agree anything that makes it harder for us to do trade deals around the world. – Martin Howe QC

Leave Means Leave: The Brussels Bullies

Sep 04, 2018

A video from Leave Means Leave

The Huffington Post: Ignore The Silly Season Stories, Britain Will Prosper With Or Without A Brexit Deal

Sep 03, 2018

This silly season has had an especially rich seam of nonsense given the continuing saga of Brexit – the matter of Britain leaving the European Union (EU) in conformance with the instruction of the electorate flowing from the national referendum in 2016. The people of Britain have been bombarded by silliness generated by an unholy combination of performers.  – EFT Adviser John Longworth

The Telegraph: No, the “10 Brexit questions” have been answered already… but Remainers need to start listening

Aug 30, 2018

We are writing in response to the Telegraph’s Europe Editor Peter Foster earlier this week, in particular, his peculiar assertion that no one has answered the key questions he poses on Brexit. In fact, they have been answered ad nauseam. Sadly, some people are just not listening. – Iain Duncan Smith MP and EFT Adviser John Longworth

The Telegraph: Project Fear is hitting a new low in trying to terrify our pensioners

Aug 29, 2018

So the entire focus should be on exposing the shenanigans on our side and the new depths to which Whitehall’s Project Fear has sunk. It is now abundantly clear that these technical notes are part of a wider strategy of raising an endless list of potential problems in order to scare the living daylights out of us. Most of them are unlikely to happen, while others have perfectly good workarounds or, in reality, are not genuine problems. – Professor David Blake

The Express: “No deal” Brexit – Let’s embrace the opportunity

Aug 27, 2018

A “no deal” will save us money and let us reboot trading relationships with developing countries. – Professor David Paton

The Telegraph: Blocking Brexit would betray our nation’s proud history of democracy

Aug 25, 2018

Brexit is one of the most exciting and positive things to happen in the proud history of our great country. We will be able to embrace a new confidence, make our own decisions and adopt an outward, global view. Rather than treating Brexit as a damage limitation exercise, the Government must accept this and deliver this message to every corner of the UK. – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Theresa May’s Chequers plan will prove fatal to British fishing

Aug 24, 2018

The Common Fisheries Policy has been a biological, environmental, economic and social disaster, doomed to failure by its ludicrous attempt to manage a complex marine environment with arbitrary bureaucratic policies as inflexible as they are remote. – EFT Adviser Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

Edgar Millar discussing a World Trade Deal

Aug 23, 2018

Edgar Millar, EFT convener, discussing a World Trade Deal on Sky News

BrexitCentral: Leaving the EU on WTO terms will pull down the barriers to world trade and cut prices for consumers

Aug 20, 2018

EFT advisor Martin Howe QC explains that prices will be lower if we leave under a World Trade Deal

The Sun on Sunday: QC raps Remain’s food cost frightener

Aug 19, 2018

EFT advisor Martin Howe QC tears apart the lies being peddled by Project Fear

The Daily Telegraph: We’re now fighting a new battle for Britain

Aug 17, 2018

EFT Advisor John Longworth and Richard Tice are relaunching the Brexit campaign

City AM: Merely resting? Theresa May’s Chequers plan is as dead as the Monty Python parrot

Aug 17, 2018

Cleese argues that the parrot “is no more”, that it is “bereft of life”, and that it is an “ex-parrot”. Palin asks “what’s wrong with it?”. Cleese responds,”‘e’s dead, that’s what’s wrong with it”. But Palin resists, arguing that the dead parrot, nailed to its perch, is merely resting. – Professor Graeme Leach

The Telegraph: Sorry, Project Fear, we are not going to fall off a cliff-edge – Britain will thrive

Aug 15, 2018

Iain Duncan Smith draws from EFT research on the benefits of a World Trade Deal exit

The Telegraph: Stop worrying and prepare for a no deal Brexit. That’s how we’ll get the best deal possible

Aug 15, 2018

Leaving the EU without a trade deal is nothing to be frightened of.  In fact, preparing for a “no deal” Brexit makes it much more likely we will end up leaving with the best deal possible of all. – Professor David Paton

BrexitCentral: The WTO option is now the best choice for Brexit

Aug 13, 2018

Ruth Lea draws from EFT research on the benefits of a World Trade Deal exit

The Telegraph: The Brexit jobs bloodbath that never arrived

Aug 11, 2018

Wages across the UK are 2.8pc up on a year ago, ahead of inflation. Unemployment is at a 42-year low. The PMI manufacturing index registered 54.0 in July, with readings above 50 indicating growth – its 24th successive month of expansion since the June 2016 referendum on EU membership. – Liam Halligan

The Telegraph: The kangaroo court facing Boris Johnson shows how out of touch the Tory Remainers in charge are

Aug 10, 2018

These astonishing attacks on Boris over the past few days have demonstrated how much the Party is out of touch with its grassroots. When a Tory Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Party are openly opposing freedom of speech, you know the party is in serious trouble. – EFT Adviser John Longworth

The Times: This distrust of innovation does the EU no favours

Aug 08, 2018

The EU economy — as a result of EU policy and the common external tariff — is not as open as it should be for an advanced economy. – Warwick Lightfoot

The Times: We’ve nothing to fear from a world‑trade Brexit

Aug 06, 2018

Project Fear Mark 1 was wrong and the chances are Mark 2 will be too. The economy is running at near full capacity, unemployment is close to a million below where George Osborne promised it would be by now, the deficit is shrinking faster than expected and foreign direct investment is continuing, all in sharp contrast to what we were promised if we voted to leave. – EFT Adviser Matt Ridley

BBC Today Programme: WTO terms can increase trade with the EU

Aug 06, 2018

Listen to Sir Bernard Jenkin MP cite EFT analysis in his interview with Nick Robinson

The Express: EU will lose: Brussels forcing UK towards no deal Brexit at huge economic cost to EU

Aug 06, 2018

Front page coverage of our research showing that the EU will be a net loser if no trade deal is agreed

The Telegraph: Interest rates are now closer to normal, what comes next is a matter of confidence

Aug 05, 2018

We cannot continue forever on a path of heavy borrowing to sustain consumption. The balance of the economy needs to be shifted. It would be impossible for interest rates to do their job in helping this shift without putting pressure on people with large debts. In any case, borrowers have enjoyed favourable conditions for a long time. It is about time that savers got a fair crack of the whip. – Roger Bootle

City AM: Six reasons for the EU’s existential crisis

Aug 03, 2018

Amid all the navel-gazing, establishment angst, and project fear surrounding Brexit, it is easy to forget that the EU faces an existential crisis all of its own – and perhaps sooner than we think. – Graeme Leach

Good Morning Britain: World Trade Deal is a very good outcome

Aug 03, 2018

Watch Edgar Miller, EFT Convener, on Good Morning Britain

The Telegraph: Singapore wouldn’t accept EU vassalage, and neither should we

Aug 02, 2018

So the lesson of Singapore is to successfully exploit your comparative advantage and success will bring more success. And this is what the hundreds of banks, insurance companies and wealth managers are doing in Raffles Place, Singapore’s financial district. You can see the names of these institutions hanging from the gleaming steel and glass buildings that house them. They are more than happy to grow their businesses on the back of Singapore’s free trade spirit. – Professor David Blake

BrexitCentral: The public finances tell the tale of the steadily improving economy (despite Brexit…)

Aug 02, 2018

A strong labour market and a budget in good shape is a good background from which to cope with this promise and threat. Jobs can be relocated instead of lost for long periods and demand can be supported by fiscal expansion. – Professor Patrick Minford

BrexitCentral: A World Trade Deal under WTO rules is now the best option for the UK

Aug 02, 2018

The answer, I suspect, is that the Treasury mandarins recognise, like many Remainers, that leaving without a deal to trade as a Most Favoured Nation under WTO rules is the cleanest, swiftest and most definitive Brexit. It severs, with one decisive, irrevocable stroke, the ties of forty-plus years, and creates a new reality, and an opportunity for a new relationship between the two parties to be negotiated by the end of the transition period. – Michael Burrage

BrexitCentral: How the Chequers plan would still leave UK judges subservient to the ECJ

Jul 30, 2018

Within the ‘common’ rulebook areas, it is quite clear that the interpretation of the laws applying within the United Kingdom will continue to be carried out by the judges in Luxembourg, with judges in the UK having only a subservient role. – Martin Howe QC

The Times: Absurd ECJ ruling will hurt farmers and push up prices

Jul 27, 2018

The ruling condemns Britain to the innovation slow lane, denying us greener crops. It will deter investment and drive our world-class scientists to move abroad. As one Canadian professor said: “Great news for Canadian and American farmers today … Hope all Europeans enjoy their future higher food prices.” – EFT Adviser Matt Ridley

Channel 4 News: Stockpiling should have started sooner

Jul 25, 2018

“Stockpiling, if it happens, it should have happened a lot earlier. It’s always a good idea, no country should be left without any reserves.” – Andrea Hossó

BrexitCentral: The Brexit White Paper proposes a win-win path for financial services

Jul 25, 2018

Theresa May’s Brexit White Paper has many controversial elements but the plan for financial services is broadly right. There may be adjustments to be made elsewhere, but the UK should avoid the proposals for services being caught up in a re-vamp of the approach on goods. – EFT Adviser Barnabas Reynolds

BrexitCentral: We should dump the Chequers proposal in favour of a deal with the EU on WTO terms

Jul 25, 2018

The Chequers White Paper contradicts many of the promises of the Prime Minister and is a fundamental betrayal of democracy. – EFT Adviser John Longworth

David Jones questions the Brexit Secretary about the financial settlement

Jul 24, 2018

EFT Adviser Rt Hon David Jones MP questions the Brexit Secretary, Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP, about the conditionality of the UK’s financial settlement

The Telegraph: Why is the European Commission only listening to the Irish Republic on Brexit?

Jul 24, 2018

Even at the height of the Troubles with 27,000 armed security personnel, a “hard” border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland was a practical impossibility. It is now completely undesirable, which is why no one is arguing in its favour. – EFT adviser Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP and Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP

Jacob Rees-Mogg questions Olly Robbins

Jul 24, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP questions the PM’s Europe Adviser Olly Robbins during DExEU Select Committee session

BBC World Service: Listen to Professor Patrick Minford discuss the benefits of a World Trade Deal exit

Jul 24, 2018

BBC World Service 24/07/2018

ConservativeHome: Misunderstandings, spin – or worse. Correcting errors arising from Downing Street briefings on the Brexit White Paper

Jul 23, 2018

Number Ten has been engaging in a programme of briefing for Conservative MPs and for Party members on the Brexit White Paper.  It is important that when both make their minds up on this proposal of huge significance to the future of our country, they do so on the basis of a correct understanding of what the Government’s new policy involves. – Martin Howe QC

The Telegraph: Remainers want to stitch us up over the summer. Theresa May must stop them, not swan off on holiday

Jul 23, 2018

The most astonishing thing about this fictional netherworld of Westminster, however, is the ability of our “leaders” to rationalise separately from the real world which they are supposed to serve. MPs show utter contempt to their party Members and their constituents, voting in opposition to these stakeholders and speaking with venom in Parliament against the interests of the two-thirds of constituencies in the UK that voted for Brexit. A contempt for democracy itself. – EFT Adviser John Longworth

The Express: World Trade rules are nothing to be scared of: UK will flourish without dead hand of EU

Jul 23, 2018

This government has said time and again that “no deal is better than a bad deal”. As only a bad deal looks as if it will be forthcoming from the EU, it had better formulate its “no deal” policy sharpish. But this is not at all difficult. Nor does it involve “crashing out” of EU trade or of anything else. – Professor Patrick Minford

The Telegraph: Ironically, the EU could save us from Mrs May’s Brexit disaster

Jul 22, 2018

What explains the EU’s policies on regulation and tariffs? Deluded and short-termist thinking and the power of vested interests. This is why the Chequers proposal to accept European regulations for goods was potentially so disastrous. Effectively it would tie us into whatever level of regulatory uncompetitiveness the EU chose. – Roger Bootle

Ridge on Sunday: We are just asking that the government delivers what was promised

Jul 22, 2018

EFT Adviser Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP speaking on Ridge on Sunday: We want the PM to deliver on leaving the Single Market, leaving the Customs Union and leaving the remit of the ECJ.

BBC Radio 5Live: Professor Patrick Minford discussing the ‘no deal’ scenario

Jul 22, 2018

Listen to Professor Patrick Minford discuss the ‘no deal’ scenario

The Telegraph: Howe was wrong when he resigned but Johnson’s right on the money

Jul 21, 2018

Another difference is that Howe, while his speech was widely admired among the chattering classes, when it came to the substance of his dispute with Thatcher could not have been more wrong. Johnson, in contrast, while derided by much of the media class, is already demonstrably right. – Liam Halligan

Jacob Rees-Mogg ‘UK is heading for no deal Brexit and there’s nothing to be frightened of’

Jul 21, 2018

Listen to EFT adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg on LBC

The Sun: Jacob Rees-Mogg says Brussels chiefs are acting like the Mafia

Jul 21, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP explains to The Sun why the EU is like the Mafia

DExEU Select Committee: Jacob Rees Mogg questions Guy Verhofstadt

Jul 20, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP questions Guy Verhofstadt on the Irish border during DExEU Select Committee session

The Times: Brexit Devaluation

Jul 20, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford rebutting Philip Aldrick’s flawed analysis of the impact on trade of the Brexit devaluation

The Telegraph: We need a clean Brexit, not the plan dreamed up by Whitehall’s Mad Hatters

Jul 20, 2018

In short, the White Paper is not intended to be the final stage of a transition to a “softer Brexit”, but rather the first stage in the establishment’s campaign – led by the senior civil servants at No. 10 – to reverse Brexit – Professor David Blake

Policy Exchange: The Brexit White Paper – room for improvement

Jul 19, 2018

The mantra is ‘everything must change, so that everything can remain the same’. Part of this has been an exercise in identifying why people voted to leave. Every reason under sun has been offered as an explanation except direct rejection of the EU’s constitutional consequences, institutions and policies. The approach has been that, when not actively identifying opportunities to vitiate its departure from the EU, as much of the present relationship as possible should be set in aspic. – Warwick Lightfoot

BBC News: Boris Johnson expressed criticism that a number of colleagues had felt for some time

Jul 18, 2018

Watch EFT adviser Rt Hon David Jones MP explain that Boris Johnson expressed popular sentiments during his resignation statement.

