Immigration: A central Brexit issue

This report shows that the least well off in Britain are “bearing the biggest burden” of the costs of unskilled migration. 

Budget for Brexit Economic Report

The Chancellor should seize the economic benefits of Brexit to cut taxes and spend more on public services.

Letter to the Chancellor

Our letter to the Chancellor asking that he release the Whitehall Brexit analysis so that “experts from all sides can study its methodology, assumptions and conclusions.”

Report on Chancellor’s comments to the Lords Economic Affairs Select Committee

This report is a response to the Chancellor discussing our work during a Lords Economic Affairs Select Committee.

A World Trade Deal: The Complete Guide

This paper is an easily readable Guide to the only way of exiting from the EU under conditions that guarantee a Clean Brexit – a World Trade Deal under WTO rules.

Why the Supposed ‘worst possible option’ – a World Trade Deal Trading Under WTO rules – is the UK’s Best Next Step

This paper sets out how a World Trade Deal is the UK’s best next step


This paper sets out where the Government’s Brexit strategy has gone wrong and how it can get back on track – by pursuing a Canada-style deal.

What if We Can’t Agree? Why a World Free Trade Deal Exit from the EU will be Best for the UK

This report argues that a World Trade Deal – under WTO rules that govern the vast bulk of global trade – is the best bet for the UK with Brexit talks bogged down and little sign of progress with a hostile and intransigent EU.

How the Civil Service has misled us on the costs of Brexit and the customs union

Patrick Minford sets out how the most recent doom-and-gloom forecasting of the Civil Service was wrong by £300 billion – brought on by their absurdly high assumptions about UK-EU trade barriers, equivalent to tariffs ranging between 8.1% and 30.6%.

EU Economic Policies

Professor David Blake critiques the EU’s debt-fuelled maintenance of the single currency.

A Budget for Brexit Update

We – who correctly predicted that the Treasury and the OBR would have to revise their figures – say that from 2020, the Treasury will have a surplus of more than £25 billion a year and rising to play with.

Alternative Brexit Economic Analysis

This report has been produced by four leading independent economists, all with a strong successful track record in economic forecasting: Roger Bootle (Economists for Free Trade), Gerard Lyons (City economist), Professor Patrick Minford (Cardiff University and Chair of Economists for Free Trade), and Julian Jessop (Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs).

A Budget for Brexit

Read the Economists for Free Trade’s ‘Budget for Brexit’ Red Book in full here.

New Model Economy for a Post-Brexit Britain

Read the latest report from Economists for Free Trade, Leave Means Leave and Labour Leave.

The Economy after Brexit: From Project Fear to Project Prosperity

Read our publications on the economy after Brexit here, including From Project Fear to Project Prosperity, which sets out the key arguments for free trade, properly understood as global free trade and not simply free trade with the rest of the EU.


To read our work on immigration, click here.

The Critique of Project Fear

Our economists have critiqued Project Fear. Read their work here.

The City

Read our publications on the City after Brexit here.


Read our publications on Trade here.

Responses to critics

You can read our responses to critics here.

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