A Budget for Brexit

Read the Economists for Free Trade’s ‘Budget for Brexit’ Red Book in full here.

New Model Economy for a Post-Brexit Britain

Read the latest report from Economists for Free Trade, Leave Means Leave and Labour Leave.

The Economy after Brexit: From Project Fear to Project Prosperity

Read our publications on the economy after Brexit here, including From Project Fear to Project Prosperity, which sets out the key arguments for free trade, properly understood as global free trade and not simply free trade with the rest of the EU.


To read our work on immigration, click here.

The Critique of Project Fear

Our economists have critiqued Project Fear. Read their work here.

The City

Read our publications on the City after Brexit here.


Read our publications on Trade here.

Responses to critics

You can read our responses to critics here.

Supporting Works

Alongside the publications available via this website, our leading economists have published supporting works.

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