UK in a Changing Europe: Theresa May’s white paper, Brexit and free trade: how should the left respond?

Jul 18, 2018

The White Paper proposes that the UK bind itself perpetually to the EU rule book whilst giving up the right to influence those rules. Given this, there would almost certainly be restrictions on the ability of any future Labour government to implement its economic plan in full. – Professor David Paton

BrexitCentral: The Government’s proposed UK-EU legal dispute procedure is based on EU deals with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

Jul 17, 2018

It is yet to be seen how firmly the UK government will hold the line against extending direct effect from EU citizens’ rights to the ‘common’ rulebook areas once it comes under negotiating pressure from the EU. – Martin Howe QC

CityAM: The Tory government has fallen for the EU’s nonsensical demands on social and employment laws

Jul 17, 2018

Committing to tie employment and social regulation to a minimum “level” through a trade deal is not just unnecessary and arbitrary, but would hamper our economic flexibility. Let us hope the non-regression clause is a meaningless assurance and not a binding and legally enforceable promise. – Ryan Bourne

The Sun: No Deal Brexit card is already on the table for Theresa May — the widely misunderstood WTO

Jul 16, 2018

The argument that we must accept the Chequers fudge just does not add up. Who do they think they are kidding — us or themselves? – Roger Bootle

The Express: Theresa May has misled us all

Jul 16, 2018

Perhaps we ought to have realised earlier on that a Remainer would stick with Remain. – EFT advisor Jacob-Rees Mogg MP

Daily Telegraph: Deal or no deal? May chose an uninspiring fudge instead

Jul 15, 2018

The argument that we must accept the Chequers fudge just does not add up. Who do they think they are kidding – us or themselves? “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” – Roger Bootle

Daily Politics: Theresa May is a Remainer who has remained a Remainer

Jul 15, 2018

Watch EFT adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg MP criticise Theresa May’s Chequers agreement 

Daily Express: ‘Canada+ beats Chequers plan’

Jul 15, 2018

“The Prime Minister’s Chequers plan is Brexit In Name Only – BRINO. This would lock the UK into current EU arrangements for an indeterminate number of years, preventing the UK from embracing worldwide free trade and putting in place new pro-growth regulations.”

BrexitCentral: Remainers in government have wilfully neglected to consider an alternative Brexit vision

Jul 14, 2018

The Prime Minister and Remainer politicians in the Cabinet and beyond, along with journalists and civil servants, constantly assert that Brexiteers have not presented an alternative to the discredited White Paper put forward at Chequers. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: ‘No deal’ would be no problem for the UK

Jul 13, 2018

“No deal” means we can withhold the proposed £39 billion EU “divorce bill” – spending it at home instead, providing a major boost to the economy. And trading under WTO rules, charging relatively low reciprocals tariffs, generates additional billions for Britain – seeing as “they sell us more than we sell them”. Such funds could support those sectors of the economy where WTO tariffs are higher – Liam Halligan

BBC Today Programme: It is important the PM keeps to her word on Brexit – Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Jul 13, 2018

Listen to EFT advisor Jacob Rees-Mogg MP explain why it is important for the Prime Minister to keep to her word in an interview with BBC’s Today Programme.

Daily Telegraph: I cannot vote for the Chequers deal when WTO terms offer a better Brexit

Jul 13, 2018

The Chequers proposal does not fulfil the government’s promise to leave the EU – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

BBC Radio 5 Live: People will feel royally shafted if we get a Brexit fudge – Owen Paterson

Jul 12, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain how people will feel “royally shafted” if the Government’s White Paper fudge on Brexit is implemented.

CapX: Brexit is a case of lions led by donkeys

Jul 12, 2018

They should have declared for a World Trade Deal on WTO terms and offered the EU a free trade arrangement. Given that we are by far the second largest contributor to the EU budget, the defender of Europe, and have a £67 billion trade deficit with the EU, we had a monumentally strong hand to play – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: I fear the Government will allow the UK to become a permanent satellite of a new European superstate

Jul 10, 2018

There’s one final betrayal to highlight. All the indications are that mass migration from the EU will continue. Every migrant coming into a low-skill job costs British taxpayers £3,500 per annum in social subsidies, actually supporting the low-wage, low-productivity economy being promulgated by the anti-Brexit multinationals – EFT Adviser John Longworth

David Jones asks the Prime Minister to explain the difference between her ‘combined customs territory’ and a customs union

Jul 09, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser David Jones ask the Prime Minister to explain the difference her preferred ‘combined customs territory’ and actual customs union.

Jacob Rees-Mogg asks the Prime Minister about the UK’s ability to conduct a truly independent trade policy after Brexit

Jul 09, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg ask the Prime Minister about the UK’s ability to conduct a truly independent trade policy after Brexit.

Owen Paterson asks the Prime Minister when the UK will notify the EU about our willingness to opt for a World Trade Deal

Jul 09, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson ask the Prime Minister when she will notify the EU that the UK is prepared to opt for a World Trade Deal.

BBC Daily Politics: The Prime Minister has broken her manifesto commitments – John Longworth

Jul 09, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser John Longworth on the BBC’s Daily Politics, explaining how the Prime Minister has broken her manifesto commitments with her Chequers fudge.

Daily Telegraph: Brexit done properly could help fix the NHS and fund defence

Jul 09, 2018

This Government has pulled off an astonishing feat: throwing enormous amounts of money at an unreformed NHS, lamely accepting the case for higher taxes, grossly underfunding the defence of the realm, and tamely proposing a Brexit deal that would make the UK a vassal state of the EU. If this is Conservatism then may heaven protect us from the alternative – Roger Bootle


Jul 07, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford, the chairman of Economists for Free Trade, said: “A trade deal with the US is really important. “Our consumers will benefit from barrier-free access, bringing down UK prices, and we too can offer high value goods and services to the US market if barriers come down.”

The Sun: Theresa May’s plans are a fudge and would defraud 17.4million voters who backed Brexit

Jul 07, 2018

By presenting absurd ideas, our Mad Hatter Prime Minister appears to hope her people will conclude Brexit is too hard and should be abandoned. If so, she doesn’t understand the country she purports to govern – Liam Halligan

Daily Telegraph: Theresa May has betrayed us all – and Brexiteer ministers are letting her get away with it

Jul 06, 2018

Millions of Brexit voters across the country will be perplexed that ministers have not resigned in the face of this betrayal – even ministers who led the Leave campaign. Their reputations are in tatters. They have allowed the Government to produce a fraud on the electorate, dressed up as a success and flying in the face of the our democracy – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Express: Big Business was wrong about the Euro and they’re wrong about Brexit

Jul 06, 2018

The EU is trying to thwart the referendum result and deter other members from leaving; after all, if the world’s fifth largest economy cannot manage to become independent how could anybody else. Acquiescing to their demands will not lead to a sensible agreement. Italy’s unexpected tough stance at the summit showed what might produce some results. The menace of walking away and not paying could concentrate minds on the losses the EU itself would suffer in such an eventuality – Andrea Hossó

Daily Mail: With hotels all over Europe you might expect him to be a Remainer but SIR ROCCO FORTE thunders… why the prophets of doom have got it so wrong

Jul 06, 2018

For me, the brighter prospects for Britain lie in national freedom, whereas the retention of control by Brussels will mean the shackling of enterprise and global trade. It is precisely my long experience in business that has left me so disillusioned with the EU – EFT Adviser Sir Rocco Forte

Daily Telegraph: Anything but a clean Brexit would be disastrous

Jul 06, 2018

These new proposals, driven by uber-Remain civil servants, would leave the UK in the EU’s single market and customs union in all but name. Bizarrely, Britain would also collect customs duties on the EU’s behalf – making an independent trade policy virtually impossible – Liam Halligan

Daily Express: Brexit no-brainer: Theresa May has only ONE option today and it is THIS

Jul 06, 2018

THE Cabinet meets today at last to decide what “deal” it will propose to the EU for negotiation. It should be a no brainer: the only deal that achieves free trade with the EU and is compatible with leaving is an improved version of the one just signed with Canada known as “Canada+” – Patrick Minford

CapX: On Friday, let’s hope the Brexiteers save Theresa May from herself

Jul 05, 2018

The Customs Union imposes heavy penalties on many goods coming in from non-EU countries. This allows EU manufacturers to operate a cosy cartel, protected from international competition. And the result is higher prices for British consumers – Professor David Paton

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: A truly independent UK will bring costs down for consumers

Jul 05, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser Owen Paterson on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, where he explains how a proper, clean Brexit will bring costs down for business and consumers alike.

The Times: May’s Brexit fudge is putting her own survival above the nation

Jul 05, 2018

It appears, however, that in this case Brexit means BRINO (Brexit in name only) and that she is putting her own survival and the interests of the Conservative Party above those of the nation – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: The Government should stick to its red lines and be willing to walk away if the EU doesn’t like them

Jul 05, 2018

Now is the time to take the lead; to reaffirm what deal is acceptable to us, and if refused, to exit negotiating and rely on the WTO. The reality is that our position is stronger than that of the EU – EFT Adviser Lord Flight

BBC News: An independent trade policy with reciprocal free trade and zero tariffs will benefit every single family across the UK – Owen Paterson

Jul 04, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain why an independent trade policy with reciprocal free trade and zero tariffs will benefit every single family across the UK.

BrexitCentral: The rumoured ‘third way’ customs plan would spell Brexit in name only

Jul 04, 2018

The benefits of this bold new approach would be significant. The team of senior economists, academics and financiers at Economists for Free Trade have calculated that a full, free-trading Brexit – using our new freedom to remove import tariffs – would reduce consumer costs by 8%. With the latest ONS figures putting the average weekly household bill at £554.20, that means an annual saving of £2,300 per household – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Will the UK be categorically leaving the single market, customs union and remit of the ECJ?

Jul 04, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson ask the Prime Minister at PMQs whether the UK will be categorically pursuing a proper Brexit.

A ‘customs partnership’ fudge would be the worst of all worlds – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jul 04, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg on the BBC’s Daily Politics, where he sets out why a mooted customs partnership fudge would be the worst of all worlds.

BrexitCentral: The threat of post-Brexit border friction is fiction from Big Business

Jul 04, 2018

It is time for Big Business and the Civil Service to end their self-serving propaganda and stop terrorising the Cabinet. Let Mrs May and her Cabinet do the sensible thing and offer to join a Canada-type trade agreement – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: Leave MPs are democrats not extremists. Denying the people’s vote would be a fatal mistake

Jul 04, 2018

Removing tariffs will reduce the cost of raw materials. We can free them from over-burdensome regulation and allow them to embrace the innovations they need to compete. But we cannot enjoy any of these benefits if we are locked into perpetual limbo by an endless transition period – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

BrexitCentral: No more Brexit fudge – it’s time for the Cabinet to make solid decisions

Jul 03, 2018

Whatever is decided at Chequers on Friday, there is now no hiding place for the Prime Minister. Fudge is not an option. I hope the outcome will be sweet, but it needs to be hard boiled – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: What business leaders know about Brexit … and what they don’t

Jul 02, 2018

The representatives of the consumer interest have been notably absent among the people who have traipsed into 10 Downing Street putting forward their views on Brexit. Yet a full Brexit would potentially bring serious benefits to consumers in the form of lower prices – Roger Bootle

The Sun on Sunday: CL-EU-DO AT CHEQUERS PM is warned of Cabinet ‘bloodbath’ over plan to break Brexit deadlock with Chequers lock-in

Jul 01, 2018

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has urged the Cabinet to cheer up as a report by Economists for Free Trade suggested Brexit will deliver £65 billion a year to spend on pet projects by the end of the next decade. He said: “The gloom-laden, almost crepuscular Treasury and its friends need not fret over Brexit or its desire to raise taxes. It’s quite clear that the boost to the economy from a clean Brexit will enable the virtuous circle of higher spending on priority areas, such as the NHS, while enabling the Chancellor to cut taxes rather than raise them.”

Sunday Express: Huge deal makes steel jobs secure

Jul 01, 2018

A spokesman for Economists for Free Trade said: “We welcome the commitment by Tata Steel to the UK. This demonstrates yet another company showing their confi dence in Britain’s future outside the EU.”

Sunday Express: Real risk of no deal Brussels warned

Jul 01, 2018

Last night, a leading group of economists called on the Cabinet to “calm down”, pointing out that Brexit will trigger a cash bonanza for the Exchequer, rising to £65 billion a year by the end of the next decade. They said ministers will have “plenty of money for pet projects” and tax cuts.

