The Economy after Brexit: From Project Fear to Project Prosperity




























From Project Fear to Project Prosperity

From Project Fear to Project Prosperity sets out the key arguments for free trade, properly understood as global free trade and not simply free trade with the rest of the EU.

To read the introduction, click here.

To read the full report, click here.


Economists for Brexit: The economy after Brexit

Economists for Brexit has published a pamphlet with a briefing from each economist covering areas including regulation, trade, jobs and investment, immigration, the City, EU budget, EU funding and a comprehensive post-Brexit economic forecast, which can be viewed here.


Trading Places: Consumers v Producers in the new Brexit economy

Britain should prepare to leave the Single Market to enforce Brexit, says Economists for Free Trade member Patrick Minford in Politeia’s publication, Trading Places: Consumers v Producers in the New Brexit Economy.

The goal should be access to the Single Market under WTO rules in the same way as other successful economies – e.g. the US, Canada and Australia access it. Exiting the Single Market would bring huge savings by lifting the burdens of EU tariffs and regulations and ending subsidies to unskilled European migrant labour.


A vote for Brexit: what are the policies to follow after and what are the economic prospects? 

To read the piece by Professor Patrick Minford, click here.

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