The Critique of Project Fear




The Civil Service’s new approach seems to show the benefits of free trade…but are they cooking the books?

The Civil Service seems now to be using a world trade CGE model which is a defensible and improved methodology, click here to read Patrick Minford’s assessment of their new approach.


The Treasury Report on Brexit: A Critique

The group have published a report which lays bare the fundamental flaws of the Treasury’s recent Brexit analysis. The full report and executive summary can be viewed here.


Patrick Minford: The Brexit Consensus Bug

To read the piece, click here.


Patrick Minford and Yongdeng Xu: Classical or Gravity? Which trade model best matches the UK facts?

Click here to read this paper, which proves that criticisms of the Treasury’s gravity model are based on solid research – not just biased opinion.


Ignore Project Fear: Brexit won’t ruin us, says Tim Congdon

The Treasury White Paper on the economic impact of leaving the EU is based on unsound economics and does not withstand close analysis. Read Tim Congdon’s article in Standpoint Magazine here.


Lies, Damn Lies and the Treasury’s Brexit Reports

Leading academic Professor Kevin Dowd, of Durham University Business School, has produced analysis reinforcing the EFT views on Brexit.


Measurement without Theory: On the extraordinary abuse of economic models in the EU referendum debate

Leading UK academic Professor David Blake, of Cass Business School has produced analysis reinforcing the EFT views on Brexit. You can view the full report here.

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