BrexitCentral: Cabinet ministers should be relishing the chance to spend the Brexit dividend

Jul 01, 2018

Cabinet ministers should be blessing, not fighting, this projected turn of events. Austerity can be halted and we can return to an economy where necessary projects can be funded – whether it is the NHS, defence, the police, or anywhere else in the public services – and where we can also cut taxes to ensure that we remain the most competitive place in Europe to do business – Patrick Minford

Daily Express: Comment – Patrick Minford

Jun 30, 2018

We now need Mrs May to take a firm line with Brussels so we can move ahead with a proper Brexit – free global trade deals and our own commonsense regulations – Patrick Minford

Daily Express: Brexiteer economist EXPOSES why EU is a DOOMED attempt to abolish the nation state

Jun 30, 2018

PRO-BREXIT economist Andrea Hossó has condemned the European Union as a “serious effort to abolish the nation state” that is set to crumble economically A leading Brexiteer economist has warned that the EU is a serious effort to “abolish the nation state”. In a stark prediction, Andrea Hossó said the European project is an effort that is doomed to […]

Daily Telegraph: The EU elite is realising the cost of uncontrolled migration

Jun 29, 2018

Back in 2015, when I was head of the British Chambers of Commerce I wanted to find out the facts related to Brexit, a key one being migration. It was striking how little information was available. The extent to which the UK government appeared to have willfully avoided looking at the matter of migration was remarkable – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: The Government should ignore the special pleading from false voices of business

Jun 29, 2018

They tend towards monopolistic behaviour and the maximisation of margins. They do not like competition and welcome the anti-competitive, protectionism of the EU Customs Union, surrounded by a wall of tariffs and standards paid for by the consumers of the EU – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Express: Multinationals don’t care about Britain – but are trying to dictate our future

Jun 29, 2018

What is more puzzling is why the likes of Greg Clark and Philip Hammond, should think that supporting businesses who export to the EU over and above the rest of the economy is the right thing to do. Perhaps they are thinking of their future non-Executive careers. – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Sky News: Remain-backing businesses are ‘sucking up to the Treasury’

Jun 28, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg explain how Philip Hammond is cooperating with Remain-backing business who are ‘sucking up to the Treasury’ to talk down Britain.

BBC Daily Politics: If EU don’t talk trade, we must take our £39 billion and prepare for a World Trade Deal

Jun 27, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain how the upcoming EU summit is a crucial opportunity for the Government to be bold and demand trade talks. If the EU don’t want to talk, then we should refuse to pay the £39 billion ‘divorce bill’ and prepare for a World Trade Deal.

City A.M. Debate: Should the Airbus announcement be taken as a warning for the UK economy post-Brexit?

Jun 25, 2018

The French-run Airbus is a classic multinational business, intrinsically wrapped up in the EU, that is trying to undermine the UK government’s negotiating position, just as it did during the referendum campaign – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Cape Times, South Africa: May urged to leave the EU

Jun 25, 2018

Pro-Brexit politicians and business figures have urged British Prime Minister Theresa May to be ready to walk away from the EU without a trade agreement, despite warnings from major manufacturers that a “no deal” Brexit would be an economic disaster.

City A.M.: Hunt blasts Airbus for ‘inappropriate threats’

Jun 25, 2018

The EFT letter coincided with separate correspondence from pro-EU business groups following on from Airbus’s interjection. “In recent days and weeks, an increasing number of companies have made clear… they are now actively considering moving substantial volumes of work away from the UK. We know that many more large businesses are close behind in their plans,” it warned.

Daily Express: ‘ARROGANCE’ Rees-Mogg hits out at IMF chief Lagarde in Brexit row

Jun 25, 2018

An Economists for Free Trade spokesman said: “The economic predictions of Christine Lagarde and the IMF have historically been embarrassingly off the mark. Throughout the EU referendum campaign Lagarde was at the heart of Project Fear. She warned that Brexit would lead to a recession, that shares would crash and house prices would fall. She was completely wrong and our economy has thrived.”

Xinhua News, China: Top politicians, economists urge May to prepare to walk away from EU deal

Jun 24, 2018

The latest letter, organised by Economists for Free Trade (EFT), has been signed by former chancellor Lord Lawson, ex-environment secretary Owen Paterson as well as Tim Martin, pre-leave head of the British bar and restaurant chain Wetherspoons who recently ordered his bars not to sell European beers.

Fox News, USA: UK euroskeptics urge PM May to prepare for ‘no deal’ Brexit

Jun 24, 2018

The letter released Sunday by Economists for Free Trade was signed by prominent supporters of a “hard Brexit,” including ex-U.K. Treasury chief Nigel Lawson, Conservative lawmakers John Redwood and Peter Bone, and Tim Martin, chairman of the Wetherspoons pub chain.

BrexitCentral: May urged by leading economists, businesspeople and politicians to step up ‘no deal’ preparations

Jun 24, 2018

Reserving the right to walk away from the EU without a trade deal is necessary in order to have “real leverage in the Brexit endgame,” they assert, while the much-discussed £39 billion financial settlement “must be contingent on our securing a satisfactory free trade deal”.

PoliticsHome: Pro-Leave figures pile pressure on Theresa May to plan for a no deal Brexit

Jun 24, 2018

“We believe you could… make clear that your preferred outcome is a free trade deal between Britain and the EU, an arrangement that is to the mutual benefit of both parties,” the letter says. The letter was signed by ex-chancellor Nigel Lawson and Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin, among others.

The Guardian: Hardline Tories tell May: get ready for no-deal Brexit

Jun 24, 2018

The EFT \letter insists that Britain can “flourish”, even without a free trade deal, because of the benefits of leaving the EU, adding: “This would give the chancellor ample scope to increase spending on priority public services such as the NHS while reducing the too high UK tax burden.”

Sunday Express: ‘Why Brexit no deal is better than ANY DEAL with plainly uncooperative EU’

Jun 24, 2018

A sober economic analysis shows that the option based on WTO rules not only brings us substantial gains from free trade, as well as control of our laws and borders, but it also implies the very opposite of chaos. And most importantly of all, it can be implemented without any assistance from a plainly uncooperative EU – Patrick Minford

Sunday Telegraph: PM urged to bolster plan for ‘no deal’

Jun 24, 2018

In a letter to the Prime Minister ahead of a summit of European leaders on Thursday, a group of more than 60 MPs, peers, economists, lawyers and academics calls on Mrs May to “issue instructions to UK authorities to accelerate their preparations for ‘no deal’ and a move to a world trade deal”.

Sunday Express: NO DEAL NO CASH

Jun 24, 2018

A punchy open letter by an influential group of 60 top politicians, economists and business leaders calls on Theresa May to tell the EU: “No trade deal, no money.” They also advise Mrs May to step up preparations for a “no deal” in order to give Britain “real leverage in the Brexit endgame”. The letter, organised by Economists for Free Trade is backed by more than 20 Conservative MPs and lords, including four former Cabinet ministers.

It accuses EU negotiators of intransigence in the Brexit talks and calls on Mrs May to strengthen her negotiating hand by accelerating UK no deal preparations.

BBC News: PM urged to speed up no-deal Brexit plans

Jun 24, 2018

In the letter, EFT says Britain can “flourish, even without a free trade deal, because of benefits of leaving the EU”. “This would give the chancellor ample scope to increase spending on priority public services such as the NHS, while reducing the too high UK tax burden.”

BBC Radio 4’s The World At One: Airbus scaremongering is nonsense – a WTO Brexit will boost UK GDP by 7 per cent

Jun 22, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser John Longworth dismiss the latest Project Fear scaremongering over Airbus, citing our latest report which shows that moving onto WTO terms will boost UK GDP by seven per cent.

City A.M.: Confused about why Britain must leave the customs union? Look at the World Cup

Jun 21, 2018

Perhaps if there were tariffs on footballers from outside the EU, people would understand better the case for getting rid of all tariffs – Prof Graeme Leach

Jacob Rees-Mogg grills Guy Verhofstadt over the Northern Irish border and their slippery approach to their own rules

Jun 20, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg takes Guy Verhofstadt to task over the EU only following their own rules when it suits them.


Jun 19, 2018

The Brexit dividend will more than cover the £20 billion spending boost for the NHS, a group of economists claimed last night. A report by the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade (EFT) claimed the economy will grow thanks to improved exports, less red tape and an end to contributions to Brussels – and even leave £5 billion to spare.

Daily Express: ‘Osborne Treasury said WORLD would END!’ Brexiteer bored of forecasts but offers THIS hope

Jun 18, 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg cited Professor Patrick Minford, the head of the Economists for Free Trade group, while claiming the UK could receive a “post-Brexit dividend” of £135 billion five years after Brexit.

Daily Mirror: Jacob Rees-Mogg claims meaningful vote is being used to ‘obstruct Brexit’

Jun 18, 2018

“The economic benefits as you know, a great deal of work has been done by Patrick Minford and his team at Economists for Free Trade. They have calculated a post-Brexit dividend of £135 billion just between 2020 and 2025, with a further £40 billion a year from then on. These benefits come from a mix of global free trade for Britain outside the Single Market and Customs Union, plus opening up the British economy to the beneficial effects of entrepreneurial financing.” – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg

BrexitCentral: It’s time for the House of Lords to call a halt on its obstruction of the EU Withdrawal Bill

Jun 18, 2018

An unelected body, it is appearing contemptuous of both the referendum result and the manifesto commitments of both main parties at the last general election – EFT Adviser David Jones

The Times: Knavish tricks are designed to wreck Brexit

Jun 18, 2018

Their amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill — for it is a joint effort — is a masterpiece of ingenuity and subterfuge, and it has nearly succeeded in wrecking Brexit altogether, which was undoubtedly its purpose all along – EFT Adviser Matt Ridley

BrexitCentral: Why a WTO-based exit from the EU is best for the UK

Jun 17, 2018

Sober economic analysis shows that the option based on WTO rules not only brings us substantial gains from free trade – as well as control of our laws and borders – but it also implies the very opposite of chaos; and most importantly of all, it can be implemented without any assistance from a plainly uncooperative EU – Patrick Minford

The Sun on Sunday: ‘UK RISKS TRADE HELL’ UK risks spiralling into trade hell if we stay in EU customs union

Jun 17, 2018

A report by Economists for Free Trade argues Britain would be £140billion better off under World Trade Rules. In a letter to the PM, the group says she should consider a clean break now as EU chiefs show little sign of wanting to agree a tariff-free deal.

Sunday Telegraph: Brexiteers demand ‘no deal, no divorce bill’ law

Jun 17, 2018

A paper published today by the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade group states that the UK can still abandon a trade deal with the EU and seek an arrangement under World Trade Organisation rules without a “cliff edge”.

Daily Telegraph: It’s now or never to secure a hard Brexit. Conservative ministers take note

Jun 15, 2018

If we allow this to continue we will become a vassal state of the EU, with Brexit in name only and unable to escape the gravitational pull of the EU without a major explosion. We must act now – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Express: The Lords must not tie May’s hands by tabling more Brexit amendments, SAYS OWEN PATERSON

Jun 14, 2018

The House of Lords must not be tempted in any way to limit the Prime Minister’s freedom to act as necessary to secure the best possible deal for the United Kingdom, even if that means walking away – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

BrexitCentral: Labour MPs must not force us into a damaging customs union with the EU

Jun 13, 2018

Sadly there are some MPs on both sides of the house who are actively seeking a poor outcome to negotiations…the highest price though would be paid by those on low incomes throughout the country. Labour MPs beware – David Paton

BBC News: The CBI is the voice of the large industrial vested interests that oppose the competition and productivity growth that free trade under Brexit will bring – Patrick Minford

Jun 13, 2018

The CBI has a long history of opposing good economics: from monetarism, through union reform, to leaving the ERM. It even wanted us to join the euro. The outgoing president Dreschler is as wrong as so many of his predecessors – Patrick Minford

BrexitCentral: Parliament urgently needs to act in the national interest as ruthless Remainers pursue their vested interests

Jun 13, 2018

There is still time, just, to salvage Brexit. But Parliament must now act in the national interest and back our Government in these negotiations with a bullying foreign power – EFT Adviser John Longworth

CapX: Remainer scaremongering is built on dodgy economics

Jun 12, 2018

The UK’s prospects for trade and prosperity after Brexit will be inversely related to the size of the tariffs on international trade that the UK itself sets. The lower the tariff barriers, the brighter the prospects will be – David Blake

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Tying the UK to the EU customs union would be unacceptable

Jun 07, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser and former Brexit Minister David Jones on the Today programme, where he explains why any arrangement that ties the UK to the EU’s customs union would be unacceptable.

Daily Telegraph: An Irish backstop and a customs union will never be the Brexit that people voted for

Jun 07, 2018

All MPs should remember that we cannot deliver any of the economic benefits of Brexit without leaving the customs union, freeing ourselves to forge our own trade relationships and embracing the principles of free trade – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Daily Mail: UK bounces back as Eurozone falters

Jun 06, 2018

The recent slowdown of growth in the UK appears to be reversing with strong growth in prospect, while a short-lived expansion in the EU is petering out – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Brexit legal myths and the damage they are causing

Jun 06, 2018

Supposed to create a single EU market, it has instead controlled and restricted enterprise and growth. The result is a hugely prescriptive blanket of law, which transfers authority from member states to the EU itself – EFT’s Barney Reynolds

BrexitCentral: The EU single market in services barely exists, and has been slowly disappearing since 2010

Jun 04, 2018

Remainers rested their economic argument against Brexit almost entirely on predictions. Leavers made much more of the historical record, which both HMG and the European Commission long declined to analyse in any depth – Michael Burrage

BrexitCentral: Barnier’s argument that the ECJ should still bind us after we leave is entirely fallacious

May 30, 2018

The ever growing spread of EU laws into wider and wider areas removes the democratic right of the British people to live under laws which are decided upon by their elected representatives in Parliament – Martin Howe QC

BrexitCentral: The City of London is strong enough to go it alone post-Brexit

May 30, 2018

The City is more than capable of ‘going it alone’ – as it has done very successfully for most of its history – David Blake

Daily Telegraph: An Italian exit from the euro might be the end of the single currency

May 28, 2018

The truth is that Italy should never have joined the euro in the first place. And it isn’t only Anglo-Saxon euro pessimists such as myself who believe this – Roger Bootle

BBC Radio Wales: ‘MaxFac’ is the customs operation of the future

May 27, 2018

Listen to EFT Chairman Patrick Minford explain to BBC Radio Wales how the UK’s future customs operations must allow us to pursue global free trade.

Briefings For Brexit: A No-Deal Brexit. Our Best Hope

May 25, 2018

The need for us to be ready to walk away from the table and abandon our supine efforts to secure a deal with the EU – a deal at any cost – is becoming daily more apparent – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: The New Customs Partnership would remove the benefits of Brexit

May 25, 2018

It is axiomatic that Brexit will cost some money and will create some disruption but the benefits of Brexit will far outweigh the costs – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Civil servants should know their place, rather than indulge in anti-Brexit black ops

May 25, 2018

Under modern customs procedures declarations are carried out on the computer in advance of arrival at the border, so there is no paperwork beyond the very first time the cargo type is entered into the computer, and 98 per cent of cargoes are unchecked because ‘the computer says yes’ – Patrick Minford

BrexitCentral: Forget the arguments about customs arrangements: just remember why we wanted out of the EU in the first place

May 24, 2018

We are living through yet another drama of our stop-and-go Brexit negotiations. The latest conundrum dreamt up by Remainers and Brussels to keep the UK in the fold is the Northern Ireland and customs arrangement problem – Andrea Hossó

City A.M.: Italy’s populists prepare to wage war over the ECB’s budget rules

May 24, 2018

The euro crisis has been in hibernation over recent years – as a result of bond purchases under the Draghi Plan. The Italian elections and coalition agreement have woken it up – Graeme Leach

The Sun: ‘CRYING WOLF’ Fury as Bank of England boss Mark Carney claims Brexit has cost every UK household £900

May 23, 2018

Pro-Brexit economist Patrick Minford added: “It is a relief that Mark Carney is retiring, as he seems incapable of understanding the Brexit process.”

Daily Express: Carney ‘crying wolf’ on EU exit cost

May 23, 2018

Former Brexit minister David Jones said of Mr Carney, who is stepping down next year: “His downbeat attitude appears to be the product of his clear personal disappointment at the outcome of the referendum. He really should get over it.”

The Times: ‘Brexit costs households £900 a year, says Carney’

May 23, 2018

Patrick Minford, chairman of the pro-Brexit group Economists for Free Trade, accused Mr Carney of being incapable of understanding the Brexit process and said he hoped that the next governor would “stop playing politics”.

BBC Daily Politics: Why we must remain vigilant against Brexit backsliding

May 22, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg warn why we must remain vigilant against any backsliding on Brexit.

BrexitCentral: A no-deal Brexit with UK-EU trade on WTO terms is the best hope for Brexiteers

May 21, 2018

Where is the leadership? How much of a laughing stock are our leaders prepared to be? There has been no talk on trade after two years. There is no clarity we are leaving, still hobbled by the siren customs union – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Remainers exploit myths about the Irish border

May 21, 2018

Unionists have every right to expect that what’s in the Agreement is honoured, rather than fantasies about it being cynically and recklessly exploited by Remainers – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

BBC Any Questions: The British electorate will be just as concerned as I am if Brexit does not mean Brexit – Jacob Rees-Mogg

May 18, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions, explaining why the British electorate will be just as concerned as he will be if Brexit does not mean Brexit.

South China Morning Post: Traits that made Britain great will serve it well again, post Brexit

May 17, 2018

The European Union, born out of a destroyed Europe and an undeveloped globe, has served its purpose and now weighs as a drag anchor on Britain, which has all the potential to be a high-growth, hi-tech nation, set free from the shackles of the EU regulatory burden – EFT Adviser John Longworth

City A.M.: The secret bailout system the EU doesn’t want you to know about

May 17, 2018

In short, Target2 has become a giant credit card for Eurozone members that import more than they export to other members. But note two key differences compared with a normal credit card: the interest rate charged is zero, and the loan never needs to be repaid – David Blake

Remainer MPs in Leave seats who fail to back a clean Brexit will damage democracy – Owen Paterson at PMQs

May 16, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson on his return to Prime Minister’s Questions, where he warns that Remainer MPs in Leave constituencies who fail to back a clean Brexit will do lasting damage to our democracy.

The Times: May must get tough with Lords to stop the Brexit meddling

May 16, 2018

If the Lords are really determined to frustrate Brexit, there may be only one option left to the prime minister: to get the monarch to threaten to create 100 new peers – EFT Adviser Matt Ridley

Daily Express: ‘Walk away!’ City of London chief urges Theresa May to issue EU Brexit ultimatum

May 15, 2018

Businesses in the City say they want a deal. It happens to also be of benefit to the EU. It’s win-win. So what are we actually asking for in return for our £40bn money – which we don’t owe? – Barney Reynolds

Daily Telegraph: Our PM must show leadership and ditch any form of customs union

May 14, 2018

The case for remaining in the EU in some shape or form increasingly reminds me of one of those creatures from Greek mythology that can grow umpteen heads. As soon as you have chopped one off, another appears – Roger Bootle

BrexitCentral: How the Civil Service has misled us about the costs of Brexit and the Customs Union

May 14, 2018

Thus, the Civil Service effectively is arguing for the reversal of Brexit in one major dimension, namely the EU Customs Union. This argument has gone hand in hand with the argument that senior civil servants have apparently made for a New Customs Partnership that, in practice, amounts to the EU Customs Union in all but name – Patrick Minford

Sunday Telegraph: PM must tell UK what customs union costs

May 13, 2018

Being inside the customs union costs Britain billions of pounds each year. UK shoppers overpay for non-European imports, due to common external tariffs protecting inefficient producers elsewhere in the EU. Four fifths of these revenues go to Brussels – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: “MaxFac” will solve the Irish question and ensure we leave the Customs Union

May 13, 2018

MaxFac works, given the correct technology and policy decisions – and what’s more, an interim solution can be ready for March 2019, whether or not there is a transition period, whether or not we have “deal or no deal” – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: How Brexit warped the minds of otherwise sane economists

May 11, 2018

What is undeniable and worrying is the flawed and downward-biased pessimism of the official and corporate economist consensus, which the FT’s Chris Giles for some extraordinary reason is determined to defend – Patrick Minford

BBC Daily Politics: Why we must not remain in the customs union – Jacob Rees-Mogg

May 10, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg explain why we must not remain in the EU customs union, as it would be a “dramatic failure of Government policy”, and highlight exactly why food prices will fall once we leave the protectionist customs union.

The Sun: We’ve paid shameless EU £16billion in tariffs for non-EU goods — and we should scrap the NCP

May 08, 2018

Britain has more chance of securing valuable consumerfriendly agreements negotiating alone with big nations — as Switzerland did with China in 2014. London can cut deals favouring sectors where we are strong, such as services, not skewed towards French and German interests, as EU deals often are – Liam Halligan

City A.M.: For a win-win financial services Brexit deal, a reboot is needed

May 08, 2018

So now the UK must make clear that it expects to have mutual access for financial businesses through the mutual recognition of standards. This would benefit everybody, giving EU consumers a continuation of the status quo and the lowest priced access to capital – Barney Reynolds

Sunday Telegraph: New Customs Partnership is ‘unworkable’

May 06, 2018

NCP means accepting many EU single market rules and European Court of Justice jurisdiction. The Byzantine complexity, and need to pay higher EU tariffs then hopefully get a refund, would discourage non-EU nations from signing post-Brexit UK trade deals – jeopardising a major benefit of leaving – Liam Halligan

Daily Telegraph: Desperate Remainers are showing contempt for the British people

May 05, 2018

Olly Robbins, the Brexit Sir Humphrey in Chief, has popped up again like the scorned “bunny boiler” of Hollywood fame with another whizzy scheme to stop Brexit – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: The ‘customs partnership’ is the single market by another name – Jacob Rees-Mogg

May 02, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg argue on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme how the Prime Minister’s fudge of a ‘customs partnership’ is “the single market by another name”.

Daily Telegraph: Remaining in customs union is Brexit in name only

May 02, 2018

Goods and people can move across borders just as smoothly after we leave the EU customs union, provided the Brussels autocrats aren’t allowed to dictate our future – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Express: No-deal divorce ‘could net UK £651BN haul’ and hit EU with devastating loses

May 01, 2018

In his latest economic report, titled ‘The Economics of Brexit: Getting the Best Deal for the UK’, Professor Minford stresses “it could not be more open and shut who leasts wants a breakdown” of negotiations.

BrexitCentral: The economic consensus on Brexit has got it all wrong

May 01, 2018

Whichever way you slice it, the economic consensus has got it wrong, with wrong modelling and incredible policy assumptions. My team and I may be outliers, but only because the rest have in common been in serious error – Patrick Minford

BBC Daily Politics: EFT Adviser David Jones explains why we must leave the customs union

Apr 26, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser and former Brexit Minister David Jones on the BBC’s Daily Politics, explaining why we must leave the customs union.

Standpoint: Project Fear was £100 billion out

Apr 26, 2018

Perhaps there was a mixture of malice and ignorance, of wicked politics and trashy economics, and that — as usual with other policy blunders in recent decades — it was more cock-up than conspiracy – EFT’s Tim Congdon

City A.M.: The EU “customs partnership” is one of the most half-baked ideas in economic history

Apr 26, 2018

Imagine Liam Fox telling an American or Australian trade negotiator that they would have to pay the CET and then claim back a refund. The fact that Whitehall came up with such a plan is deeply disturbing and makes one fear what the officials might do next – Graeme Leach

‘Is there a risk that the UK will have to stay in the customs union?’, Jacob Rees-Mogg asks David Davis

Apr 25, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg ask Brexit Secretary David Davis whether there is a risk that the UK will have to stay in the EU customs union.

Patrick Minford and David Blake discuss the economic effects of trade policy

Apr 24, 2018

Listen to EFT’s Patrick Minford and David Blake discuss the economic effects of trade policy before the House of Commons’s International Trade Select Committee.

BrexitCentral: Theresa May should accept the EU’s offer of a Canada-style deal and claim a diplomatic triumph

Apr 24, 2018

A Canada-style deal would allow for the free movement of the vast majority of goods and agricultural products and would enable us to leave both the Single Market and the Customs Union – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: After Brexit, the UK should explore the ‘Commonwealth advantage’

Apr 23, 2018

Most UK exports to the EU are going to continue post-Brexit, and even to grow. It is just that they are likely to grow more slowly than exports to other countries, including the Commonwealth – Roger Bootle


Apr 23, 2018

The then-Chancellor released a series of Doomsday predictions, backed by ‘Treasury analysis’ to make the case against Brexit. But Mr Congdon, founder of the City firm Lombard Street Research, and a member of the Economists for Free Trade group, said Mr Osborne’s predictions had proved woefully wrong.

Daily Telegraph: Project Fear’s Brexit predictions were wrong by £100 billion, new report says

Apr 23, 2018

Mr Osborne’s “scary rhetoric about a return of the Great Recession now looks preposterous,” said the study’s author, Timothy Congdon, a leading economist.

The Sun: GEORGE IS SUM DUNCE – Project Fear’s Brexit predictions of financial doom were out by a huge £100billion

Apr 23, 2018

The paper by Timothy Congdon, a world leading monetary analyst, member of Economists for Free Trade, and founder of City firm Lombard Street Research, describes Project Fear as a “gross miscarriage of government”.

Sunday Telegraph: Commonwealth is the key to a trade boom

Apr 22, 2018

The EU, for instance, has no free trade agreement with India or Brazil, because continental farmers are determined to protect agriculture at all costs. Released from the absurdly rigid Common Agricultural Policy, Britain can strike deals with such nations to mutual advantage – Liam Halligan

Sunday Express: Project Fear got its sums WRONG by £100 BILLION, economist claims

Apr 22, 2018

TREASURY predictions during the Brexit campaign were wrong to the tune of £100billion, according to a report which accuses former Chancellor George Osborne of overseeing a “gross miscarriage of government”.

Letter to the FT Editor: UK exports to the EU do not exceed global trades

Apr 20, 2018

Read the letter to the Financial Times Editor from EFT’s John Whittaker, stating the point that UK exports to the EU do not exceed global trades.

Daily Telegraph: Don’t let the Brexit wreckers take us back to medieval times: freedom from any Customs Union is vital

Apr 19, 2018

The recent actions of their Lordships is a precursor to what is going to be a major battleground in respect of Brexit and is part of a determined attempt by Remainers to force the UK into some form of Customs Union (CU) arrangement with the EU – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Ignore North London’s luvvies, we need to be free of an EU customs union – Matt Ridley

Apr 18, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Matt Ridley tell the House of Lords to ignore North London’s luvvies and unshackle ourselves from the EU’s protectionist prison of a customs union.

Daily Express: UK can cut immigration after Brexit – and THIS is how

Apr 14, 2018

Professor Minford said Government officials already found an effective measure to curb the number of EU immigrants, especially the unskilled ones: “Giving the same rights to EU and non-EU workers means cutting the rights of EU ones to receive state benefits immediately after their arrival. Following this, the labour market could react to the lack of subsidy and bring more investments of UK-based unskilled workers.”

BrexitCentral: The simultaneous push for post-Brexit regulatory alignment from the CBI and Michel Barnier is shameless – and wrong, of course

Apr 12, 2018

I suppose it must be expected that the CBI – which should be re-named the Confederation of Brussels Influence – would choose to publish a report just before the Brexit technical talks commence in earnest, seeking to undermine our government’s negotiating position and thus damage the nation’s prospects, in order to feed the narrow, vested interests of multi-nationals – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Express: ‘The loser will shout loudest’ Roger Bootle has a go at Remainers for THIS reason

Apr 09, 2018

BREXIT-backing and leading economic Roger Bootle has blasted experts and institutes publishing “biased” reports on the future of the UK after March 2019 as he advised not to seek guidance from “losers” as they “will shout the loudest”.

Daily Telegraph: Don’t listen to those who shout loudest when it comes to the economics of Brexit

Apr 09, 2018

Thankfully, we do have at least one model that is different from the wodge of group think models so beloved of the economics establishment. The model developed by Prof Patrick Minford and used in the work of the group called Economists for Free Trade, (EFT), of which I am a member, comes up with positive economic effects from Brexit – EFT’s Roger Bootle

Daily Express: ‘Complete madness’ Brexiteer MOCKS these EU rules UK can free itself from post-Brexit

Apr 05, 2018

Britain, in a deregulated environment will demonstrate that the British people are actually better not having that Orwellian Big Brother state loaded on them. Brussels fear that massively because if Britain thrives and prospers after leaving the EU in a deregulated environment it will demonstrate how bad the EU is – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Ministers must urgently ramp up engagement with trade associations to get more British firms exporting

Apr 03, 2018

DIT will have to form a new, rather special relationship with one set of business stakeholders who barely rate a mention on their website: trade associations. – EFT’s Michael Burrage

Sunday Express: Brexit Spring has arrived and Brussels’ fear is palpable

Apr 01, 2018

Just like the Spring of nearly 200 years ago, the removal of EU­ imposed tariffs will considerably reduce the cost of food, clothing, footwear and consumer goods for the people of our country – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Sunday Telegraph: Remoaners’ excuses are not on the money

Apr 01, 2018

The Remoaner rump at the heart of our establishment needs to grow up and accept the result. Our democracy is far more important than what they think they know – about the international trading system, about this nation’s future economic path and about the true views and preferences of the British public – EFT’s Liam Halligan

The i: One year to go: A Brexit supporter on what’s going wrong with Brexit

Mar 29, 2018

In any event, as long as our government adopts the right policies given our post-Brexit freedoms, on investment, tax, regulation, tariffs, trade and agriculture, our economy will boom, the tax take will rise and the cost of living for hard working people will fall – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Express: Why is the Government talking about a Brexit transition period at all?

Mar 29, 2018

Britain should have declared for global free trade under WTO rules, defined our post-Brexit economic model to give business and investors confidence and invited the EU to talk trade if it wished to. No need for any transition – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Jacob Rees-Mogg speaks at ‘Brexit: One Year To Go’

Mar 27, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg set out our vision of the economic benefits of Brexit at a speech for our friends at Leave Means Leave.

The Sun: Why all le fuss? Soon we’ll have a passport to the global economy

Mar 27, 2018

Having voted for Brexit, I fully understand the case for leaving the European Union is based on regaining control of our laws, borders and money. But it also rests on the need for the world’s fifth-biggest economy to conduct much more overseas trade, staying as open as possible to commercial and investment ties with our European neighbours and the rest of the world too – Liam Halligan

The Times: Remainers are undermining Brexit talks and damaging Britain

Mar 27, 2018

We have agreed to delay Brexit by nearly two years and become a vassal state of the EU for at least that interregnum. For the privilege of having no say in EU affairs but being a rule taker, the UK taxpayer will hand over to the EU the equivalent of our Second World War debt. You could not make it up! – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Can the Prime Minister give reassurances that the UK will be out of the single market, customs union and any ECJ jurisdiction?

Mar 26, 2018

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg asks the Prime Minister for reassurances that when the UK leaves the EU, we will be out of the single market, customs union and ANY jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

City A.M.:After Vince Cable’s embarrassing claims about EU leaders, have the Liberal Democrats had it?

Mar 26, 2018

There have been some pretty big lies and exaggerations surrounding Brexit…The Lib Dems may not be finished as a party, but their credentials as liberal or democratic are certainly at an end – EFT Adviser John Longworth


Mar 25, 2018

“What would that mean for this nation? If we were not to leave, if we were to find a transition bound us back in? Well it would be Suez all over again. It would be the most almighty smash to the national psyche that could be imagined.” – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg


Mar 25, 2018

“It would be an admission of abject failure, a view of our politicians, of our leaders, of our establishment that we were not fit, that we were too craven, that we were too weak to be able to govern ourselves and that therefore we had to go crawling back to the mighty bastion of power that is Brussels.” – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg

Sunday Express: Stay awake to transition, says JACOB REES-MOGG MP

Mar 25, 2018

Reversing Brexit would be abandoning something worthy because the establishment does not like it. In the referendum 2.8 million people voted who never normally do so – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg

Daily Express: ‘It’s nonsense’ THIS is how much it REALLY costs the UK to remain in the EU customs union

Mar 24, 2018

Macroeconomist Professor Patrick Minford, chair of the Economists for Free Trade group, dismissed the IFS numbers as “wrong” as he said they failed to consider crucial aspects related to the tariffs imposed by the EU. Economists for Free Trade calculated the gain the UK will have from leaving the customs union will amount to four percent of the GDP – roughly £80 billion.

The Times: We must learn from our mistakes when negotiating the sublime heaven of Brexit

Mar 23, 2018

It is a pity that the Government’s preparatory work for leaving as a result of the EU27 being unable to reach one big overarching deal with us is not more visible. This risks sending a false and misleading signal to those we are dealing with, and is therefore a mistake – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg

Daily Telegraph: The Irish people should not let themselves be manipulated by Brussels

Mar 23, 2018

My plea to the people of Ireland is: do not let your politicians be used as useful fools by the EU, who will undoubtedly abandon you as soon as their work is done.

BrexitCentral: Can the EU step up to a win-win Brexit outcome in financial services?

Mar 21, 2018

A competitive City of London is essential to provide low-cost growth capital to EU businesses and to finance consumers’ lives – EFT’s Barney Reynolds

Express & Star: Free trade post Brexit will help UK ‘flourish’; Ex-Thatcher aide says West Midlands well placed to benefit

Mar 20, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford said the region’s manufacturing and service industries would blossom once the UK leaves the ‘poor old EU’. He said others would become ‘far richer’ thanks to controlled immigration, bigger wages and lower prices on the high street.

Daily Express: Iconic British firm reveals SHOCK sums it sends to Brussels and heralds Brexit LIBERATION

Mar 20, 2018

Mr Mason told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that scrapping the tariffs would not only benefit his company but also consumers – an idea backed by economist Patrick Minford.

BBCR4 Today Programme: Cutting tariffs will reduce the cost of food by 20 per cent – Patrick Minford

Mar 20, 2018

Listen to EFT Chairman Patrick Minford comment in a debate on cutting tariffs on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. After we leave the EU, we can cut tariffs and reduce the cost of food by some 20 per cent.

The Guardian: Scrapping EU tariffs would do little to cut UK prices – thinktank

Mar 20, 2018

Prof Patrick Minford, who leads the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade group of academics, criticised the findings of the IFS report, which was funded by the group UK in a Changing Europe. He said abolishing import tariffs could lower consumer prices by 8% and boost economic output.

Daily Telegraph: Putin may leave UK in the cold but our economy can ride out a storm

Mar 19, 2018

The UK’s economy is about 70 per cent larger than Russia’s, despite having very little energy or mineral wealth compared with Russia, and despite having only about half the population – Roger Bootle

FT: Boldness in Business person of the year: Sir James Dyson

Mar 16, 2018

“As we expanded more and more globally, I realised Europe was a bad thing, not a good thing, for us,” he says. Dyson has “expanded heavily in China” and Asia-Pacific has become by far its biggest region. “We’ve expanded in Europe, but Europe is a shrinking part of the world for us and I would suggest for everybody.”

Daily Telegraph: Low-key speech welcome but missed boat on Brexit

Mar 14, 2018

“Britain is happy to trade with the EU under no deal,” Hammond should have said. “And we will be completely ready for no deal, if that’s what transpires.” An update on such preparations would also, I believe, have been welcomed by all but the most ardent Remain voters in the UK – that is to say, the vast majority.

Daily Telegraph: It is time to ignore our economic Eeyores and celebrate falling debt

Mar 14, 2018

Even on the OBR’s more pessimistic view, it was particularly cheering to hear from Hammond that public debt is now falling. Of course, the Government is still running a deficit, albeit now only at about 2pc of GDP, down from 10pc in 2010. Accordingly, the absolute amount of debt is still rising. As a share of GDP, though, it is falling from this year onwards.

Standpoint: The new Project Fear shames Whitehall

Mar 13, 2018

Claim and counter-claim about Britain’s economic future outside the European Union have led to bewilderment. Undoubtedly, the scariest short-term forecasts in Project Fear have been refuted and, in that sense, the Leavers have won the opening stages of the debate – EFT’s Tim Congdon

BrexitCentral: Let’s stick to the facts on the economy: the Treasury, Bank of England and IMF were wrong

Mar 13, 2018

There is an opportunity for the otherwise gloomy Chancellor of the Exchequer to highlight a “Brexit dividend” of an extra £25 billion per year in spending when we exit the EU as EFT’s recent report makes abundantly clear – EFT’s Neil MacKinnon

Daily Telegraph: Spring Statement going looks good, but don’t bet on big announcements

Mar 12, 2018

I cannot see the Chancellor, acting as the OBR’s mouthpiece, doing a complete about-face tomorrow and returning to the previous more optimistic forecasts – Roger Bootle

The Sunday Telegraph: Chancellor urged to reward loyalty of businesses and workers as Spring Statement approaches

Mar 11, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford, the group’s chairman, said: “We are nearing the end of austerity and the Government should now look to reward hard-working British people and businesses with tax cuts and investment in key public services.”

The Sun on Sunday: SPEND OF AN ERA

Mar 11, 2018

A report by Economists for Free Trade says predicts a surplus of £25 billion a year by 2020. It is enough to cut the 45p tax rate and invest £14billion on key public services. The report says: “A Brexit dividend from 2020 would begin to reduce the strains in the public sector and also give a useful boost to competitiveness.”

Sunday Express: Brexit BOOST expected as experts predict tax cuts

Mar 11, 2018

EFT, which correctly predicted the Treasury and the Office for Budget Responsibility would have to revise their figures, says from 2020 the Treasury will have a surplus of more than £25billion a year and rising to play with.

Daily Star: Brexit Britain heading for HUGE tax cuts and spending BONANZA

Mar 11, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford, EFT chairman, said: “The UK economy is doing extremely well following the Brexit vote and there are huge economic opportunities that are only possible because of the vote to leave the EU.”

The Sunday Telegraph: Now is not yet the time to spend

Mar 11, 2018

Yes, our budget deficit is now low. That’s a big achievement. This column has often (rhetorically) kicked George Osborne in the shins. I’d like now to congratulate the former chancellor, and his successor. Managing the finances of the world’s fifth biggest economy is harder than writing articles about those finances – Liam Halligan

Daily Express: Leave Means Leave chief reveals how Brexit could be completed THIS YEAR

Mar 09, 2018

If we offer the European Union a Canada-style deal, perfectly legitimate between two sovereign states because there is already one on the shelf between Canada and the EU, we will cover 98 percent of goods and 92 percent of agriculture. Britain could do even better than that in any deal that we put forward – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Express: ‘Hypocrisy’ Fury after Luxembourg PM lectures UK on free trade behind ‘protectionist zone’

Mar 08, 2018

Graeme Leach of the Economists for Free Trade criticised Mr Bettel for his comments. He said: “Yet again we see EU politicians failing to practice what they preach. Luxembourg lies right at the heart of the world’s biggest protectionist zone, and yet their PM is lecturing the UK on free trade. The PM’s comments combine hypocrisy with a lack of any sense of reality.”

BBC Daily Politics: Leaving the customs union could reduce food prices by between 6 and 20 per cent – Warwick Lightfoot

Mar 08, 2018

Watch EFT’s Warwick Lightfoot debate Brexit’s affect on prices with the New Economics Foundation’s chief executive Miatta Fahnbulleh.

Daily Telegraph: Thousands of firms have been left voiceless on Brexit

Mar 06, 2018

The greatest distortion of opinion has been perpetrated by the CBI. A well-funded think tank made up of a vast army of bureaucrats, they bounce policy proposals off panels made up almost exclusively of multinationals and off the president’s committee – the president, of course, being a card carrying Remainer.

ConservativeHome: Despite all the forecasts of doom, Brexit is not a ‘darkest hour’ for the UK

Mar 05, 2018

I have found it interesting to note the number of people, and particularly women, praising Theresa May for having to stand up to all the EU flak and downright rudeness. I am a ‘Thatcher Conservative’, and I perceive the Prime Minister as a ‘Macmillan Conservative’ but who is a decent and brave woman – EFT Adviser Lord Flight

Is it right for the European Commission to behave in such a high handed fashion?, asks Jacob Rees-Mogg

Mar 05, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg ask the Prime Minister whether it is right for the European Commission to behave in such a high handed fashion over Brexit and the Irish border.

ConservativeHome: Why we must all now ready ourselves for no deal – and WTO terms

Mar 05, 2018

Given that the Prime Minister does understand the EU’s principles, I have no doubt that she is ensuring that all necessary steps are now being taken to ensure a smooth departure from the EU and an inevitable future trading relationship on WTO terms if the trade deal proves impossible – David Jones

Sunday Telegraph: Campaign to reverse Brexit is in full swing

Mar 04, 2018

The campaign to reverse Brexit is now in full swing, as political and corporate interests determined to upend the 2016 referendum seek to renege on the biggest expression of democracy in British history – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: The Mansion House speech was a defining moment on the path to successfully delivering Brexit

Mar 04, 2018

The EU have been so belligerent and condescending, and so incompatible with our nature as a nation, that it doubly reinforces the rightness of our decision to leave – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: The Government needs to spend money now on post-Brexit preparations, deal or no deal

Mar 02, 2018

We cannot assume – indeed, it would be irresponsible to do so – that the current negotiations will achieve a satisfactory conclusion – EFT Adviser and former Brexit Minister David Jones

Daily Express: Britain is NOT alone in wanting sovereignty back, says ANDREA HOSSÓ

Mar 02, 2018

The EU edifice is brittle and torn apart by increasing economic and political tensions amongst its three major regions of conflicting interests and priorities: Northern, Southern and Central Europe.

The Times: Brexit could work wonders for free trade

Mar 02, 2018

If this argument sounds familiar it’s because it was used last week by the pro-Brexit lobby group Economists for Free Trade to explain why we could be even stronger outside the EU than inside. Such arguments are portrayed as entirely reasonable when they come from the IMF, but the Brexiteers’ forecasts were met with widespread ridicule…their logic was perfectly sound.

Daily Express: BRITAIN IS NOT ALONE: Economist hails UK’s European allies in attack on ‘FALSE’ EU unity

Mar 02, 2018

Writing for the Daily Express, Andrea Hossó, who is a member of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade, said that the EU 27’s image of unity on Brexit is “false” and that her native Hungary and other central European states sympathise with the desire to break away from a super state.

Daily Telegraph: A market-regulated economy is far from Davis’s ‘Mad Max’ dystopia

Mar 02, 2018

The Government shouldn’t blithely commit to “high standards”, or tougher regulations, then but try to obtain good economic outcomes. Yes, state regulation and legal frameworks are needed in many areas. But often government regulation, including that emanating from the EU, has perverse or damaging consequences – Ryan Bourne

City A.M.: The Irish border scuffle could be turned to the UK’s advantage in Brexit negotiations

Mar 01, 2018

The idea that every crossover point between Northern Ireland and the Republic would need to be manned, with mandatory searches, is a complete and utter fiction. But that mental picture is being used to scare us – Graeme Leach

The biggest loser from no sensible agreement will be Ireland – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Feb 28, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg point out to the House of Commons that, if no sensible agreement is reached, the biggest loser will be Ireland. Is the Irish Prime Minister willing to sacrifice the Irish economy on the high altar of European political integration?

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: The EU is behaving wholly irresponsibly over Northern Ireland – David Jones

Feb 28, 2018

Listen to former Brexit Minister and EFT Adviser David Jones explain why the EU is behaving wholly irresponsibly over Northern Ireland and that “we cannot be in a position where a substantial part of British territory is effectively governed by a foreign administration”.

Patrick Minford’s letter to the Financial Times: Pro-Brexit analysis figures add up perfectly, in fact

Feb 27, 2018

As for the costs of the border, the World Trade Organization mandates a seamless and so costless border by law; where then can the civil service find the huge costs it assumes? – Patrick Minford writes to the Financial Times

BrexitCentral: Corbyn’s customs union plan is bizarre: what on earth is he thinking?

Feb 27, 2018

We would have no ability to decide what tariffs we charge on imports from non-EU countries. At the moment we are forced to charge high tariffs on clothing and footwear imports from non-EU countries, mainly to protect industries in continental Europe – Professor David Paton

BBC Three Counties Radio: Staying in a customs union would be ‘the worst of all worlds’ – David Paton

Feb 26, 2018

Listen to EFT’s Professor David Paton explain to BBC Three Counties Radio why it doesn’t make economic sense to stay part of a customs union post-Brexit, adding that it would be “the worst of all worlds”.

The Times: Corbyn’s post-Brexit customs union would hurt the poor

Feb 26, 2018

As a report from the organisations Labour Leave, Economists for Free Trade and Leave Means Leave calculated, the poor would benefit most from Brexit. If the Labour Party is really on the side of the poor rather than the elite, the EU customs union is a curious thing to defend.

City A.M.: Now the fog has lifted, the UK’s post-Brexit future looks bright

Feb 26, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford of Economists for Free Trade (who is, in my humble opinion, the leading economist and best economic forecaster in this country) has demonstrated how the supposed “independent” economic modelling from the Treasury is just a case of “garbage in, garbage out”.

BBC Sunday Politics: Our “absolutely brilliant” report eclipses the Treasury’s “nonsense” – Iain Duncan Smith

Feb 25, 2018

Watch former Conservative Party leader and Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith discuss EFT’s Alternative Brexit Economic Analysis on the BBC’s Sunday Politics – it is “absolutely brilliant” compared to the Treasury’s pessimistic “nonsense”.

BBC Daily Politics: Our track record on predicting the short term is better than the Treasury’s

Feb 23, 2018

Watch the co-author of our latest report, the IEA’s Chief Economist Julian Jessop, explain that when it comes to predicting the short term, the team of economists behind our report have a better track record than the Treasury.

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: A customs union means higher prices for food, clothing and footwear – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Feb 23, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg on the Today programme, where he explains why leaving the customs union – and being outside a customs union – will avoid high prices for food, clothing and footwear.

The Times: Economists for Free Trade group forecast 4% Brexit boost to growth

Feb 22, 2018

Economists for Free Trade yesterday published an alternative analysis of the impact of Brexit that is designed to rival a leaked Whitehall study. They claim that the latter was a “gloomy” assessment based on a model that had not used all relevant data.

City A.M.: The doom-mongering Whitehall forecasts are dismally misguided

Feb 22, 2018

As Cabinet ministers assemble at Chequers for yet another crunch Brexit showdown, doubts linger over the quality and accuracy of briefing papers prepared for them – Graeme Leach

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Our detective work has abandoned the Treasury’s dodgy assumptions

Feb 21, 2018

Listen to one of the co-authors of our Alternative Brexit Economic Analysis, the IEA’s Julian Jessop, explain how our detective work predicts a Brexit boost of up to four per cent of GDP.


Feb 21, 2018

The new report, ‘Alternative Brexit Economic Analysis’, was written by four leading independent economists: Roger Bootle, the founder and chairman of Capital Economics; Gerard Lyons, former economic adviser to Boris Johnson; Julian Jessop of the Institute for Economic Affairs; and Professor Patrick Minford of Cardiff University.

The Sun: Government’s Brexit plan will actually BOOST growth by 4 per cent, say economists

Feb 21, 2018

Using the a similar economic model behind controversial leaked Whitehall forecasts, pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade group say the PM’s goals actually point to growth over 15 years. They say that if actual government policy is modelled – rather than deals other countries have with the EU – then it leads to good news.

City A.M.: Economists “debunk” Whitehall Brexit analysis – and claim the economy will grow

Feb 21, 2018

Unlike the official forecasts, which revealed some regions may face double-digit declines after Brexit, this analysis is based on the government’s stated outcome of a Canada-plus free trade deal with the EU, sitting alongside free trade with the rest of the world.

BrexitCentral: The Treasury’s record of economic forecasting is so poor, it should have given up trying years ago

Feb 21, 2018

Lies, damned lies and Whitehall models: this is the take-home message from a new report, Alternative Brexit Economic Analysis, issued today by Roger Bootle, Gerard Lyons, Julian Jessop and Patrick Minford.

Daily Express: You’ve got it wrong! Top economists say Britain will boom after Brexit

Feb 21, 2018

Former Conservative leader and prominent Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith said: “This new study by some of our most respected economists, who have been right in the past on key issues such as the euro and the immediate effects of Brexit, deserves to be taken very seriously.”

BBC News: Pro-Brexit Tory MPs set out demands

Feb 21, 2018

Economists for Free Trade have published their “alternative” calculations, saying the civil servants’ version ignored what they said were the “clear objectives” set out by Mrs May of free trade with Europe and the rest of the world.

Daily Express: Former Brexit Minister David Jones hits back at Michel Barnier

Feb 20, 2018

“I don’t want to do any cherry picking. I’m entirely happy to continue trading with the EU on WTO terms” – EFT Adviser and former Brexit Minister David Jones

Daily Telegraph: Our Brexit team must be bold and avoid giving in to a limp transition

Feb 19, 2018

Giving in to timidity and procrastination might be understandable and forgivable if the transition period were costless, but it isn’t. Far from it – Roger Bootle

BrexitCentral: There are perfectly workable alternatives to the demeaning transition as proposed by the EU

Feb 19, 2018

The European Union’s proposals for the UK’s transition period make grim reading. They are the sort of terms which might be imposed by a victorious power in war on a defeated enemy – Martin Howe QC

Sunday Telegraph: Ireland’s ‘big mistake is backing team EU’ in Brexit negotiations

Feb 18, 2018

“Instead we set out to be the hardest of the hard to show we are pro-EU – and that was so much against our interests”

The Times: Let’s burn the EU red tape and embrace a new era of prosperity

Feb 16, 2018

Now at last Brexit provides an opportunity to do something about it and in so doing provide a huge boost of up to 2 per cent of GDP, according to Economists for Free Trade, by reducing red tape by just a third – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Scrap tariffs to pile pressure on EU for best Brexit deal, ministers told

Feb 12, 2018

Last year, Economists for Free Trade, claimed that abolishing tariffs would inject £135bn into the British economy each year.

Daily Express: Dump tariffs to boost consumer confidence and strengthen Brexit

Feb 12, 2018

“This is one of the few areas of consensus in economics – 95% of economists across the political spectrum from left to right support free trade and the principle of comparative advantage, and governments need to catch up.” – Warwick Lightfoot

Leaving the customs union is a “fantastic opportunity” – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Feb 08, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg explain from Downing Street why leaving the customs union presents a “fantastic opportunity” for inward investment to the UK.

City A.M.: The economy will thrive outside the EU’s protectionist tariff wall

Feb 08, 2018

More than 18 months after the Brexit referendum, so many people still don’t “get it” with regard to the economic benefits of being outside the CET (the Common External Tariff). There’s a need to revisit the economics of customs unions 101 – Professor Graeme Leach

Daily Express: ‘Growth across the board’ CEO dashes Project Fear with point Remoaners should listen to

Feb 05, 2018

Last week Professor Graeme Leach, a member of Economists for Free Trade, told that there is now a dawning realisation that Brexit could be very good for the UK economy, and as this realisation strengthens, so too could the Pound.

ConservativeHome: More compliance. Lower productivity. Reduced growth. Why we must free ourselves from EU regulation.

Feb 05, 2018

The extent of EU regulation and its effect on our economy has become alarming. In the City, the new MIFID 2 has just arrived – a monstrous and redundant new rulebook for financial behaviour. It is not the first and it will not be the last if we do not take back our regulative powers – Patrick Minford

The Times: Bias against Brexit runs deep in Whitehall

Feb 05, 2018

Nobody disputes, surely, that civil servants have views. Since 91 per cent of Washington DC voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and a similar percentage of public servants here probably voted Remain, we can guess what those views are in most cases – Matt Ridley

BrexitCentral: Remaining in the EU Customs Union after Brexit would be a political and economic disaster

Feb 05, 2018

“Alignment” means we would be unable to change them in order to benefit British industry or consumers, and would have to change them to match the EU’s rules however damaging the EU’s rule change might be to our interests – Martin Howe QC

Daily Telegraph: Project Fear resurfaces in another misguided and ill-thought-out way

Feb 05, 2018

A story appeared last week that an as yet unpublished document authored by government economists suggests that, whatever sort of deal we get out of the EU, in 15 years’ time the UK is going to be considerably worse off. It is time for 12 home truths – Roger Bootle

BrexitCentral: Even the new Civil Service approach seems to show the benefit of Free Trade outside the EU Customs Union

Feb 05, 2018

Plainly, the criticisms of this old approach – persistently so from us at Economists for Free Trade – have hit home; if so, that is real progress – Patrick Minford

Sunday Express: EU regulation costs ‘will double to £240 billion annually AFTER Brexit’

Feb 04, 2018

Failing to scrap EU regulation following the UK’s exit from the EU could cost the economy £240 billion annually, experts have warned. Excessive regulation currently costs the UK £120 billion each year but forecasts by the Economists for Free Trade have warned that this could double.

The Sun on Sunday: RED TAPE ALERT Sticking with EU regulations after Brexit ‘could cost us £240billion a year’

Feb 04, 2018

“If Britain seizes the freedom to move away from EU regulations, the current 6 per cent cost could be cut by a third – boosting GDP by 2 per cent and our growth rate in line.” – Patrick Minford

Sunday Telegraph: Brexit sums don’t stack up? I agree entirely

Feb 04, 2018

Now Brexit is coming, large economies have shown strong interest in signing deals. Yet, apparently, the “sums don’t stack up” – Liam Halligan

BrexitCentral: Why Labour should embrace free trade and campaign to stay out of the EU Customs Union

Feb 02, 2018

At least as important for Labour should be that it is consumers who, quite literally, pay the price through high-tariff items such as food, clothing and footwear being made expensive – Professor David Paton on Labour and the customs union

BBC Question Time: Who should we trust – the Treasury or Economists for Free Trade?

Feb 01, 2018

Watch a member of the audience from BBC Question Time cite Economists for Free Trade as more trustworthy than gloomy, inaccurate Treasury ‘forecasts’.

Daily Express: EU banks tested as worst case Brexit scenario could see euro economic output drop 8%

Feb 01, 2018

David Paton, member of Economists for Free Trade and Labour Leave, told at the time that news of the UK financial institutions having passed the “worst-case scenario” stress test showed the economy can survive and thrive in Brexit Britain.

Jacob Rees-Mogg questions Steve Baker over whether civil servants are sabotaging Brexit

Feb 01, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg question Brexit Minister Steve Baker in the Commons over whether civil servants are manipulating economic modelling to keep the UK in the customs union.

BrexitCentral: Whitehall’s leaked Brexit forecasts are clearly based on outdated trade models

Feb 01, 2018

The battle has raged over models and projections and all such economist-oriented material. But naturally enough, many people mercifully untrained in these arcana find them pretty baffling. So what is it really all about? – Patrick Minford

Daily Express: Project fear DESTROYED: Britain’s economy will GROW by 4 percent post-Brexit – Economist

Jan 31, 2018

Patrick Minford destroyed claims made in a leaked Brexit report and said Britain will thrive after leaving the Brussels bloc.


Jan 31, 2018

“The Treasury, together with any others involved in this report, have clearly used the same discredited methods that it used to produce Project Fear. Because of this, their estimates should be disregarded.” – Patrick Minford

I see people pretending to worry about democracy while trying to undermine it – Matt Ridley in the Lords

Jan 30, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Matt Ridley take on those in the House of Lords “pretending to worry about democracy while trying to undermine it”.

I will continue to look at the work of Economists for Free Trade – Brexit Minister Steve Baker

Jan 30, 2018

Watch Brexit Minister Steve Baker commit to continue meeting Patrick Minford and taking Economists for Free Trade’s work into account.

The Sun: Theresa May blames civil servants for leaked Brexit report and says Britain will seek ‘bespoke deal’ to avoid economic hit

Jan 30, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford argued it is time to abandon the gloomy forecasts and embrace the new prosperity on the horizon. He declared: “Project Fear failed yet many Remainers are trying to resurrect it. The government should embrace a clean, swift Brexit – avoid the uncertainty of a long, drawn out transition and embrace the opportunities of Brexit.”

Daily Express: Jacob Rees-Mogg warns Liam Fox capitulation will PUSH UK ‘onto a plank

Jan 30, 2018

“Just look at Patrick Minford’s findings, based on free trade policies, that shows a huge opportunity for economic growth.” – Jacob Rees-Mogg

A forecast for 15 years is much more an expression of opinion…it isn’t hard fact – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jan 30, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg explain why we should ignore the Treasury’s latest leaked forecasts. The longer a forecast is, the more it is based on opinion, not hard fact.

Daily Express: ‘Brexit is not a disaster’ UK business take advantage of pound’s rise

Jan 29, 2018

“The more the Government articulates an exciting post-Brexit vision, taking advantage of our future economic freedom, the stronger the pound could become. The problem is that the Prime Minister seems unable to do this.” – EFT’s Professor Graeme Leach

BrexitCentral: As more Project Fear myths are debunked, we must look forward to the benefits of global trade

Jan 29, 2018

In the vernacular of Shakespeare, those who contributed to “Project Fear” running up to the referendum and into 2017 were either fools or knaves. They either showed extraordinary bad judgement and poor economic modelling…or they were deliberately lying – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: The Government must raise its sights, not kow-tow to big business

Jan 29, 2018

The UK’s relative position before the vote was unsustainable, since it relied upon rapid growth of domestic demand, led by consumer spending, in advance of what was occurring in our major markets overseas.

The Times: Divergence is the big prize that Brexit offers

Jan 29, 2018

The central issue is divergence: how much should Britain aim to veer away from the Continent in how it regulates products and services, and how much would the 27 countries and the European Commission allow us to diverge before denying us a trade deal at all?

Daily Express: Brexit boom is HERE as economy soars to defy doom-mongers

Jan 27, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade, said: “These latest figures go to show that Project Fear was completely wrong then, and Remainers are wrong now. The British economy has thrived.”

Leaving the customs union will benefit every family in the country – Owen Paterson

Jan 26, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser Owen Paterson on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, explaining how leaving the customs union will bring the cost of clothing, footwear and food down, benefiting every family in the UK.

Free trade massively increases world prosperity – Owen Paterson

Jan 26, 2018

Listen to EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain on BBC Radio 5 Live why it is vital that we make a clean break from the EU.

UnHerd: The CBI has got it wrong again – of course business wants Brexit

Jan 25, 2018

“Business doesn’t want Brexit”, we’re so often told, but that’s just not true. Yes, large corporations want to maintain the status quo from which they benefit. But the UK’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), accounting for far more jobs and the bulk of the economy, are far more likely to back Leave – Liam Halligan

Jacob Rees-Mogg explains how leaving the customs union will benefit UK consumers

Jan 23, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg explain on the BBC’s Daily Politics how leaving the customs union can benefit consumers across the UK.

The Sun on Sunday: Brexit will mean cheaper clothes and food if the PM gets tough with EU, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jan 21, 2018

In a hard-hitting report, Rees-Mogg urges Mrs May to spend less time bartering with Brussels and focus on countries who can deliver cheaper food and clothing — such as the US, India, China and Brazil.

Jacob Rees-Mogg vs Lord Adonis on BBC Sunday Politics

Jan 21, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg go head-to-head with Labour peer Lord Adonis on Brexit and the House of Lords.

Everybody benefits from trade – Warwick Lightfoot

Jan 18, 2018

Watch EFT’s Warwick Lightfoot explain the essence of free trade and why it is beneficial to all. Warwick was giving evidence to the House of Commons International Trade Select Committee.

Patrick Minford responds to the Royal Economic Society over BBC economic reporting

Jan 18, 2018

EFT Chairman Patrick Minford has responded to concerns raised by the Royal Economic Society over the “considerable publicity” given by the BBC to our From Project Fear to Project Prosperity launch in August.

Jacob Rees-Mogg exposes the downsides of regulatory alignment with the EU post-Brexit

Jan 17, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg expose the key drawbacks of regulatory alignment with the EU post-Brexit. Alignment would stifle our economy’s competitiveness and make the UK a rule-taker, but not a rule-maker.

Daily Telegraph: As the Brexiteers’ tribune, Jacob Rees-Mogg could be Tory kingmaker, if not king himself

Jan 17, 2018

Chairing the European Research Group may not sound glamorous, but it gets you places in the Conservative party. Mr Rees-Mogg now has the ideal pulpit from which to preach his robust pro-Brexit message.

BrexitCentral: The SNP ought to grasp that Brexit can hold the key to a brighter economic future for Scotland

Jan 17, 2018

If the Scottish Government did look at the analysis of Minford’s work, along with that of Economists for Free Trade, they should be able to see that the road ahead in this scenario is paved with gold.

I want to leave the EU heart, soul and mind – Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jan 16, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg interviewed on BBC Newsnight, where he offers his latest thoughts on the Brexit negotiations and his election as Chairman of the European Research Group.

Matt Ridley explains the opportunities of a ‘no deal’ Brexit to the House of Lords

Jan 16, 2018

Watch EFT Adviser Viscount Ridley explain to the House of Lords how the UK can gain numerous opportunities from a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Daily Express: ‘PROJECT MCFEAR’ Sturgeon sparks OUTRAGE with damning report on Scotland leaving EU

Jan 16, 2018

“Nicola Sturgeon should put an end to her Project McFear, accept that we are leaving the EU – and that means leaving the single market and the customs union – and start embracing the real opportunities Brexit offers the whole of the UK” – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: How is our national interest served by MPs sucking up to Michel Barnier?

Jan 15, 2018

Why these people, who are not batting for Britain and who clearly are prepared to undermine the will of the British electorate, should want to see Barnier is obvious. It can only be to collude – EFT Adviser John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Brexit is already shaping the economy for the better

Jan 15, 2018

The UK would do well under ‘No Deal’, indeed it would in purely economic terms do better than with a Canada-plus trade deal, in that there would be a quicker movement to free trade and a big gain in our net financial payments to the EU – Patrick Minford

Daily Express Online: Banking ‘Brexodus’ claims in TATTERS: Deutsche Bank admit thousands of jobs WON’T leave UK

Jan 14, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade, said: “We welcome this news that we always expected and note that it tallies with our estimates of the extent of passporting – which gives the City access to the single market – and the need to ‘work around’ any new obstacles.

Sunday Telegraph: EU to lose £500bn and UK to gain £640bn in no-deal Brexit, economist claims

Jan 14, 2018

For the UK a breakdown would be a short term nuisance but a substantial economic gain; for the EU it is both a short term nuisance and a substantial economic loss – Patrick Minford

Sunday Express: ‘NO DEAL’ WILL COST EU £500 BN

Jan 14, 2018

“Professor Minford shows what a risk the EU would take by not giving us a deal, which is a timely reminder of our negotiating strength.” – EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg


Jan 12, 2018

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of the Brexit-supporting Economists for Free Trade, said: ‘These ridiculously pessimistic studies are the latest attempts to use taxpayers’ money to pump life into Project Fear.’

Mail Online: Sadiq Khan renews Project Fear as he publishes a report claiming ‘no deal’ would cost £54billion and 500,000 jobs – but his taxpayer-funded review does not consider a good Brexit deal

Jan 11, 2018

‘These ridiculously pessimistic studies are the latest attempts to use taxpayers’ money to pump life into Project Fear. Our own assessments, using the correct economic model suited to free trade, show the clear benefits of Britain making a swift, clean break from the EU.’ – Patrick Minford


Jan 11, 2018

We are now in real danger of having the Schrodinger’s Cat solution to Brexit. An outcome so complicated that it is designed to persuade those who voted for Brexit that Brexit is what they have got – the paradox of Brexit in name only – John Longworth

Daily Express: David Davis attacks EU over move against British business

Jan 09, 2018

Economists for Free Trade led by Professor Patrick Minford have estimated that simply leaving the EU without a formal deal could boost UK GDP by around £150 billion a year.

Daily Telegraph: Ignore the doom-mongers. Brexit should be a cause for optimism

Jan 08, 2018

As I never tire of telling people, on the whole, political events have next to no impact on immediate economic performance. This is determined by much more humdrum factors such as the growth of incomes or changes in interest rates – Roger Bootle

City A.M. Debate: Should we subsidise farmers for providing ‘public goods’, like protecting the environment?

Jan 08, 2018

Brexit presents a big opportunity to improve the way we support farming and put the consumer at the heart of food policy. The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has, at great expense, reduced agricultural productivity by lessening competition and supporting inefficient farmers – Warwick Lightfoot

ConservativeHome: How to achieve a successful Brexit deal for financial services

Jan 07, 2018

A mutually advantageous deal would allow both the UK and EU financial sectors to trade freely and flourish. It would permit EU customers the cheapest access to capital – Barney Reynolds

EFT’s Roger Bootle on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme

Jan 05, 2018

Listen to EFT’s Roger Bootle debate the economist Vicky Pryce about the key Brexit decisions that need to be taken in 2018.

BrexitCentral: Central Europe and Spain show the EU’s double standards in enforcing ‘democratic values’

Jan 04, 2018

Britain voted for Brexit to get back her sovereignty. Central Europe would like the same. The EU resists both. Here is the basis of a strong alliance, because strong and enduring alliances can only rest on shared interests – Andrea Hossó

Western Mail: Could UK’s post-Brexit future lie in a new Pacific partnership?

Jan 04, 2018

“It could easily fit into talks about new free trade agreements because it’s quite a comprehensive one. It certainly makes some sense…Everyone has been obsessed with our relationship with Europe, but that’s really something that just gets in the way at the moment. We would like to resolve it so we can get on with this broadening of trade…” – Patrick Minford on the prospect of the UK joining the TPP

ConservativeHome: Leavers have every reason to be optimistic about the year ahead

Jan 02, 2018

Seeing the “glass half empty”, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) establishment this week declared that it is vital that the British Government obtain trade relations with the EU as soon as possible in order that companies can continue to import from the EU without tariffs and without disruption. At one stroke this undermines the UK’s negotiating position – EFT Adviser John Longworth

Daily Telegraph: Serious risks, yes, but I see growth continuing in the global economy

Jan 01, 2018

There are serious geo-political risks that could upset the world economy. There usually are. But I propose to put these aside on the impressively scientific grounds – Roger Bootle

Daily Express: Trade deal by March or WALK AWAY: Owen Paterson warns May to ignore ‘Remoaner double talk’

Jan 01, 2018

If the EU will not agree heads of terms by March next year or if the price — either financially or in concessions of sovereignty — is too high, then we should politely advise them that our trade will continue on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Daily Telegraph: Hard data trumps drumbeat of negativity

Dec 31, 2017

As 2017 ends, any objective observer should acknowledge that the British economy is performing quite well. The drumbeat of negativity continues – and won’t abate in 2018. The hard data, though, keeps confounding the doom-mongers – Liam Halligan

The Sun: Why 2018 will be good for go-it-alone UK as we edge closer to Brexit Britain

Dec 31, 2017

Provided the Government retains our newly won freedoms to set taxes, decide on regulations, make trade deals and remove tariffs, the UK economy will boom for years to come – EFT Adviser John Longworth

The Times: Economists give us reasons to be cheerful about 2018

Dec 28, 2017

Patrick Minford, professor of economics at Cardiff University, and Gerard Lyons, chief economic adviser at Policy Exchange, both of whom supported Brexit and reckon growth will be 2 per cent. Mr Hollingsworth at Capital Economics, which was founded by Brexit-supporting Roger Bootle, is more optimistic still at 2.2 per cent.

Daily Express: ‘They can’t STOP us!’ Economist DASHES EU plans to thwart UK’s post-Brexit trade strategy

Dec 20, 2017

The European Union will try to “stop” the United Kingdom from striking new trade deals after Brexit because it would “undermine” their exports to Britain, economist Patrick Minford claimed.

BrexitCentral: The case for a post-Brexit transition period has yet to be made

Dec 20, 2017

For Remainers, a transition period provides an opportunity for unforeseen events to intervene and frustrate Brexit altogether – Michael Burrage

ConservativeHome: To make Brexit a success, we must break free from the over-taxed, over-regulated European model

Dec 19, 2017

The European Commission itself admits that 90 per cent of global economic growth in the next ten to 15 years is expected to be generated outside Europe, a third of it in China alone. We must be allowed – outside the Single Market and Customs Union – to seize these opportunities – Owen Paterson

Will the PM show steel in rejecting these hostile EU negotiating terms?, asks Jacob Rees-Mogg

Dec 18, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg ask the Prime Minister whether she will show real steel in rejecting the EU’s hostile negotiating terms.

Owen Paterson asks the PM: Can she confirm that ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’?

Dec 18, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson ask the Prime Minister whether she can confirm that ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’?

Daily Telegraph: 2017 was the year supposed economic threats like Trump turned into non-events

Dec 18, 2017

The big news has been the strength of the global economy after several years of weak performance – Roger Bootle

BrexitCentral: What the ‘meaningful vote’ and ‘exit date’ amendments are really about

Dec 18, 2017

Martin Howe QC decodes the latest Brexit battles in Parliament on BrexitCentral.

Daily Express: Banks to move fewer than 4,600 jobs from London in the run-up to Brexit

Dec 15, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, chairman of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade, said: “We welcome this news that we always expected and note that it tallies with our estimates of the extent of passporting [which gives the City access to the single market] and the need to ‘work around’ any new obstacles.

The Times: Macron lures bankers fleeing London with tax cuts for rich

Dec 15, 2017

The pro-Brexit group Economists for Free Trade has estimated that about 9 per cent of revenues from City companies are vulnerable from the loss of passporting…Barnabas Reynolds, the global cohead of financial institutions at the law firm Shearman & Sterling, said: “Any significant impact from Brexit will most likely be five to ten years out and will be determined by what the UK and EU do between now and then. There is almost no conclusive evidence of what will happen.

A Successful trade deal must be better than WTO terms – Owen Paterson in the House of Commons

Dec 14, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson question Brexit Secretary David Davis at DExEU questions in the House of Commons.

Prospect: British concessions to the EU last week are a matter of grave concern

Dec 13, 2017

In 1999, 61 per cent of UK goods exports were with the EU, now it is 47 per cent. By 2025, it has been projected that it will be under 35 per cent. The European Commission itself says that 90 per cent of global economic growth in the next 10-15 years is expected to be generated outside Europe, a third of it in China alone – Owen Paterson

Daily Telegraph: Canada is nice, but we really need a ‘Britain-plus plus plus’ Brexit deal

Dec 11, 2017

Getting rid of EU protectionism via Free Trade Agreements gives us a big gain from the resulting free trade: on our calculations, consumer prices would fall 8 per cent and GDP be 4 per cent larger – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: If the next phase of Brexit talks goes badly we must walk away without a deal

Dec 11, 2017

Rushed prime ministerial visits to the Continent in search of “agreement” tend not to end well. “I have it. I have the paper. Mr Juncker and I …” Pray that Theresa May has enough sense of history not to utter anything remotely resembling Neville Chamberlain’s words, either now or later – Roger Bootle

The Sun on Sunday: PM striking Brexit ‘deal’ is welcome but there are still causes for concern

Dec 10, 2017

If the EU wants our cash, it must talk seriously about a comprehensive reciprocal free-trade deal with zero tariffs – Owen Paterson

Sunday Telegraph: Why ‘exit from Brexit’ would be a disaster

Dec 10, 2017

These Brexit negotiations are clearly tough. There are complications – not least as the European Union, a moribund, self-serving bureaucracy, is determined to make it difficult for Britain to leave. Pour décourager les autres – Liam Halligan


Dec 09, 2017

Patrick Minford, of the pro-Brexit Economists for Free Trade group, said: ‘The CBI continue to escalate their permanent post-Brexit tantrum.’

City A.M.: How bright are the prospects for UK trade and prosperity post-Brexit?

Dec 08, 2017

The Single Market has done little for our trade with the EU, which has fallen from 60 per cent to 43 per cent since its introduction. UK trade with the rest of the world has grown three times faster. Services account for 80 per cent of our economy, but only 40 per cent of service exports go to the EU – David Blake

City A.M.: With free trade, the Irish border is an issue for the EU, not the UK

Dec 08, 2017

The key point is that a genuine free trade solution does tick all the boxes. The UK would be outside the Single Market and Customs Union, the DUP would be happy because there would be equivalence with the rest of the UK, and there would be no physical border presence to threaten the peace settled by the Good Friday Agreement – Graeme Leach

BrexitCentral: Costly EU demands on regulatory alignment could prevent us securing trade deals elsewhere

Dec 07, 2017

The reported Northern Ireland border offer is particularly crazy, because it is expressed to apply if we do not reach a trade agreement with the EU – Martin Howe QC

The Guardian: Brexit will be a success story – but for now, our leaders have lost the plot

Dec 07, 2017

The true measure of Brexit success is first and foremost whether we take control of our laws, our borders and our money, and then whether we are economically better off outside the EU than we would otherwise have been by staying in the EU – John Longworth

BrexitCentral: Regulatory divergence does not require a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic

Dec 07, 2017

Questions about post-Brexit regulatory alignment of Northern Ireland with the EU has somehow become entangled with the prospect of the reconstruction of a hard border between the Province and the Republic, and this has confused everyone participating in the debate, including the leading decision-makers – Michael Burrage

City A.M. Debate: Would the UK thrive under WTO rules of trade?

Dec 06, 2017

EFT Adviser and Co-Chair of Leave Means Leave John Longworth debates Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake, where he argues how WTO rules would give us the freedom of making our own trade arrangements around the world.

EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg at PMQs: Will the PM apply a new coat of paint to her Brexit red lines?

Dec 06, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg ask the Prime Minister whether she plans to apply a new coat of paint to her Brexit red lines before she returns to Brussels.

City A.M.: The City will continue to thrive, with or without a Brexit deal

Dec 06, 2017

Brexit is less disruptive than might first appear. Many of the gloomy predictions ignore the fact that we can place some reliance on EU law. There are in fact two attractive ways forward for financial services on Brexit – Barney Reynolds

Red lines on regulation should be indelible – Jacob Rees-Mogg in the House of Commons

Dec 05, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg make the point to David Davis that UK red lines in the Brexit negotiations should be indelible red lines.

Sky News: The UK should not be afraid of no Brexit deal – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Dec 05, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain why no deal is better than a bad deal.

BBC Breakfast: We won’t have left the EU unless we leave the single market, customs union and the ECJ

Dec 04, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain why the UK will not have left the EU unless we leave the single market, customs union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ.

Tariff-free and reciprocal free trade is in everyone’s interest – EFT Adviser Owen Paterson

Dec 04, 2017

Listen to EFT Adviser Owen Paterson on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme explain what the Prime Minister must aim for in Brexit negotiations.

BrexitCentral: An independent sovereign UK could not be bound by the rulings of a foreign court

Dec 03, 2017

In recent weeks, we have become used to unreasonable demands from the European Commission, from their refusal to discuss trade to the seemingly arbitrary size of the “divorce bill”. But their most bizarre claim of all was the declaration in May that they wanted European law, overseen by the European Court of Justice, to continue to apply to EU citizens in the UK after Brexit – Owen Paterson

BBC Andrew Marr Show: We must not leave the EU in name only – Jacob Rees Mogg

Dec 03, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Jacob Rees-Mogg argue that remaining under ECJ oversight and paying vast sums of money to Brussels would mean the UK leaving the EU in name only.

The Sun on Sunday: MRS ULTI-MAY-TUM Top Tory MPs tell PM to give EU ‘divorce’ ultimatum or walk away

Dec 03, 2017

A total of 40 senior MPs, peers, economists and business leaders have urged the PM to bluntly tell EU chief Jean Claude Juncker the EU will not see a penny of the divorce settlement unless Britain’s demands are met…Several economists, including Professor Patrick Minford and Roger Bootle are also signatories.

The Sunday Telegraph: Our fishermen should land Brexit benefits

Dec 03, 2017

he decline of fishing communities has generated much anti-EU sentiment in parts of the UK – and no wonder. Around 60pc of the fish caught in UK waters are claimed by non-British boats – Liam Halligan

Daily Express: City has ‘nothing to fear’ from Brexit with no deal

Dec 02, 2017

A spokesman for Economists for Free Trade said: “Barney Reynolds correctly identifies that the UK must have an attractive plan B. “He has identified how financial businesses don’t need to move to the EU for the contingency of a no deal. “The UK should be optimising the environment here to ensure it remains competitive in a plan B scenario.”

BBC Daily Politics: EFT Advisers Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Tim Montgomerie explain the key benefits of leaving the customs union

Dec 01, 2017

Watch EFT Advisers Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Tim Montgomerie explain how leaving the EU’s protectionist racket of a customs union will benefit the UK’s poorest consumers.

Brexit will increase the UK’s standing in the world – EFT’s Andrea Hossó on Sky News

Dec 01, 2017

Watch EFT’s Andrea Hossó discuss how Brexit will increase the UK’s standing in the world on Sky News’s All Out Politics.

BrexitCentral: The Republic of Ireland should see the Brexit negotiations as an opportunity not a threat

Nov 30, 2017

Crucially, only 1.6 per cent of Irish imports and exports run between the Republic and Northern Ireland; the overwhelming share of trade is between the Republic and Great Britain. Once again, the Republic’s trade with Northern Ireland is a very small part of the much more significant trade with the whole of the UK.

Daily Express: Brexit fearmongers are WRONG – banks will COME to UK not leave, says top economist

Nov 29, 2017

Is reassuring given that the Bank of England assumes that leaving (the EU) with no formal trade deal will cause serious problems for the UK economy – Professor David Paton

BrexitCentral: The WTO option could yet be better value than a costly negotiated Brexit

Nov 29, 2017

From the very beginning of the Brexit negotiations with the EU, the UK Government has placed a millstone around its neck by adopting a flawed measure of success. This has been a monumental mistake. The definition adopted has been the achievement of a free trade arrangement (so called “access” to the Single Market and Customs Union) when the measure of success of Brexit was not this at all.

Miserable Remainers need to read EFT’s Budget for Brexit – Owen Paterson in the House of Commons

Nov 29, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson explain to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury why miserable Remainers need to read EFT’s Budget for Brexit.

UnHerd: Britain should not fear “no deal” with the EU on trade

Nov 29, 2017

Trading with the European Union under World Trade Organisation rules is ‘perfectly manageable’ for the UK, the world’s leading trade diplomat told me last week. This is an important intervention – one that could impact the UK’s Article 50 negotiations with Brussels.

Daily Express: ‘Stop being so gloomy’ Britain’s economy WILL prosper after Brexit

Nov 28, 2017

The truth about the British economy is that the Brexit move to free trade with the whole world, our own regulations and control of immigration will give a gain of around 7 per cent to GDP, worth around £135billion and about £80billion extra revenue for the Treasury at today’s values – Patrick Minford

Daily Telegraph: Why the OBR’s productivity gloom marks the return of ‘Project Fear’

Nov 27, 2017

Putting aside the vexed question of whether productivity performance is correctly measured (it isn’t), there are some good reasons why even officially recorded productivity growth may well recover – Roger Bootle

The Times: EFT Adviser Matt Ridley writes a cheque that will bounce without a free trade agreement

Nov 27, 2017

Dear Angela, Emmanuel and others (cc Donald, Jean-Claude, Michel),

I enclose a cheque for £40 billion as agreed. However, you will notice that it is post-dated March 30, 2019, and that it will bounce without a free-trade agreement between us… – Matt Ridley

BrexitCentral: We must not submit to an unequal treaty on EU citizens’ rights

Nov 26, 2017

Not since the “unequal” treaties between the Western powers and China during the 19th Century has a self-governing sovereign state agreed that the rights of foreign citizens within its territory be regulated by a foreign court – Martin Howe QC

BBC Sunday Politics: The idea that Northern Ireland is going to be taken out of the single market with the UK, where it does 80% of its trade, is absurd – Owen Paterson

Nov 26, 2017

Watch EFT Adviser Owen Paterson discuss the Northern Irish border on the BBC’s Sunday Politics.

Sunday Telegraph: ‘No EU-UK deal? It is not the end of the world’

Nov 26, 2017

The WTO chief talks to Liam Halligan about protectionism and why he feels the UK will never be a minor player in trade.

Daily Express: The Office of Budget Responsibility becomes the story, says PROFESSOR PATRICK MINFORD

Nov 25, 2017

It is darkest before the dawn. How ironic if the OBR has shot us, the Chancellor, and itself in the foot just when the cavalry was coming over the hill! – Patrick Minford

Daily Express: ‘It’s flimsy!’ Fury over Project Fear DOWNGRADING Britain’s growth forecast

Nov 24, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, the chairman of Economists for Free Trade, has questions the data and methodology used by the Office for Budget Responsibility , which was originally created by former Chancellor George Osborne the architect of Project Fear in the referendum.

Daily Express: Say NO to Brussels! Economist says EU should be grateful for UK offer to plug budget hole

Nov 24, 2017

Speaking exclusively to, Professor Minford, chairman of the Economists for Free Trade, said the EU should be grateful for any contribution to help the bloc out of its “hole”.

Daily Express: Outcry as cost of Brexit transition deal soars by £8bn

Nov 24, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, the chairman of Economists for Free Trade, said that the revelation proves that it is better for Britain to leave without a deal with the EU. He said: “Transition is an expensive nonsense and it has now got several billion more expensive. No deal remains the best deal.”

Daily Telegraph: Ministers should prepare for the OBR to be wrong

Nov 23, 2017

For once, the fundamental reason behind the OBR’s pessimism is not Brexit. Up until now, it had assumed that poor productivity growth would at some point bounce back to more normal levels. But after repeatedly being proven wrong it has finally thrown in the towel. I suspect it has given up too soon and that we will indeed see productivity growth pick up as the labour market tightens.


Nov 23, 2017

Professor Patrick Minford, of Economists for Free Trade, said they were ‘absurdly depressed forecasts’, adding: ‘The medium to long-term economic outlook…is much brighter than the Chancellor has set out.’

BrexitCentral: Cast off the gloomy Treasury forecasts and seize the opportunities of Brexit

Nov 23, 2017

Although there are risks from leaving a large trading bloc such as the EU, they are far outweighed by the potential benefits. Free from EU protectionism, the UK will regain the ability to cut tariffs on goods from outside the EU – David Paton

Daily Express: Brexit DOOM-MONGERS strike: Britain is facing ‘two LOST DECADES’ without earnings growth

Nov 23, 2017

Professor Minford is the author of “A Budget for Brexit 2017” which lays out in detail just how the UK can benefit from a new future even with a formal EU trade deal said that, “the general sentiment within the Budget confirms our long-held concern that the Treasury is generally ignorant of and in denial about the wider economic benefits of Brexit.

Daily Telegraph: The puzzle of productivity may well solve itself in time

Nov 23, 2017

Prof Patrick Minford, from Cardiff University, says Britain is penalised in the beauty contest for its service-based economy. “All the official gloom is totally misleading. According to the ONS, productivity in education, healthcare and social services has been falling since 1998 at 4pc a year, an obviously absurd figure,” he said.

Sky News: The pessimistic OBR dictates Government policy, they could be proved wrong yet again – Roger Bootle

Nov 22, 2017

Watch EFT’s Roge